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Are You Able to Name Your Top 20 Fav Musicians?


Oct 5, 2004
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I gave this thread the title "Are You Able to..." for a very specific reason. It is not an easy task naming off your top 20 favorite artists of all time. Not everyone can do it. But if you think you can, that is, if you are up to the challenge, then do it. :cwink:

And while you're at it, throw in your favorite song by that artist. Mind you, this is not a "bands" thread and your picks can be MCs, composers, DJs, etc.

A short blurb about what you like about each of your picks is welcome.

I'll start this off.

1. the Beatles / "Because" - They've influenced pretty much every rock band that exists today, and their catalogue of great/memorable songs exceeds that off any other band (imo).
2. Incubus / "11 am" - They grew on me. Brandon Boyd's lyrics/voice is one of the best in the rock world, and their overall sound is, for lack of a better word, perfection to my ears.
3. Green Day / "Homecoming (parts 1-5)" - I've been hooked on Green Day ever since Dookie, and amazed at how much they've grown as musicians since their beginnings.
4. Marcy Playground / "Never" - One-hit wonders? Maybe. But any alt rock fan who gives any of MP's CDs a thorough listen is in for a treat. So many excellent songs, so little radioplay.
5. Silverchair / "My Favorite Thing" - Australia's finest. Another band who amazes me with their experimentation and growth with each album.
6. R.E.M. / "Sweetness Follows" - They've been making songs that will stand the test of time for over 20 years now. Their library of memorable music is 2nd only to the Beatles, imo.
7. KoRn / "Wake Up" - I've enjoyed all of their albums from beginning to end (with an exception of their latest). Their music can trigger each of it's listeners emotions, and Jonathon Davis' voice may not be American Idol-worthy, but it's certainly unique.
8. Our Lady Peace / "Superman's Dead" - Love their sound. Can't think of much else to say about my favorite Canadian band.
9. Eminem / "Drug Ballad" - The Slim Shady LP had me hooked on Eminem. I've enjoyed the two albums that followed (didn't care much for Encore), as well as many of his unreleased tracks and b-sides.
10. Foo Fighters / "Lonely As You" - Dave Grohl is the man, and I think the Foo Fighters have definitely left their mark in music.
11. the White Stripes / "Martyr For My Love For You" - I love anything Jack White is involved in. The White Stripes just happen to have a larger catalogue than the Raconteurs (who I also dig).
12. Stone Temple Pilots / "Atlanta" - I've loved this band since I first listened to Core. I was sad to see them go...but am ecstatic to see them finally back together!
13. the Doors / "People Are Strange" - Another band before my time who's awesomeness cannot be described in words.
14. Eels / "I'm Going to Stop Pretending That I Didn't Break Your Heart" - Mr. E is a genius. Their music comes in many different sounds and moods, and they put on great live shows.
15. Weezer / "Holiday" - These nerds rock and have been around long enough now to leave their mark in rock music.
16. Nirvana / "Something In the Way" - I had to include Nirvana. So many great songs in so little time.
17. Coldplay / "Twisted Logic" - 3 solid CDs so far. I don't see them droppin' the ball anytime soon.
18. Alice In Chains / "Whale & Wasp" - R.I.P. Layne Staley - voice like an angel. Jerry Cantrell is an amazing singer/songwriter as well.
19. Kid Rock / "Lonely Road of Faith" - He can do it all; sing, rap, scream, DJ, play guitar, play drums... I've seen him do it live. Multi-talented dude. Plus, he has the kahunas to go over to Iraq and hang with the troops.
20. Panic! At the Disco / "Behind the Sea" - Whats funny is I hated this band at first. Then, they grew on me, and I really started to appreciate Brendon Urie's whitty/sarcastic lyrics. Their 2nd album blew me away.
^311, Sublime, Lifehouse, Deftones, Hoobastank, System of a Down, Queens of the Stone Age, Linkin Park, NIN, and Limp Bizkit are a few bands that I had to grit my teeth and not add while completing this list. But they all hold a special place in my heart. :p
The Rolling Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Aerosmith, Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner, Black Sabbath, KISS, AC/DC, Queen, Michael Jackson, Oasis, Phil Collins, David Bowie, Jon Bon Jovi, Elvis Presley

Not in any order and i've probably missed some out.
in no certain order.....zeppelin, skynard, black sabbath, smashing pumpkins, garbage, pink floyd, the pretenders, remy zero, L7, U2, veruca salt, C.C.R., the white stripes, the who......ect...
1) Frank Sinatra / "I've Got You Under My Skin" - where do I begin? The Chairman Of The Board forever changed the face of popular music and defined the way a song is meant to be sung. His incredible vocal range, unique phrasing techniques, incredibly accurate timing and syncopation, inimitable breath control, and most importantly his way of getting into the soul of a song like no one else, will never be beaten.

2) Bobby Darin / "Mack The Knife" - a great talent who left us far too soon. A gifted singer, dancer, actor, musician and impressionist, he was a jack of all trades who, in his short time, offered more than most do in 50 years in just 15.

3) Tony Bennett / "When Joanna Loved Me" - the last of the great American vocalists, his career has spanned sevne decades and he still is going strong, and sounding better than most younger artists of today.

