Asgardians among us (Agents of SHIELD SPOILERS)

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    If anyone doesn't want to be spoiled on the latest AoS episode, please don't look at this thread. With that said, here be the topic.

    In the most recent episode "The Well" (which was advertised as a loose tie-in to Thor: The Dark World), the team is hot on the trail of a Norse Paganist hate group, who are looking for three pieces of an Asgardian weapon called the Berserker Staff. Along the way, Coulson enlists the aid of a Norse mythology professor named Elliot Randolph. Randolph however, gives the team a false lead and obtains a piece of the staff for himself, only to have it stolen by the Norse paganists. While being interrogated by Coulson and his team, Randolph is revealed to be an Asgardian, who has been living on Earth for centuries and was the previous owner of the staff.

    To say this episode tickled the plot bunnies within me would be an understatement, and presents some interesting story ideas for a sequel. :yay: Now that Thor has chosen to stay on Earth with Jane at the end of TDW, would he encounter more of his kind here? I mean, who's to say that Randolph was the only Asgardian who chose to live amongst humankind? It could also go about explaining the absence of certain characters from the Thor comics in the films, such as Amora the Enchantress, Skurge the Executioner, Brunhilde the Valkyrie, and Balder the Brave.

    So what do you all think?

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