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Avengers pic


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Feb 23, 2006
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Hey everyone. I'm hoping one of you guys can help me. I'm looking for the pic near the end of the Ultron Unlimited storyline of Avengers (#22 i think)
Where Thor and the other Avengers bust in through the wall and says:
"Ultron we would have words with thee"

If any of you can post it I'd appreciate it. I havent been able to find it anywhere.

I PM'd it to you but put it here in case anyone else wants it.

Thats not her skin, it is a body suit that Hank Pym made for her to absorb the excess microwave radiation that was killing her because of her powers.
That image right there is why the Avengers are badass and why I still believe that would put the whoopin' on the JLA.
Yes, one of the rare badass Thor showings in Busiek's run. :)
I remember getting goosebumps when I got to that panel.
It remains one of my fave Busiek moments, too.
The_Mystery said:
It is THE Buisek moment of his Avengers run.
Nah, I think when Captain America beats Kang, that's the ultimate Busiek-Avengers moment. And for a Busiek-Perez one, I think the Hank-savagely-beats-Ultron tops this one too.
The fist full o' vibranium Hank/Ultron fight WAS pretty badass but it didnt have that same effect on me that this one did.

"Ultron. We would have words with thee" Is pretty close to my favorite comics quote of all time. It was just SOOO badass.
In my limited comic readings, I've noticed that Thor can be very badass when he has to be.

That panel is freakin' sweet! It definately shows Thor's badassedness.

I also like In the original Secret Wars when all the villians attack Thor at once, and he holds them all off...
Thor's got a lot of really badass moments sprinkled throughout his comics. Not as many in Avengers, where he's regularly shown lacking in power so the rest of the Avengers don't look useless. As far as his Avengers moments go, that Ultron Unlimited one definitely ranks as one of my favorites. Another fun moment, though not really a "badass" one, was very early on in Busiek's run, when the Avengers are wondering what happened to Thor, and then lightning flashes and Thor appears, all grizzled with a beard and worn out, at the window. He sets them off on their first conflict of the last pre-NA series, against Morgan La Fey.
Yeah, Thor is a bit lacking on the badass-on-my-own-moments in the Avengers (although the Ultron bit is definitely his most badass moment in the Busiek run, I still get goosebumps from it), but works better as a badass-foil to the others. Like when he held off the other Avengers so that Captain America could fight Kang. He's like the measurestick for badassity.
Jurgens' run is rife with badass Thor moments. The fight with Mangog and Thanos, the entire ending of "Spiral" where he strikes back against humans, the fight between King Thor, Iron Man, and Cap, etc.
Flash would so own Quicksilver....
I think he's implying that Flash, in fact, wouldn't own Quicksilver. So I think the real question is, what is he on? ;)
I think my favorite Thor moment was in the 2nd issue of Dan Jurgens/John Romita Jr's when he SINGLE-HANDEDLY defeated the Asgardian Destroyer. That my friends is BAD ASS.

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