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And the game is.....Undertow

Isildur´s Heir

Dec 21, 2002
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This sucks, for two reasons, the most important being, i´ll not get it.
It will available to Gold and Silver members at no charge from 2:00 a.m. PST Wednesday, January 23 through 11:59 p.m. PST, Sunday, January 27...and my 360 is dead...i will only have it back, 1st week of February, the soonest.
Second, not only did i not liked the game all that much..but, being free i would download it.

Now i just have to play the waiting game, and pray that my 360 returns before January 27, which i doubt it.
Oh, wait, I thought it was going to be like a game of your choice type thing, well this sucks
So this is what they are giving us for the problems they had with Live?? Lucky i didnt have any problems or i would be pissed!!!
i was bummed as well, i was hoping we would get to pick one individually
Uh, who gives a ****, nobody deserved a free game to begin with. :sleepy:
Hexic was a great game. I wish they would have given us Tetris too. :(

Gameboy Tetris on XBLA FTW!
What happens if you already had Undertow?
Microsoft laughs at you for actually purchasing that ****.

What happens if you already had Undertow?
I´ve read that, if you have Undertow, if you call the 1-800-MY-XBOX or whatever, they will do something about it.
Now, if that means returning the points that you spent or giving you another game, nobody knows
There are very few games I'll buy for 800 MSP. They need to have good graphics and be very fun to play. Marble Blast Ultra, RoboBlitz and SwitchBall are the only games that meet those criteria. Not even Marathon is worth it to me.

If Duke Nukem 3D gets released... I may have to buy it no matter what. :(
The only games i bought so far is Puzzle Quest (the best XBLA so far) and Speedball (i loved Speedball on the Amiga), Aegis Wings (free) and Carcassone (free).
There are still some i would like to buy, and there are some upcoming that i will most definitely buy, but Undertow isn´t one, more even my 360 is being repaired.
II would consider Puzzle Quest. The rest look rather... erm... not my style. :(
Everyone already has Uno. Isn't it the best selling XBLA title?
Everyone already has Uno. Isn't it the best selling XBLA title?
From the chart on the VGChartz site, the best selling title is Texas Hold'em, with the most revenue, $7,716,075 (771,608 units).
Uno is the second XBLA with most units sold, 1,007,403 ($5,037,013); the first being Aegis Wing, 1,027,699, but AW is free.


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