Are you more partial to musicians from a certain area?

but it's so not cool, doing something to try and be part of some lame scene.
Just means you are a try hard loser.

The only thing that is actually cool- is being true to yourself and not giving a damn what anyone else thinks. That's keeping it real. Why try to be something your not? the only reason is because you might be insecure and eager to please others. Ha, lamos.
As in, if it comes to rock, hip-hop, or whatever are you more of a fan of those that hail from the south, from the west coast, east coast, or it just has no bearing on your taste whatsoever? Guys at work were playing their ipods on speakers and were comparing songs and one dude says he hates any and all rock groups from the west coast and only prefers the ones that have origins in the south. I know as far as rap, I'm not a fan of the southern ones for the most part, but the guys from here in the midwest and east coast are what I'm more into.

Half the time I have no idea what region they come from...

I will say that it seems I have more of a push towards Canadian bands.... but other than that.....most of the time, I couldn't tell you where they come from...

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