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Legends Another ongoing comic book?


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Feb 11, 2011
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The other Star Wars trilogies had an ongoing comic book series running alongside them set in their respective time alongside the movies.

The Original Trilogy had Marvel's Star Wars comics, while the Prequel Trilogy had Star Wars: Republic. Should they release another ongoing series to run alongside the new trilogy and to show more of how the SW world is right now?
I'm sure they probably will or they'll at least have something after it comes out that's set in the time of the new movie series. They won't miss an opportunity for that.
They are starting a new series simply titled "Star Wars" set during the OT. Alex Ross is doing covers!
Wow, that's amazing news! The latest series have all been lackluster, imo.
Still curious if Dark Horse will be able to retain the rights for future SW comics. With Disney owning Marvel, it would make sense for them to keep it under the same umbrella and move it away from DH, but I loved what DH has done with the franchise in the past.
The new comic's going to be set after Episode IV though, i hope they make an ongoing series set in the new timelines of Episodes VII-IX like the Republic comics did with the prequels
Just read about that new series by Brian Wood that takes place in the OT. Awesome! I just wonder how Disney is gonna affect it..
I wouldn't have any problem with Marvel publishing SW comics, but I REALLY hope it doesn't negatively affect Wood's series.

At very least, they should just allow DH to continue to publish it until Wood's run is over.

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