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Batman Corruption

Sentinel X

optical illusion
Apr 30, 2005
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By Senitnel_08


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MARTHA WAYNE: What’s the matter Bruce?

THOMAS WAYNE: Its okay, he was just afraid of the bats

Young Bruce Wayne cries in fear.


Bruce Wayne is sleeping on his bed. He groans and he is starting to sweat.


Martha Wayne screams as she watches her husband get shot.Joe Chill doesn’t hesitate and kills her too.

Bruce’s parents fall to the floor.His hands are flat on the ground that is spilled with his mother’s pearls and his parents blood.Bruce begins to cry and he embraces his parent’s lifeless corpses.


Bruce wakes up from his terrible nightmare.His eyes are red and are welled up with tears.


A black Lincoln car cruises on the streets of Gotham.


RACHAEL(ON CELL PHONE):This guy has killed about over a hundred people in Gotham.We have to lock him up have him executed…Harvey, the people of Gotham will never live without fear unless these bastards are locked up.

Rachael pulls over.

RACHAEL:I gotta go Harvey,Ill call you later.

She hangs up and steps out of the car.


Rachael walks under the crime scene tape.The officers don’t bother they know who she is.

Rachael walks to Bullock.

BULLOCK:Rachael,we got another murder.

RACHAEL:Again he left nothing that may reveal his identity?

BULLOCK:Im afraid not…this guy is a fu**in sh**head.

RACHAEL:Where is the body

Bullock points behind her.

The dead body is being carried out.Racheal walks to it and slowly unzips the body bag.

The person’s face has been extremely mutilated and disfigured.She zips it back up grossed out by the mutilated corpse.


Carmine Falcone was released from Arkham and sent to Gotham Jail, the doctors and nurses realized that he wasn’t crazy.

Falcone is in the communications room.

Marko Zasz was a man in his late thirties, he had ties to Falcone and often did work for him.If the Falcone family would fall from the empire the Zasz family would take over the Gotham mafia.

Falcone is holding up the wired phone up to his ear and looks at Marko from the other side.

FALCONE:Marko, how you doing.

MARKO:Im afraid we got bad news sir, we lost a entire container of the steroids

FALCONE:What the f*** do you mean!?

MARKO:There was cargo complications an—

FALCONE:The Batman…

MARKO:No sir

FALCONE:Marko you look at me and look at me good.Gotham belongs to me its my city and I run this place.I spilled sweat and blood to get to were I am.No one steals from Carmine!I want you find those drugs…whatever the hell it takes find the damn drugs!


James Gordon is in his office scanning pictures of victims of this mysterious murderer.

He looks at a picture of a man who has been stabbed all over his face, it is almost impossible to recognize him.He looks at another scan of a woman who was butchered with an axe.

Gordon leans back on his chair.He sighs.

GORDON:Great, Jack the Ripper comes to Gotham


James Gordon is walking to his car.He is tired by his day’s work.As he walks to his car he hears footsteps run across the garage.

As Gordon is about to open his car door something hard smashes against a his knee.He instantly realizes it was a baseball bat.He screams in agony.The baseball bat is bashed against his car windshield and his tail light.

VOICE #1:Going home detective?Are you sure you’ll make it there?

GORDON:Who is this?

VOICE #2:When will you get the point that we don’t want you in Gotham.

A foot kicks him in his ribs and punches him in his face.

VOICE #3:Get out of Gotham?

The third voice sounded familiar to Gordon.


VOICE #3:He should get the point by now lets go!


She resembled a model in everyway .Her raven black hair gave her a somewhat gothic look.Her apartment was broken down and in very poor condition although she wasn’t a slob.She was lucky enough to get her rent paid by Frank Zasz but on the down side she worked for him in dirty ways.She was a prostitute.She wish she could be more..she wish she could be somebody important and not just another prostitute of Gotham.

Selina Kyle covered up the heroine needles on her coffee stand.She looked at at it again…she couldn’t believe it.She had used all of the cheap pregnancy test..and they all proved that she was.

She wasn’t planning on giving abortion,it just wasn’t who she was.


A shot is heard from the streets of Gotham…then another.Gunshots were all too common in Gotham city.

Bruce kneals down to his parents dead body.He is crying as he clutches the lifeless hand of his mother and lays his head on the corpse of his father.


His mothers pearls are flooded in the blood of his parents.His parents,Martha and Thomas killed right before his eyes.

Bats sworm in the night sky.The reason he left the theater,what he feared,swormed around him as he held to his parent’s dead bodies.


Bruce wakes up startled.He lets out a blood-hirtling scream as tears cascades down his eyes.


Alfred runs toward Bruce’s bedroom as fast as he could,at least as fast as a man his age could.


Alfred comes into the room.

ALFRED:Master Bruce!

Bruce is sitting on his bed, tears falling down his eyes.The day after his innocent parents were brutally murdered he vowed to protect Gotham.Protect those innocents who were hurt by the corrupted of Gotham.

ALFRED:Another..nightmare I presume.

Alfred walks to Bruce and sits next to him.

ALFRED:Its okay Master Bruce.


The private cemetery only had 2 people..Bruce’s parents.

Bruce drops a red rose on the headstones of his parents.

ALFRED:You’re parents were good people Bruce

Bruce looks down at the ground, everyday he thought about them.

ALFRED:They stood up for what was right

BRUCE:They are the reasons I am what I am


After the infamous brawl against Batman and a mysterious terrorist the Gotham monorail was rebuilt.Just a couple of months after it was rebuilt gangs of course plagued the train with graffiti.

Bruce Wayne looks out the window.He can remember everything that happened that night and could never foget,even if he wanted to.


Bats are swarming all over Bruce.Bruce Wayne screams in agony as they move around him.

A couple of minutes later Thomas Wayne and Alfred are looking down at Bruce getting ready to pull him out.


Tears well up in Bruce’s eyes…he is upset.


Bruce clutches both his parents hand.A costume dark back dances on the stage of the theater.

MARTHA:Bruce are you okay darling?

BRUCE:No…mom can we please leave

THOMAS:What’s wrong?

BRUCE:It’s the bats…can we please go now.

