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ABC's Mixology


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Apr 4, 2004
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I've heard good things about this one and I liked the trailer, but God, ABC needs to can the trailer narration.
I'm gonna watch it for Canto and Lengies.

They were both underused on their respective Fox series and both were bright spots. Otherwise it looked kind of...bleh.
Entire season takes place in 1 night though? Not excited about that.
That actually is the coolest part to me. That's storytelling fun. The rest of the premise and characters seems pretty ridiculous to me. I'll pass.
Premieres tonight after Modern Family. Though, at the rate ABC has been going, it could end up premiering to, like.... five viewers. :o
I think just about every show ABC has premiered around this time has failed.
It was..okay.
I think just about every show ABC has premiered around this time this season has failed.


Granted, that's a bit strong for Agents of SHIELD, but you just know that hasn't been the huge success ABC was hoping it would be.
I won't be watching this again.
The one dorky guy's two friends? Incredibly annoying. The only really decent part was the dorky guy and the HBIC kinda bounced well off each other toward the end of their talk. Everyone else was either bleh or just kinda there and nothing much interesting was done with them. And no Sawyer, Canto's one shirtless scene doesn't count. :o
Ehh... I mean, there's always cases of show's getting better after the pilot.

But I'd rather have been given a fourth season of Happy Endings! :argh:
Sounds so-so and probably not something I'll be watching. Several shows I watch are ending either this season or the next so it'd be nice to pick up a few replacements.
Happy Endings? What's that? :o

Oh yeah the show that could have been the next Friends, but ABC made the stupid move to put it head-to-head with The Voice. :angry:
This is on Netflix now. I recommend this. Funny show. Kinda sad this isnt continuing but at least they finished the story
Just saw this on Netflix and this show was awesome! Damn I wish it would have taken off...

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