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Actor julian riching joins cast of mo


Feb 8, 2011
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Can a MOD fix the title of this Thread Please (Cap his name, add the 'S' in MOS, etc), it was an accident, oops! Thanks guys :)



YouTube interview (Talks MOS around 5:40): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqpG6MEVmPI&feature=player_embedded

Examiner.com reports that "Supernatural" actor Julian Riching has revealed that he has joined the cast Zack Snyder's Superman reboot, "Man of Steel".
The article states that Riching made the announcement during an video interview with the Space Network program Inner Space.

Details of Riching's role are currently unknown but the actor did admit that he has filmed some scenes with Russell Crowe and Michael Shannon in front of a giant green screen at a location the size of a football field.

Watch the complete Inner Space interview on YouTube.com.

"Man of Steel" is scheduled to fly into theaters on Friday, June 14, 2013.
This is great news, he is an awesome actor!

Sooo, which part do you guys think he is playing?

Interesting :)
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He doesn't look like a good Brainiac to me. Maybe just a Kryptonian elder or something.
Yea maybe not Brainiac, who knows? I can def see him as a Kryptonian elder.
Considering Snyder's skill for casting
There is about zero percent chance he's not Brainiac.

Hey hey there, It was a split sec thought. lol

I will settle for a Krytonian Elder :D

I wiped that Brainiac comment out my post, don't want to keep getting attacked here! LOL

Jax Ur ?


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He's really creepy looking and has a great look for a villain. If he is Jax-Ur, he's a bit thin but a solid choice. Professor Vakox would fit him better IMO.

Jax-Ur in the comics was actually more evil than Dru-Zod, he was a terrorist who caused the destruction of one of Krypton's moons, Wegthor. Everyone on it (it was colonized) was killed and because he diverted an experimental rocket to destroy it, the Kryptonian space program as ran by Jor-El with Lara as it's top astronaut was barred from continuing. So his terrorist act was a big part of why there was no space travel and no significant ships ready to evacuate the planet. He was sentenced to a lifetime sentence in the Phantom Zone for his crimes.

Vakox was an insane geneticist who created water monsters that terrorized Krypton's populace.

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Thanks for the info. MOS seems to be looking into Krypton's back story, which is good place to start.
He's been so good as Death on Supernatural. :up:
He's a top actor, love him on Sueprnatural
I remember him from X-Men Last Stand (making the speech to the other mutants in the hall). He's got a great voice. I can see him as a Krypton elder, maybe part of the council. Can see him addressing Zod and Jor-El.
I remember him from X-Men Last Stand (making the speech to the other mutants in the hall). He's got a great voice. I can see him as a Krypton elder, maybe part of the council. Can see him addressing Zod and Jor-El.

I think that may be the best guess yet Willi. I can see him on the Judging Panel sentencing Zod and the other Villains for crimes against Kryptonians, he has that seriousness & creepiness about him that makes for a perfect member of the council.

He's so ****ing intimidating.
death loves cheap food, cause it's a killer but tasty.
Why not brainiac? To me put some green skin and shave his head and he could have that robot look like that old film Metropolis ???

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