THOMAS:There not going to hurt you Bruce

Bruce is breathing hard,he is terrified by the dark creature.

THOMAS:Its okay Bruce we’ll go…


Bruce has a look of regret...he wish he never left the theater that night,that terrible infamous night.


Bruce is between his parents.

MARTHA:Its okay Bruce..everyone is afraid of something.

BRUCE:Im sorry I ruined your time at the theater

MARTHA:Don’t say that…Nothing can replace the time we’ve had together not even a play.I rather take this then a play any day.


Bruce makes a fist.The train comes to a stop.


Bruce is walking down the alley his parents had taken their last breath on.It was emotional remembering the past but he did it every time...every time it was the anniversary of the tragic death of Thomas and Martha Wayne.


A man walks toward the happy family.The happiness came to a sudden halt when the mysterious man pulled out a gun.

JOE CHILL:Give me your money

THOMAS:You don’t have to do this


JOE CHILL(V.O):I said give me all your money!!!

THOMAS(V.O):please sir just put the gun down.

Bruce tries to fight it back but couldn’t prevent the tears slipping from he corners of his sorrowful eyes.



A gunshot is heard throughout the dark Gotham skies.Thomas Wayne falls dead.Bruce is in complete shock.Martha Wayne screams a blood hurdling scream.


Joe grabs the pearl necklace from Martha’s neck.The necklace snaps and pearls scatter on the floor.Bruce falls back.

Two shots are fired at Martha’s heart.She drops dead next to her husbands corpse.Joe aims the gun at Bruce’s head at point blank range.Bruce has no reaction he is still in shock by his parents death.The thief runs away not hurting Bruce although he wish he had…Bruce wished he could’ve killed him.Bruce crawls to his parents lifeless corpses.His mother’s pearls were on the street and flooded with her blood.Bruce clutched his parent’s dead bodies,his face soaked with their blood.

BRUCE:Mom…Dad.Please speak to me

Tears cascaded down Bruce’s face.His parents showed no signs of life.They weren’t responding.Bruce clutches his dead parents,it was the last night Bruce would ever have with his parents.

Bruce looks down at the floor.

BRUCE:I haven’t forgotten you guys…


Joeseph Zasz was like his brothers…He was a very feared man.He was what peopled called a pimp,providing drugs and collecting money from the hundreds of prostitute’s that worked for him.He was a tall built man with a very intimidating glare and a regonizable Gotham accent.In the car was Selina Kyle.

SELINA:I j-just cant keep working for you

Selina is intimidated by Joe.He was a man known for a few murders,rapes,and a major druglord.

JOE:What the hell are you talking about

SELINA:Im-Im pregnant.Im having a baby girl

Selina said the line with pride.

SELINA:I cant keep doing this.

JOE:You having a fu**ing baby so commit abortion.

SELINA:That’s the problem, Im not going to commit abortion.

JOE:You’re the best hooker in Gotham.

SELINA:I know but I cant do it…Im not.I wanna quit.

JOE:Selina,who the f**k pays your bills,who gave you drug,who gets you food,who the hell takes care of you.I do!!!because nobody gives a **** about a prostitute!!

Joe’s attitude suddenly changes.Selina is worried.Joe often had mood swings and had beaten Selina to the point were she had to got to the Emergency Room at hospitals at times.Tears begin to fall down Selina’s eyes.

SELINA:I cant,I cant do it…please.You can take everything you want just leave me and my baby alone.

JOE:You know what you are you’re a fu**in ****e!!!You *****!!You stupid hoe!!

SELINA:I don’t want to cause trouble..please

JOE:You belong to me!You tramp,you’re my property and you come here and say you don’t want to work anymore!?!

Joe slaps her.Selina cheek is sore.Joe slaps her again over and over and over.Selina begins to scream.

JOE:You fu**ing ****e!!!

Joe is on top of her and begins to punch her in the face repeativly.Blood is oozing down Selina’s nose like a waterfall.Each blow felt as is someone had slammed her head with a sledge-hammer,each blow was far worse than the headaches she got after taking multiple doses of heroine.Joe slammed on her head over and over as Selina screamed for mercy.


Selina managed to feel a gun on the floor of the car.As the pimp punched Selina Kyle, she slammed the gun against Joe’s face..the concequence a bloody nose.Joe stampered back on the limo’s seat.Selina had just enough time to sit up and point the gun at Joe’s head.She is battered up,her face filled with cuts, a heavy nose bleed,and swollen eyes from the punches.


She pulls the trigger,she pulls it again but nothing comes out.The gun is empty.Joe pounces on her.He grabs the gun and slams it on her jaw.If that blow was a tad bit harder it would’ve surly shattered her jaw but it still managed to cause her 2 back teeth to fall out.

SELINA:please stop!!!Stop it!!!

JOE:You stupid damn *****!!!!!!!!!


Bruce can hear screaming from the limo.The screams are spine-shivering.Bruce immediately begins to walk toward the limo.


As Joe pounded on Selina a scream can be heard from outside.

BRUCE:Stop it now!!!!!!

Joe stops pounding on Selina for a while.He is upset that a man has told him what to do with his girl.Joe steps outside of the limo.

JOE:Who the f**k are you talking to!?!?

BRUCE:You..you know what you are doing now stop it!!

JOE:Im gonna kick you ass you mother-fu**er!!!

Selina gasp for air as she goes after Joe.She couldn’t let the innocent man trying to help her get hurt.She grabs Joe arm and screams.

SELINA:please it okay!Stop it!!Please…stop, its okay.

Bruce stands were he is waiting for him to come and attack.

Joe tries pulling away from Selina’s surprisingly powerful grp,despite the fact that she had just gotten beaten she still had the strength to hold the madman back.

SELINA:please Joe!!Let it go!!!Let it go!!!!

JOE:Get of me you *****-ass tramp!!!!

Joe violently punched Selina on her left ear as a result the prostitute fell to the floor.She clutched her ripped shirt and covered her thighs because she wore a mini leather skirt.