4) The Rolling Stones / "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction - with all due respect to The Fab Four, The Rolling Stones are The Greatest Rock and Roll Band Ever. They define rock and roll - raw, energetic and dangerous. I've seen them twice and they still put on a better show than anyone else around.

5) Sammy Davis Jr. / "That Old Black Magic" - a master showman in the truest sense, with unprecedented talents in the fields of singing, dancing, acting and comedy, who was in show business from the time he was right up to his death. To many, he was simply a member of The Rat Pack overshadowed by the colossos of a vocalist that was Sinatra, but Sammy had a load of talent and charisma of his own that lent itself to some truly excellent recordings.

6) Ella Fitzgerald / "All The Things You Are" - the finest female vocalist of all time, and a truly grand and elegant women. She was the perfect foil for Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, and scat like nobody's business.

7) The Who / "Won't Get Fooled Again" - like The Rolling Stones, I rank The Who superior to The Fab Four as a rock band because they are more closer to sound and attitude of rock and roll than the Fab Four, at least at first. They also created three of the greatest rock albums ever made: Tommy, Who's Next and Quadrophenia.

8) Chuck Berry / "Nadine" - the man more or less invented rock and roll. With his legendary guitar prowess and classic songs, he's truly a legend who's impact is still felt today. I saw him live last year and he's as good as ever.

9) Stevie Wonder / "Superstition" - R&B's reigning king, a blind boy from The South who wound up becoming a soul superstar. His unprecedented string of classic albums from the 1970s' (and subsequent Grammy wins) reflect hsi genius, including his knack for excellent songwriting and willing to experiment with a variety of unique and previously untouched musical tastes. I also saw him live, and he works a crowd like few others.

10) Elvis Presley / "Suspicious Minds" - he couldn't sing, play an instrument or write a song. But he made up for all that with style, charisma, dedication and energy. Like Sinatra, he made up for his lack of instrumental abilities by letting his own unique voice become its own instrument, and owned a song once he sang it.

11) Led Zeppelin / "Kashmir" - it's hard to deny the power of Led Zeppelin. They influenced every band that came after them are a favorite amongst many. Their legacy is still very prominent today, and they remain a seminal force in rock music.

12) Nat King Cole / "L-O-V-E" - the first black pop superstar, and a true innovator in more ways than one. His rich, smooth baritone gave us some of American music's most treasured recordings.

13) Dean Martin / "Little Ole Wine Drinker Me" - like Sammy Davis, he was somewhat overhsadowed due to Sinatra, and was admittedly not as technically gifted as either one, but his smooth style and *****ure charisma more than made up for that, and it showed in his most cherished hits.

14) The Beatles / "Something" - no doubt rock's most well known and widely lauded band, even though I sometimes consider a bit overrated. Nonetheless, there impact can't be denied, as they cut songs that defined a generation, and perhaps moreso than any of their peers, their music still manages to do that even today.

15) Billie Holiday / "Strange Fruit" - simply an amazing talent who sadly destroyed herself. Her raspy, cigarette laced voice heled add a sincere amount of passion and pain in her story, and she is akin to Sinatra as someone who was able to pierce the soul of a song and sing it like no other.

16) Billy Joel / "You May Be Right" - too many people are willing to write him off as "cheesy," but I consider Billy Joel to be possibly the best solo artist to emerge in the last 30 years or so. He's a great songwriter (his lyrics are more clever and depthful than most), fantastic musician and a great live performer as well (I've seen him twice).

16) The Kinks / "Lola" - a criminally underrated band. Clever lyrics, great musicians and fantastic songs and albums for over a 20 year period. They are often credited with inventing heavy metal with "You Really Got Me."

17) Simon & Garfunkel / "Old Friends / Bookends" - rock's greatest duo. A pair of two alented Brooklynites who got together and created magic. Like The Beatles, their songs defined the 1960s' and the messages still ring true today.

18) The Clash / "The Magnificent Seven" - punk rock's greatest band. Joe Strummer was a genius, and London Callling is amongst the finest albums ever.

19) John Lennon / "Instant Karma" - I already mentioned The Beatles, but I feel John as a solo artist needs to be mentioed in his own right. While the others ventured off into more commercial territory, John continue breaking ground and pushing buttons with his music, cutting several classics that rival his best work with his Liverpool mates.

20) U2 / "One" - hands down, the best rock band in the last 30 years. They are the closest thing we will ever have to all the great bands of the 1960s'.
No order:

Ludwig Van Beethoven
Joe Satriani
Led Zeppelin
Daft Punk
Earth, Wind And Fire
Buddy Rich.
1. radiohead- the bends. the whole album. i can't imagine life without it.
2. bob dylan- simple twist of fate.
3. the beatles- happiness is a warm gun.
4. sonic youth- stereo sanctity.
5. pavement- gold soundz
6. red hot chili peppers- this is the place
7. smashing pumpkins- mayonaise
8. arcade fire- crown of love
9. spoon- i summon you
10. the clash- lost in the supermarket
11. the sex pistols- emi
12. wilco- radio cure
13. david bowie- queen *****
14. elliott smith- pitseleh
15. the white stripes- i think i smell a rat
16. devendra banhart- long haired child
17. beck- minus
18. the shins- sleeping lessons
19. the libertines- death on the stairs
20. the walkmen- no christmas while i'm talking

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