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Advent Children, English version

Mr. Credible

jukebox hero
Mar 28, 2005
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anyone pick this up, yet?

they've changed alot (like, alot alot) of the wonky japanese dialogue, which makes for a much nicer flowing story. the voice acting is really good, too (in most cases, anyway) and the extras are nice, too. definately worth a look.
ah... thanks. the search function for some odd reason won't work on my work computer.
Still waiting for an australian release :(

Hell, its probably already out, im just too lazy and broke to go get it.
Yeah, I picked it up. I simply wish they would have left Rachel Leigh Cook and Mena Suvari out. They did the worst in my opinion. I guess I didn't expect much out of them though either. The Cowboy Bebop folks on the other hand were awesome. :D
I thought the lip syncing was terrible, they could have done a much better job IMO. And the fight with Sephiroth could have lasted a bit longer with more sword fighting and less flying. Overall it was good though, the Bahamut fight is great.
Mr. Credible said:
anyone pick this up, yet?

they've changed alot (like, alot alot) of the wonky japanese dialogue, which makes for a much nicer flowing story. the voice acting is really good, too (in most cases, anyway) and the extras are nice, too. definately worth a look.

This film looks really interesting...whats it about?
i swear i'll never watch this film in english ever.

the one clip i saw on youtube made me want to kill myself...

also there are threads on this topic in the Anime boards if you want to check out other people's opinions
Ultimate Movie-Man said:
This film looks really interesting...whats it about?
wikipedia it and also final fantasy 7 if you wish to get a better background into it all
It's not been selling here 'cause of some gay french Language barrier ****. Damn, Quebec sux. :o
i don't know why people are complaining about the voice overs... i think (for the most part) they're quite good, especially Rachel Leigh Cook's Tifa.

some of the lines come off pretty corny, but given the original japanese dialogue (which was 100X cornier) i think it came out well.
I never played the game and despite the "reminiscence of FFVII", I still had no idea what the hell was going on in this film. What little I could tell seemed unbelievably corny, but that's par for the course with anime. I thought it looked gorgeous, but I didn't see much improvement in the visuals since The SpiritsWithin. It didn't have anywhere near the extras as TSW which was a much more coherent story. I still liked Advent Children however, if just for the visuals alone.
I only really had problems with Kadaj, Yozuu and Lo's voices, i thought they were really bad at points (you MEANIE!!! being a prime example). But it was the lipsyncing that i had a major problem with, totally out 90% of the time.
so? they were originally speaking in Japanese, so, they could either

a: completely change around the dialogue and the pacing to fit the original animation, or

b: change the animation for the faces, and push the film's release back another year.
Mr. Credible said:
so? they were originally speaking in Japanese

I thought they changed the lip sync to match the english actors. Sometimes it does look as if the lipsync is accurate to the English language, my bad if it isnt.
Theres some action directors that could really benefit from watching the action scenes in Advent Children.
Picked it up on Tuesday. The dubbing is a lot better than i'd expected. I'm not sure why, though. I knew S-E wouldn't have half-assed a big project like this.
I thought all of the original FF characters were okay, Kadajj and his crew were not the best though.
I don't know why people are worried about the dubbing. Just be thankful there IS a dub track. A lot of anime don't bother with them.

I've seen it on other behind-the-scenes things, I think for Miyazaki, that they do try to sculpt the words slightly to fit the mouth movements better. They probably did the same here.

I'm a big fan of FFVII *not so much the others*
should I see this film or will it destroy the fond memories of what was a great story and should have been the first ff cinema movie instead of the poo story of spirits within???
I think that Advent Children would of worked much better as a game. There were no character devlopements in this movie, nor did it contain an epic scale.

I liked it, but I didn't love it. The dubbing was decent though.
hmmm I might pass on this then..I got so involved with the story of FFVII (based on a japanese novel wasnt it?-mebbe thats why it was the best)
and I really wouldnt want that tarnished. thanks for the heads up though :)

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