Joe ran towards Bruce like a raging bull.Bruce grabs Joe’s head and slams it on a nearby brick wall.Joe falls to the ground.He grabs the bloodied pimp and punches him in the face.In a split second Joe is semi-conscious.He swaggers toward the limo as blood pours out his mouth.Selina is shocked,the mysterious man had stood up for her..he had fought to save her life.Selina ran toward Joe and tried to walk her toward the limo as she looked back at the man that had just saved her life.Although she was battered up she was at peace.The driver of the limo quickly came out to escort the battered criminal.Selina just couldn’t stop starring at her hero,her glare was thank-ful and surprised that someone actually helped her,she was surprised that someone actually cared.


Bruce Wayne runs toward the car that is driven by Alfred.He steps in the 1940’s Rolls Royce.


ALFRED:And how was the evening master Bruce

BRUCE:Fine…and Alfred for the 10000th time don’t call me master.Youre like a father to me.

A thumping is heard against the window of the Rolls Royce.The hand thumps again and again.It is Selina Kyle,the blood on her hand dirtied the windows.

ALFRED:So much for having the car cleaned.

SELINA:Hi…I-Im that girl back there.Th-Thank-you for saving my life!I think that was amazing!

Bruce opens the door and steps out.Her mascara has been watered down because of her tears.

SELINA:I-Im selina Kyle.Thanks,I can never show how thankful I am but a suggestion…don’t do that again,a guy like Joe would kill someone like you..that is if you didn’t know how to fight.

BRUCE:Its fine…There will always be people who get hurt in Gotham.The evil will always hurt the innocent and Im someone who is here to change that.

Selina looks down,she is keeping her ripped shirt together from exposing her breast.

SELINA:Nobody ever stood up for me before.

BRUCE:Here..you seem cold.

Bruce takes off his 5,000 dollar jacket to give it to Selina.

SELINA:No,I can’t Ive wasted enough of your time

BRUCE:No its fine I have a hundred more at home.

Bruce puts the jacket on Selina.

BRUCE:And belive me you didn’t waste my time…

Bruce steps back into the Rolls Royce.The car drives off into the busy Gotham streets.

Selina watches as the car drives away.She had never witnessed a man that had actually cared about her,a man that fought for her.


The public bathroom was in poor condition.The chipped bathroom tiles and dim lights made the restroom repulsive.Mildew grew on the tiles and it reeked of urine.Mary Stewart just walked into the bathroom.There was nobody in it but Mary and her six year old daughter Lisa.

MARY:Okay Lisa do you still want to go by yourself?


MARY(sarcastic):Wow you’re such a lady.

The young girl enters the small bathroom cell.Mary enters the cell to the left.


LISA:Yes mommy?

MARY:Try not to sit on the toilet seat.

Mary stays standing in the cell when she hears someone else enter the bathroom.The footsteps sound like heavy boots.The footsteps are still heard beating against the tile floor.

Mary glances through the slits of the bathroom cell’s door.What she sees terrifies her.A man around 6’3,blonded haired,and very muscular stood outside of the bathroom cell.He donned black jeans,black shirt,and a black leather jacket.In his hand was a sharp hunting knife.As if the man could feel Mary’s movement he looked toward her bathroom cell.Mary saw his bloodshot sadistic eyes.

Mary quickly sat back on the toilet top.She was petrified.she began to breathe harder and tears of fear welled up in her eyes.She could hear her daughter singing mary had a little lamb.Her heart sunk,she feared for her daughter.Lisa continued to sing as the tears of fear cascaded down her tense cheeks.She looked again through the slits and didn’t see anything.She could still her daughter’s peaceful singing.

LISA(softly):Mary had a little lamb,little lamb,little—

The singing abruptly stopped and Lisa let out a blood hurdling scream.

Without thinking Mary reacted like any mother would when their child was in danger.


She ran out of her cell and flung open Lisa’s bathroom cell.

Mary panted for air.

LISA:I thought I saw a roach

Lisa was still on the bathroom seat.Mary sighed in relif.She was so glad that her daughter was still alive.She was happy that she saw her face once more.

The lights of the bathroom began to flicker.

LISA(worried):What’s going on?

The lights turned off and the room became pitch black.All the emotions Mary had when she feared for her daughter’s safty immeadiantly came back.

Mary screamed as something cold and sharp began to slice through her throat.


It was morning and Anne Porter was an old woman in desperate need to se the bathroom.She was elegant and a prosperous presence could be felt as soon as she enter the room.Normally she’d never use a public bathroom but desperate people do desperate things.She smelled a terrible stench in the bathroom that made her want to get out immediately.

She open the doors of one of the bathroom cells and saw a woman sitting on the toilet eyes wide open.

ANNE:Oh my!Im sorry…

She began to close the door but realized there was something wrong about the young woman.Her eyes were wide open,not blinking once and she didn’t even give a word of reply.

Anne opened the door again.

ANNE:Are you okay sweetie?

She reached a hand out at the young woman.She placed the tip of her finger on the womans shoulder.The minor impact sent the young woman’s head falling off her neck and hitting the ground.

Anne screamed as loud as she could,the site alone almost gave her a heart attack.


Harvey Dent was a man in his 30’s.He was one of Gotham’s top attorneys.He had what women considered handsome features.A young woman’s lips brushed against his.That woman was Rachael Dawes.

They stood kissing each other,it was a rare moment for them both considering that they both had busy jobs that required them to sacrifice their spare time.

HARVEY:I was thinking about you all day…

RACHAEL:Im here now…

She smiled and began kissing her fiancé once more when her phone rang.The distraction was excruciating to them both.She ignored it for 5 seconds but couldn’t anymore…it could be something important.she softly pushed Harvey back…although he was reluctant at first he agreed.

RACHAEL(cell phone):Hello?…okay…ok-okay.I got it,send them over.Alright bye.

Rachael hung up the phone.She turned to face Harvey.

RACHEAL:Im so sorry.


Rachael takes he coat of the coach and searches for her purse.

RACHAEL:Harvey you know damn well that I have no control over this.There is a serial killer on the loose.If we let these people get away than what hope does Gotham have of improving?

Rachael grabbed her purse and kissed Harvey lip to lip.


