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Back to the Future VS Fast and Furious!


Feb 23, 2009
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Finally my Back to the Future/Fast and Furious edit dub is finally ready to be viewed. I have the first 11min uploaded and good to go. The first link is 1 of 4 parts of my BTTF Voice over movie.

Part 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

UPDATE 1-12-2013
Part 3 of 4

UPDATE 1-26-2013
Part 4 of 4

I really hope everyone enjoys this. I worked on this movie for about 6 months. Lets me know what you think and share with your friends.:yay:
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sorry too much of a fan to watch them bet they look great but nope, not gonna watch em.
Thats a weird response. So because your a fan of BTTF you wont watch a Voice Over comedy version of it? So out of respect for Star Wars no fan watch things such as Robot Chicken, Family Guy, and the endless fan films about star wars?

If you love Back to the Future then you'll always love it....watching a fans fun edit/voice work of it wont degrade the original movie. But its your choice.

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