A Day in the Life...of me

It'll **** you up if you're not careful. :o

The first time was fine, because I took it easy, but the second time, when I thought I was the **** was just...man. I felt that for a good three days afterwards, and I never get hangovers.

I don't need to prove my manliness with alchohol.

I'll just kill some Hajiis to do that.
I don't even know what the hell a Hajiis is, so you better start pounding back an actual brew.
You know how the enemy was a 'slant', 'zipperhead', or 'Charlie' in the Vietnam War?:huh:

So what time did your parents pick you up? :huh:
Thank God I saw Bourne Ultimatum instead of going with you guys. But seriously, I feel bad for you.

And yes, Justin is a cold, arrogant bastard. He'll happily admit it.

EDIT: For the record, I am good friends with both Phantom and Justin (Professor Yes on Hype, with all of his 3 posts), as well as Snipershot, but he doesn't figure into this story...as far as I know.
Aren't things like that supossed to shorten the actual name of the group? Becase if so, this one doesn't get it qite right.

Not really.

Like the Vietcong were Victor Charlie, or Charlie(along with the already mentioned). Germans were Krauts. The Japanese were referred to as Japs.

They aren't meant to shorten the name at all. It's just a way of de-humanizing the enemy.

It makes it easier.

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