Crime scene investigation tape surrounded the public bathroom.Rachael Dawes walked in ducking the crime tape at the door.The scent of death,of fear filled her nostrils.she knew the scent all too well.The Crime Scene investigators took photos of important factors that might be needed for the investigation.

Detective Bullock walked next to Rachael.She looked at him in fear and regret

RACHAEL:What has he done this time?

BULLOCK:A mother aroung 28 and her eight year old daughter went to a bathroom,forensics proved that the bodies had died about 13 hours and 34 minutes ago.Their bodies were found by an old woman.

RACHAEL:What happened to them?

Bullock hesitated,he was truly disgusted.

BULLOCK:They were found decapitated.

RACHAEL:Both of them?Even the child?


RACHAEL:Damn it.

She glanced at the small toilet pod.On the wall in the pod was a picture of a demon painted with blood.The demon looked truly grotesque.It had vampire-like fangs,sharp knife-like horns,and the most sadistic eyes.

BULLOCK:The picture was painted with both victim’s blood.

RACHAEL:What is thatwhat is it called?…I want to know what that demon is called and what it represents.

Rachael walked toward crime scene investigator Dr.Sarah Reyes.

RACHAEL:Any new information?Did he leave anything at all behind?

SARAH:Again,he left nothing of him behind,except we managed to get a shoe print on the ground.We figured that he might have walked on some sort of soil since we fond soil deposits in the print.We’ve been able to tell that the shoeprint pattern revealed that he was most likely wearing boots and it was a size 12 therefore he must be pretty tall.

RACHAEL:That’s great,keep up the good work.

Bullock hung up his cell phone.He yelled Rachael’s name across the room.

BULLOCK(yelling):Rachael!!…the we just got news that the demon’s name is Zsazrotciv.According to experts Zaszrotciv was an ancient angel who killed people,he thought he was helping people but God condemned him from heaven and he became a demon.He continued doing what he did.

RACHAEL:I think he is trying to tell us something.He’s trying to say that—

Bullock finished her sentence

BULLOCK:That he’s trying to help people by killing them although society views him as an evil murderer.

Rachael was in shock at the serial killer’s motive.

RACHAEL(whispering):He’s not going to stop killing people…


An expensive gorgeous black limousine pulls right in front of the tall skyscraper known as Wayne Industries.The driver opens the door of the limousine.As the door opens and the casual billionaire known as Bruce Wayne walks out.e is donned in a black suit.As he walks up the stoop to Wayne Enterprises he hears a familiar voice.

ALFRED:Bruce Wayne!

Alfred sounded a bit upset.Bruce turned to look back.Alfred came ruinning up the stairs with Bruce’s briefcase.

ALFRED:I suspected you’ll be needing this.You always forget your briefcase.

Bruce takes the briefcase from Alfred.


ALFRED:Good-bye Mast-…Godbye Bruce

Alfred corrected himself before Bruce got angry.Bruce hated it when Alfred called him Master Bruce.Alfred was like Bruce’s father and he didn’t want him to call him master.


The Wayne Enterprises Building was goregeous.Everything about it seemed expensive and seemed like it was worth a billion dollars.Bruce’s heels clapped against the marble floor.

RACHAEL:Bruce,haven’t seen you in a long time.

Bruce turned around to see Rachael Dawes.His childhood love,the woman he’d long for all his life but couldn’t get her because of he he was…Batman.

BRUCE:Yeah,long time no see…why is that?

RACHAEL:Bruce you no I cant be with you.Im getting married with Harvey.

Bruce felt his heart sunk instantly as the words spilled from her mouth.

BRUCE:I once loved you and I still do.

RACHAEL:So do I,but I cant see you like this,getting hurt.

She was referring to Batman and Bruce knew it all too well.

BRUCE:He is who I am Rachael.Im him for my father,for my mother,for Alfred,for you,and for Gotham.


just scarred that one day you’ll…

BRUCE:Die.At least Ill die doing something right.I cant just stand here and watch the city go away.

RACHAEL:Bruce please…I came here to talk about him.

Although he was saddened he listened.

RACHAEL:Bruce Wayne cant do anything but he can.There is a serial killer,he’s killed 18 people so far and he’s not going to stop until somebody does something about it.

BRUCE:I’ll look into it…

RACHAEL:Gotham needs you…

BRUCE:I need you.

They looked at each other deep into the eyes.Bruce could remember the past.


Bruce and Rachael are running with each other.They are smiling at each other.

Young Bruce finds an arrow head.

RACHAEL:Hey give me that

BRUCE:No!…I found it first

RACHAEL:please??It looks so cool

BRUCE:Okay…only because you’re my best friend


RACHAEL:Goodbye Bruce Wayne

She breaks the eye contact and walks away.She looks back at Bruce Wayne and walks out.


FOX:Wayne Enterprises stocks are going down,we’re not doing too good.

He is standing up,he is a man in his 60’s but looks much younger than his age.

FOX:At this moment Luthor Corp,our major competition,is gaining power and since some how our cargo of super-soildier tablets has vanished abnormally in Gotham harbor Wayne Enterprises has lost a lot of money.

Bruce Wayne steps inside the conference room.The 12 board members turn to face him.He sits down on the empty chair of the table.He isn’t at all embaressed of showing up 34 minutes late.

FOX:Hello Mr.Wayne,I was just talking about how quickly Wayne Enterprises is falling and the rise of out highest competition Luthor Corporation

BRUCE:And I’ve decided Mr.Fox to buy McAllen Enterprises.

There were groans and whispering at the table.The board members didn’t seem to like the idea

FOX:Are you sure Mr.Wayne.

BRUCE:McAllen enterprises has one of the best Areospace divisions,by buying McAllen Enterprises Wayne Enterprises should sky rocket in stocks.

Now realizing the genius behind the concept the board members seemed content with the idea.

Fox looked at Bruce sharply.


Luscious Fox was Bruce’s good friend.He used to be a former scientist but Bruce promoted him to the CEO of Wayne Enterprises.

FOX:So…Why the wait?

BRUCE:I was busy last night and woke up late.

FOX:Doing what snorkeling?

