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Alan Moore song

Antonello Blueberry

Inglorious bastard
Oct 8, 2000
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To sing along:

Like almost every Thursday lunchtime
I was at the comics rack
Flipping through Countdown Arena
Thinking Yes, I know it's crap
But it's got alternate universes
Which I'm a sucker for
When I heard a voice I thought I knew
And looking up I saw
Alan Moore! Alan Moore!
Standing in the corner of the store
Alan Moore! Alan Moore!
Standing in the corner of the store

The entire shop went silent
As everybody realised That our generation's hero
Had caught us all buying ****e
So I quickly made my purchases
Then ran out of the door So I could ring my best beloved
And say Guess who i just saw!
Alan Moore! Alan Moore!
Standing in the corner of the store
Alan Moore! Alan Moore!
Standing in the corner of the store
She said "That is amazing"
"But are you really sure?"
I said he's got a beard and ringed fingers
And he's nine foot tall
He cruises the imagisphere
And wields a warlock's staff
With Glycon the sock puppet God
And Cthulu singing that
It's Alan Moore! Alan Moore!
He's standing in the corner of your store
Alan Moore! Alan Moore!
We command his bibliography's recall
Mogo Doesn't Socialise
Top Ten, Tom Strong, Supreme
Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow?
Promethea, The League
Watchmen, V and Marvelman
Swamp Thing, Halo Jones
The double decker brain and Skizz
And Captain Britain - oh!
Hang on just a minute - suddenly I see
It was Alan Moore who sparked my love
Of Multiverse theory
So I ran back to the shop
And grabbed him in a manly hug
And said I thank for the years Of comics I've loved, bad and good
Or at least that's what I would have done
On Earth 1610
But on Earth Prime, I was far too scared
And so I just went home
So Alan Moore! Alan Moore!
Never knew how much I had to thank him for
Alan Moore! Alan Moore!
I'd hate to think he thought he was ignored
Alan Moore! Alan Moore!
I wrote this song to thank you, Alan Moore
I thought I was the only one who loved this. Favorite part: "watchmen, V and Marvel-man" The two know titans placed with their unknown but equal (I'd say superior) cousin. 2nd favorite: I think that we all can agree if anyone in this world "cruises the imagisphere" its the one and only bard of sequential art Alan Moore

Also how crazy does that lego Moore look, spot on!

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