The Dark Knight Anthony Michael Hall in TDK - Part 1

Anthony Michael Hall was the riddler. Nolan just didn't tell us.
Some say that Coleman Reese was the Riddler. (Mr. Reese = Mysteries.)
those people, and the ones that say that Josh stewart was Nolan's take on Deadshot don't have these character in high esteem.... there is a lot more to the riddler than kjust trying to discover Batman's secret identity. Just like there is a lot more to Deadshot than just shooting people.
What's with this poll? Some of you thought Hall was Riddler?
You guys are all wrong.

He was meant to become Killer Croc in the sequel.

But he wanted too much money from Nolan so they just decided to have Bane be the villain instead.

A shame, because I hear there was gonna be an awesome chase scene through the sewers of Gotham on jetskis.
Aw, this thread is so nostalgic.

But yeah, I recently watched all the Gotham Tonight those were cool. They really made Gotham feel like a real city and AMH did a very nice job with it considering it was just for the viral marketing.

:hrt: TDK's viral marketing.
It's obvious anthony Michael Hall was Deadshot, he just used his mic instead of firearms.

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