Bruce ignored the comment with a light chuckle.

BRUCE:How’s your wife?

FOX:She’s doing good and Alfred?

BRUCE:Oh he’s doing fine.Look,Luscious I came here for…

FOX:You need new hunting tools?

BRUCE:No,I just need a new suit for—


BRUCE:--No,for Spelunking

FOX:How much this time?

BRUCE:How much do you have in stock?


BRUCE:Ill take them all.

FOX:Bruce,Im really happy with what your doing?

BRUCE:Yeah I figured Wayne Enterprises could use McAllen’s aerospace divi—

FOX:No not that.Im talking about your “spelunking”,I know your father would be proud of you.

Bruce knew what he meant.

BRUCE:Thank-you Luscious


Detective James Gordon walked to his car.He looked around suspiciously.It hadn’t been to long since he was physically threatened by huis former partner Flass.

He was still bruised from the incident and had a black eye.He was just about 8 feet away from his car.It was also vandalized by Flass.The headlights broken and the windshield bashed.The lights of the parking garage flickered.

BATMAN:Hello Gordon

James Gordon jumped and let out a quick yell.

GORDON:Holly Shi-!!you scarred the **** out of me.

Batman’s voice was gruff and scratchy…he sounded like a demon.He was crouching on a car right beside Gordon’s.James never knew how he did it,he always managed to sneak up on him with making a pin drop of noise

BATMAN:What happened there?

GORDON:Im fine just a little bruised that’s all.Im just surprised that even the supposedly good people of Gotham are corrupted by crime.

BATMAN:I need to know about the Zsazrotciv killer.

GORDON:So I see you’ve found out about him.We don’t know much about him anyways.All we now is that he’s killed 18 people so far.He’s shown know specific pattern in the killing except for a picture he leaves after everyone of his murders.

BATMAN:The Zsazroticiv demon.

GORDON:We found out that he’s a size 12 and that’s about it.His choice of victims seems to be people that are not too high in society.I infact have a copy of the file right here,it has pictures of the victims.

Gordon handed Batman the manila folder containing the files.

BATMAN:Where were the last three murders?

GORDON:The very last was in a public bathroom at downtown Gotham,and the other 2 in the narrows.

Gordon began unlocking his car door.

GORDON:You’re not thinking of going there are you?

He turned around to look at Batman but he wasn’t there.It was as if he vanished in thin air.

GORDON:I hate it when he does that.


Batman searched around the public bathroom looking for any evidence the CSI team might have not found.Holding a small blacklight, he moved it around the wall of the toilet pod.There he saw the frightening image of the Zsazrotciv Demon painting in blood.He wiped his gloved finger tip against the blood.The blood was dry but still a bit fresh and wet.He kept a sample of the blood in a small container.He aimed the blacklight at the lightswitch.He realized something with his keen eyesight.It was a smudged finger print.


A group of men sat at Marko Zasz’s living room.The living room was gorgeous and was very expensive but not many had a clue of the people the Zasz family killed in order to afford it.

Robert was Marko’s most trusted accomplice.He didn’t like Falcone as Gotham’s dark mob boss king.He wanted to help Marko Zasz get rid of him.Marko Zasz accepted his help although he knew as soon as Robert gained too much power he’d quickly kill him.Gotham was a dog eat dog world full of desperate people that do desperate things.

MARKO:How are you Robert?

ROBERT:Good and you?

The 2 men sat down on the leather sofa that gave a clear view to the ocean.

MARKO:Fine.I called you hear for one reason.I need you to do me a favor?

ROBERT:And what would that be?

MARKO:Just a few months ago Falcone stole a cargo full of super soldier tablets.He combined the drugs with ACD to form the new drug Venom.

ROBERT:Its crazy venom prices are sky rocketing in the black market.

MARKO:That’s why I called you here.Falcone has over one hundred million worth of Venom.

ROBERT:What are trying to say?

MARKO:If Falcone doesn’t have those drugs the empire will belong to somebody else,to me.

ROBERT:Are you f***ing suicidal!?We cant steal the drugs from Falcone,if we do he’d have us killed.

MARKO:There is one thing Falcone hasn’t gotten over us yet.No matter how much guns or knives he has its impact is inevitable…

We can fight him with fear.


Jonathan Crane was one of the most feared sociopath of Gotham.After creating a fear toxin like drug and killing numerous people using it he was sent to Arkham Assylum for the criminally insane,the place he once used and tested his toxin on his patients.

In a padded cell wearing a straight jacket Jonathan sat on the floor whispering the name that meant fear itself to many people.


The door of the room opened and outside stood 10 soldiers taking high precaution.The sociopath almost managed to escape a few months ago by jabbing a fork into an old woman’s eyes.Although she became blind she fortunately lived but unfortunately for Crane security increased.

GUARD:There is someone here to see you.



Jonathan Crane sat across the feared black market criminal Robert Raymond.He had no clue who he was a didn’t really care.He starred at Robert as if he could see right through him,the look on his face made the Gotham drug lord shiver in fear.

ROBERT:I came here to ask you a favor

CRANE:Is that so?

ROBERT:I wanna do a deal with you,a you help me and I help you sort of thing.

CRANE:And what will that be?

ROBERT:Alberto Falcone is gaining power in the Gotham underworld.He has a multiple cargos of a drug called Venom.I need to take those drugs in order to stop the Falcone of gaining anymore power

CRANE:So you can gain power?And how do you expect to do that?

ROBERT:By using fear.If you help me steal the cargos using the fear gas I promise to release you from jail

CRANE:Ill help you for only one request…

ROBERT:And what is it?

CRANE:people thought when I went to the asylum that the nightmare would be over,that Id be out of their lives and everybody would be happy.I want you to bring me to the one who brought me here.I want to kill her and show her why she shouldn’t mess with the scarecrow.I want to teach her a lesson about fear,one she’ll never forget.I want to torture her and make her see what I had to see for 14 months.Bring me to Rachael Dawes


The Wayne Manor was beautiful in everyway and was almost flawless.A young woman donned in a mini skirt and a shirt covering almost nothing but her breast walked up the stairs.

