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World Rian Johnson's trilogy

Even if there were no dates or timelines, if this was definitely still a thing- and it may still be- wouldn't it have been brought up at Disney's recent investor day thing? After all, that Obi Wan series has been floating around for years when Star Wars still had anthologies planned, and even that got brought up during the investor day.

You know, just as a reminder to say 'Hey, Rian's still got his trilogy coming.'

Yeah but...Obi-Wan is shooting this year. It's way further along and closer to being a reality.

This is pretty standard Hollywood stuff. RJ has a development deal. The project is in development, which probably means mostly just Rian filling notebooks with ideas at this point. Everything else they've announced is likely in some form of preproduction at the very least.

Let's not forget how big the ambition was for RJ's thing. He said the goal was to create something totally new, that had very little connection to what we know. New characters, a part of the galaxy we haven't seen before. That's a very different thing than a Rogue Squadron movie, or a series filling in the gaps between episodes with characters we know. It's the type of thing that deserves time to really be fleshed out because of the potential for renewing the franchise it has. I think it's good that Johnson is taking advantage of the fact that there's probably not as much immediate corporate pressure for that as there are for things that tie into Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, Luke Skywalker, et all. Let him take 10 years for all I care. It might be something that's more valuable down the line when we've scratched every last itch for the familiar and are really craving something new and different.

They've also run into trouble announcing things prematurely-- Benioff and Weiss trilogy, for example. Which...the more I think about it, I don't think this is just a face-saving thing. There are ways to do that, like how they exited. I think he is still developing, with LFL/Disney's approval, because they're curious what he comes up with. Knives Out being a hugely successful movie probably earned him some clout too. Disney is always going to be interested in someone that can make stuff that resonates with a large audience. They don't care about the angry fanboys. See: Gina Carano situation.

TL;DR- I think the smartest thing is to just play it safe for now and not make promises about a release for something that is still in the development phase.
Hopefully he can make better Star Wars movies when he doesn’t need have established characters he can ruin.
I'd actually rather see a sequel to Knives Out than him tackle another SW film.

I loved Knives Out. TJL, not so much.

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