Fast and Furious 6 Is A Go

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Jan 6, 2009
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Justin Lin to Return for Fast and Furious 6

Following a record-setting box office weekend, Fast Five director Justin Lin has confirmed to USA Today that he'll be back for a sixth entry in the high-octane franchise.

"It's pretty much 100 percent," Lin says, "It's going to happen."

Lin's comments match those made by Vin Diesel to last year on the Georgia set of the latest adventure.

"This is a trilogy," the star announced, "...When I was thinking of this 'Fast & Furious,' I thought of it as three stories. The one that you saw [4], this one [5] and the final one [6]."

Lin's comments today, however, are a bit more ambiguous regarding the ultimate future of the franchise:

"At five, we're just hitting our stride," he says, "We're growing. People want to continue this journey."

Indeed, plans may have changed since Diesel spoke or the star may personally have plans to exit the franchise after one more big-screen outing. What is certain is that the locale will be updated next time Dom and his team return to theaters. While Lin only says that a change of scenery will happen, Diesel was, last year, a bit more specific.

"I think we'll be in Europe in the last one," he announced.
yep, that opening weekend of fast five and the overall favorable the set up to this one at the end. No brainer.
hmmm, the whole "the final one (6)" and "at five, we're just hitting our stride" and journey continue stuff is a bit confusing.
Set the next one after Tokyo Drift. Retcon Hans death if they have to but bring the next one full circle by adding in Tokyo Drift cast members
So if the next one is set in Europe what sort of Cars do you guys want to see in it????
Why aren't people tired of this **** yet?
Why aren't people tired of this **** yet?

Why aren't people tired of this **** yet?

You name me a franchise where parts 4 and 5 absolutely eclipse the rest? And the fifth part gets someone the caliber of The Rock joining the ensemble?
The Rock isn't exactly a good actor to brag about. Wrestling entertainer? Sure. But he's a pretty damn ****** actor.
people like cars

Yes.....yes we do. Are spoilers for Fast Five cool in here since we are discussing a future film? More Han and his chick in this one.
Although I fear for her life, seeing as she isn't in Tokyo in TD.
With the opening weekend they had I can't say I'm in the least bit suprised.
I don't have anything against Tokyo Drift but I don't want them to follow that up, it doesn't even star any of the original cast members. Fast Five is getting great WOM (it's still going to have terrible legs because it's frontloaded) and has the best reviews of the series, why follow the lowest grossing film in the franchise? F**k Tokyo Drift, I want a sequel to Fast Five.
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