She rang the doorbell of the enormous mansion.She looked around the manor,it was unlike anything she’d ever seen in her life.She’s never seen such a large and lovely.

Her legs were still bruised and she still had a black eye and smaller bruises across her face.She was nervous and a bit ashamed of herself and the way she dressed after having witnessed the enormous home.

The door opened and she spotted the handsome man she had dreamed of all night long.The one man who had actually shown that he had cared for her.

SELINA:Hi-Hi I-Im Selina Kyle.

Bruce’s heart sunk,the young woman was the most goregeous living being he had ever seen in his life.Despite her black eye and bruised face her beauty was undeniable.Her physique was flawless and her eyes were mesmerizing.

BRUCE:Remember who you are.Are you okay?

Selina was shocked that he remembered her name and wondered about her health.

SELINA:Yes Im fine,its not the first time it happened.He just never went that far before.You’re probably wondering how I found your house,it was in-in the business card from the jacket you gave me.Im sorry to disturb you-

BRUCE:No it fine you’re not disturbing me at all.

SELINA:I just wanted to give you this thank-you note

She handed a card to Bruce.

SELINA:I know its not much but its all I can afford.


SELINA:Im sorry I never caught your name…

BRUCE:Its Bruce.Bruce Wayne.

SELINA:Ive never seen anyone like you.Most people would never fight for someone like me.Most people in Gotham don’t really stick up for what is right.

She turned around and began walking down the stoop.

She turned her flawless angel-like face and looked at Bruce.She stopped and looked at him for a while as if she was caught in a trance.

SELINA:Thank-you Bruce Wayne.

She turned back and continued walking down the stairs.


Bruce ran down toward the attractive supermodel resembling woman

BRUCE:Would you like a ride?

SELINA(softly):That would be great but I don’t want to waste your time.

BRUCE:No,its fine.


The two began walking down the stairs together.

SELINA:I never knew they had these.

BRUCE:Had what?

SELINA:Castles like these,Ive only seen them in movies and my dreams.I never grew up with a lot of money.

She eyed the mansion with awe in her fascinating dark eyes.

SELINA:Your parents must be very proud of you

BRUCE:I don’t have any parents,they died when I was nine.

SELINA(sad):Im so sorry to hear that.I know how it must have felt.I never had a dad.

BRUCE:Why what happened?

SELINA:I don’t know, just one day he just stopped coming.Like he didn’t care what happened to me,my mother,and my sister.

She looked out to the plains of the manor,her eyes a bit red.

SELINA:Its like he left us there to rot on this Earth.

BRUCE:What about your mom?

The 2 walked through the small Wayne Manor garden.

SELINA:When I was ten she committed suicide.My sister and I had to go to a foster home.We were best friends and we swore nothing would ever keep us apart but she was adopted,after all she was much younger than me.

BRUCE:Where is she?

SELINA:I don’t know.I never knew where she went but hell,I wish I was her,she’s probably really happy now.Sometimes I wonder my existence on this world and whats my purpose.Nothing good has ever happened to me.

BRUCE:Im really sorry

SELINA:Oh don’t worry about it,when you have no one you’ll get used to it after a while.

BRUCE:Hey,If you ever need somebody you know where to find me.

She looked at Bruce.He was the nicest person she had ever met in her life.


A dazzling red Lamborghini drove on the streets of the Narrows.

People stopped to look at it.


SELINA:Wow!Your car is very nice.


She looked at him.

SELINA:You’re not like everybody else.Most rich people Ive seen are really really bad people.You’re one of the nicer kind of people here in Gotham.I didn’t even know this city still had people like you,I lost all hope until today.

BRUCE:That’s because Gotham has no chance when good people do nothing.This city will always stay corrupted if people like us don’t speak out.

SELINA:Its right here.

She felt her heart sunk that she had to leave so soon.She enjoyed her day with the kind man.

BRUCE:So are you okay?

SELINA:Yeah,Im fine…Id like to see you again Bruce Wayne.

BRUCE:So will I

Bruce handed her a card that had his phone number.

Selina stepped out of the car and closed the door behind her.She looked back at Bruce and waved her hand.

Bruce waved back,he think he had just fallen in love.

Rachael stood in front of the wall of mailboxes.She was ready to go to work.She opened her small mailboxes and withdrew her mail.


Since she was often busy,Rachael Dawes decided to use her time wisely and open the mail as she waited for the light to turn green.She noticed an envelope out of the stack.The abnormal envelope had no address on it whatsoever and Rachael wondered how the mailman was able to know where the letter belonged to.She opened the letter and pulled out a snippet of blonde hair.The hair had small droplets of blood on it.


The bat cave was massive and had a premonitory essence to it.Water dripped to the large dark puddles of the cave.The cave was overcast with darkness except for the few lights that caused the cave to be slightly aglow.A fascinating waterfall covered the opening to the cave.

Bruce was working on the Tumbler.The car was a perfect crossover of what a Ferrari and a Hummer would look like.Tools layed all around the platform as Bruce used his genius-like intellect to fix and install technological devices to the car.

He used the wrench to screw a bolt tight.He could hear the elevator leading to the cave from a distance.The abrupt noise caused a swarm of bats to glide away from it and move somewhere else.

Bruce knew it was Alfred who had came to check on him.

ALFRED:You’ve been working down here for four hours Bruce.

BRUCE:Well,I have no other choice.

ALFRED:I hope you know that you have only a few hours left before the party.

BRUCE:Im not going.

ALFRED:Why not?

BRUCE:Because Gotham needs me.

ALFRED:When will Bruce Wayne be Bruce Wayne and not the Batman.

Alfred walked closer to Bruce.Bruce was lying down on his back working on the lower part of the vehicle.

BRUCE:Alfred,the night my parents died I vowed to stop the evil and corrupted of Gotham.Ive messed up but now I have a second chance as the Batman.

ALFRED:As long as you are here the Batman will always be there.

Bruce stood up and wiped the oil from his worn out jeans.

BRUCE:I once said Gotham wasn’t beyond saving…and it still isn’t.I cant just go around partying when somebody needs my help.

