Batman Begins Batman Begins and Class

Darren Daring

Nov 29, 2005
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You know, on occasion, some people who post on the internet are able to form well structured ideas and share meaningful insight. With that in mind, I was wondering what you people had to say about Batman Begins and how it relates to Class in America. Go!
The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer.
Are you asking us to help you with some kind of schoolwork? :p

Seriously though, I might try to think of something, later.
If you're rich and crazy enough, you can come up with a black costume to fight other costumed vigilantes at night.
Um......America is run by corprate moguls who run everything, so.......get rich.....or die tryin'?

Sorry....wrong movie.
Truth is found in humbleness, humility and sobriety. The Jim Gordon character embodied this. So did Bruce Wayne in his search for understanding and knowledge. Being rich is a state of money, not a state of mind. I love visiting my rich friends.
my psych class had a discussion on how many levels of gotham had been infultrated and currupted and i noticed it was very simillar to the level of decay chigago was back during the depression

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