ALFRED:Sometimes to rise from the circle of suspicion you must do things you don’t want to do.

BRUCE(firmly):Im sorry Alfred but I cant go.

ALFRED:Very well sir,I guess there was no good in giving Selina Kyle an inventation.

BRUCE(happy):You invited Selina?


The captivating hotel was filled with millionaires most of them from Wayne Enterprises or McAllen enterprises’s aerospace divison which Wayne Enterprise’s had purchased.

Limousines and expensive vehicles filled outside the hotel.

Inside of the hotel seemed like a palace itself.

Bruce Wayne stood leaning on a column.He watched the men and women pass by him with their expensive tuxedoes and gowns,he had already been in about 20 conversations and was truly exhausted.

Then he saw her.She was goregeous and stood on the top of the stairs.She spotted Bruce Wayne and a smile was instantly displayed on her face.

She walked down to the platform in her gorgeous dress,a dressed she had many ages ago.She had to use the old one because money was short.

She embraced her around Bruce.

SELINA:I missed you last night

BRUCE:It was only one night.

SELINA:But I cant stop thinking about you.

BRUCE:One more thing you and me have in common.

SELINA:I was afraid you wouldn’t come tonight

BRUCE:Why is that.

The slow music began to play and they slowly began to dance as did everyone on the platform.

SELINA:Because nothing good has ever happened to me before.

Tear welled up in Selina’s eyes.

SELINA:Nothing good every really happens to me ever…you’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

BRUCE:I really love you.

SELINA:Bruce,Its selfish of me to keep you.I might not be the person you’re looking for.Im not rich,Im-Im a hooker.

BRUCE:Not anymore…you’ve changed.The day I saw you Selina I knew I loved you and you want to the difference of how I felt from that day about you and now?

Selina looked deeply into his eyes.


SELINA:Before men used to be nothing more than bad luck.They took away everything I ever wanted…every thing I ever loved but you’re something different.Ive never seen anyone like you.

BRUCE:Lets go.


BRUCE:Away from here…I came here only because I knew you’d be there.


Bruce walked in the kitchen.There was nobody there surprisingly although there was a grand event taking place.

Selina kissed Bruce lightly on his lips.It was a long hard passionate kiss.

She put her arms around him and he embraced her.They kissed consecutively and it seemed as if it would never end.

Bruce cradled Selina on the table and they kissed again as pots and pans hit the floor.

The two didn’t seem to care.

They wouldn’t let each other go.


Bruce awoke with his shirt off and almost practically naked.

Bruce rolled over to the side and noticed a note on the pillow.

He opened the note.

BRUCE(reading):Bruce I had so much fun last night with you but I have to go,I hope I see you again.


Alfred knocked on the door.

BRUCE:Its open.

ALFRED:I see you had fun last night.

BRUCE:I brought her over

ALFRED:Yes Bruce and you managed to…how may I say this…get laid

Bruce smiled.

BRUCE:I love her.

ALFRED:It seems like Bruce Wayne is in a love triangle

BRUCE:What do you mean?

ALFRED:Well with Rachael and Selina…you must chose one.

BRUCE:I chose Selina.Alfred,Rachael is getting married.

ALFRED:It doesn’t take an expert to realize you still love her.


Bruce walked down the never-ending stoop of the mansion.He was walking to his Zonda Pagani.The million-dollar car was situated right at the end of the stoop.

Bruce’s phone rang.He felt through his pockets and answered.



Bruce didn’t recognize the voice,the person talking spoke through a voice changer that disorted his voice and made it sound bone-chilling.

BRUCE:Who is this?

MYSTERIOUS VOICE:Did you have a good night last night?

BRUCE:Who the hell is this?

MYSTERIOUS VOICE:A few weeks ago the lovely Rachael Dawes brought you into my case

BRUCE(shocking whisper):The Zsazrotciv killer


To be continued…

Does anyone even like this story at all?:confused:

Okay,LOL!!...I guess not.Ill just stop postiong it here.
Sentinel_08, it is a different game with fan fiction. You have to have patience. I mean its rediculous to take down a story. I would really hope you'd learn how to use a forum. I had to wait about a month for someone to post or notice it. So try annocing it in your sig and some other things. By a few days it will get out there.
You know what you're right Dr.Venkman and thanks.I cant belive I was selfish enough to take down this story when there are dozens of people who haven't recieved any replies either.Im really sorry I was thinking about myself when I took it down and now Im gonna finish this story. :)

Its back up ;)
Howdy Sentinel. Just read thru part one again. I still like this very much. I do have one suggestion -- you have a lot of flashback in the beginning and I assume you are doing this to remind us of what occurred in the first movie. My suggestion would be to condense the flashbacks into the one single dream and/or not interrupt it with the murder scenes and Selina Kyle. I think it's too disruptive (for me anyways). :up:

*squeekness goes to read part two*
*squeekness returns after reading part two*

Grammatical critique --blood curdling screams.

Still liking this, especially the way you set up the murder in the bathroom, with the little kid and the old lady finding the bodies.

Perhaps because I don't read the Batman comics I am at a bit of a disadvantage. All these Zsaz guys. You said that Frank was paying Selina's bills so I'm confused as to why Joey is the one beating her up. Are these two brothers working together or am I just confused?

*squeekness leaves to read part three*
*squeekness returns after reading parts three and four*

I have nothing to complain about at all in these next parts except to whine that the darn thing ain't finished yet! You've really drawn me in and I can't wait to see how this all ends up. I hope you don't take too long to post the next part. :up: :up: :up:
Thanks squeekness,the Zasz guys are brothers...although the killer is another brother that hasnt been mentioned yet in the story;)
Joe is what might be said as a pimp...he has prostitutes and sells drugs,ect.
Marko Zasz is the brother that is Falcone's assosiate and is basically stabbing his back by trying to steal the empire from him.
The killer is Mr.Zasz....the normal Batman villain
Sentinel_08 said:
Thanks squeekness,the Zasz guys are brothers...although the killer is another brother that hasnt been mentioned yet in the story;)
Joe is what might be said as a pimp...he has prostitutes and sells drugs,ect.
Marko Zasz is the brother that is Falcone's assosiate and is basically stabbing his back by trying to steal the empire from him.
The killer is Mr.Zasz....the normal Batman villain
Thaks for clearing that up. Hope you post again soon, I'll be watching this thread. :up:
Im working on it right now and Ill post some tonight cause I write pretty fast anyways.Iunderstand what you meant about the flashbacks...I need to try to limit that to as few scenes as possible.
I just wanted everybody to know that Ill be updating this evey Friday.There maybe exceptions and I may post a little more but on tuesdays Im positive Ill post.The reason is because I like to write other fan fics and Im not always in the...um Batman writing mood.:p

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This is great stuff I like your script and God90 script's too.
I posted another part on my 5th post on this thread :)
Hey, Sentinel. Thanks for the update, I liked it. My only concern would be that Bruce and Selina seem to be falling in love rather quickly. I'm not sure it would happen that way in real life, even if she did feel he saved her life. But other than that it was good and Ican't wait until your next update. :up:
Thanks Squeekness.Well the I understand that it wouldnt happen in real life but frankly in the script they've actually been seeing each other for weeks but I just put the really important parts because it will take to much time befor the action scenes.

Now for right now I just wanted to say that this was really hard and I had to take a break at times cause Im not good at writing about super-sadistic people so this was a tackle and kinda disturbing to write.

BRUCE:What do you want?

ZSAZROTCIV:You think that you’re hidden from society Bruce Wayne.That nobody will find you but you’re just like the rest of us…

BRUCE:The rest of who?

ZSAZROTCIV:The rest of us that hide in the dark.

BRUCE:Why do you kill people?

The murderer let out a cold chuckle that cause a chill to run up Bruce’s spine.

ZSAZROTCIV:Everybody thinks that I am the monster…that Im the evil one.Im trying to help them,the world is a very evil place for people to live in.A wise man once said it is better to not live than to live in constant fear…I am their deliver,their savior.

BRUCE:For a second there,I thought you weren’t human.

ZSAZROTCIV:Do you believe in demons Mr.Wayne?

BRUCE:Im sure you do,You’re main theme is one.Why is that?

ZSAZROTCIV(prideful):See,the Zsazrotciv demon isn’t like the rest.It killed because not only did it love the spilling of blood but because he tried to save them by getting rid of them.To end their fear,to end it all so they ca be at peace.The prophecy says that once every 1000 year Zsazrotciv possesses a child in order to do his evil.A child with as much knowledge of evil as him.The child and the demon become one and you get me.I am he.

BRUCE:You’re sick.

ZSAZROTCIV:Mr.Wayne what makes you hide in the shadows?

BRUCE:What do you mean?

ZSAZROTCIV:Tell me…your parents died when you were young,not even yet a preteen.You were in constant fear of the world around you…the innocent blood shed of your parents.Haven’t you ever wished that your life ended.

BRUCE(slowly):Yes at times…but that was my choice.Those people deserved a choice!


BRUCE:Because they have a free-will

ZSAZROTCIV:Now that is were you people get it wrong.They didn’t have a free-will,they were prisoners of fear afraid to take their own life away.The only way to end a life of fear was with fear itself…and I was the only solution.

BRUCE:And why is that?

Bruce looked around,he felt as if the killer was in the Wayne Manor premises.

ZSAZROTCIV:Everyone of my so-called victims has had a terrible life.They were the victims of the hatred the world had to offer.I was only there to end the misery to de-victimized them so to say.

He giggled at the end of his remark.

BRUCE:What about the child?Why did you feel as if you needed to end her life so short.

ZSAZROTCIV:The younger the better,the further away they will be from the hatred for this planet.

BRUCE:Then why is it that 97% of your victims have been adults.

ZSAZROTCIV:Because they are the ones who need help the most.

BRUCE:If you hate this planet so much why don’t you kill yourself.

ZSAZROTCIV:Because,I told you I am fear.Fear doesn’t fear fear.

BRUCE:Who the hell are you?

ZSAZROTCIV(giggle):Well that was blunt.Bruce Wayne I hope you tell everyone dearly to you how much you love them.


ZSAZROTCIV:Because someone you know is next on my list.

BRUCE:Why are you doing this!?

ZSAZROTCIV:Because that person needs help.

BRUCE:Screw you!

ZSAZROTCIV:Goodbye Mr.Wayne.

BRUCE:Zsazrotciv??…Damn it!!

The murderer had hung up.Bruce’s heart sunk,he walked a few steps down the stoop and looked around the premises of the manor.For the first time in days he felt fear,he had a feeling something terrible was going to happen.
Very nice, Sentinel. Nothing like a nice creepy phone call. I've always liked those serial killer movies where the killer stalks the hunter like that. It's a good way to try and get inside the killer's mind. :up:
First of all I want to say sorry for not posting for so long.Very long story...if you ask Ill tell you but I prefer not to go to detail :p


The night club was filled with men,practically all of them corrupted doing crime in Gotham,which now seemed the norm.

There was one woman who seemed to get all the attention.Her looks were astonishing and was considered attractive by any man’s standards.

She clutched the pole with both hands and move her body gracefully.The men threw tips of 5 dollars bills at her feet.

It was how she made her living ever since she gave up prostitution.


Selina Kyle walked across the dark alley.She looked cautiously around her,it wasn’t abnormal in Gotham city for a man to rape her in the alley and leave her dead.She clasped a nail file in her hand,ready to stab anybody suspicious person who approached.

Suddenly a beep of a car alarmed her and she almost let out a shrill scream.

She looked to her side.In a black exotic car was Bruce Wayne,the man she just couldn’t stop think of.

Selina covered her bare abs and pulled down her shirt mini skirt in embarrassment.She didn’t want Bruce to see her like this.

The window of the car rolled down.

SELINA:Bruce what are you doing here?

BRUCE:Selina…can you get in the car?

SELINA:Why…Whats wrong?


SELINA:Bruce…whats going on?

BRUCE:I was worried about you.

SELINA:Yeah.You told me,why?

BRUCE:You know those situations how you cant always say something to the people you love but you just need them to trust you?


BRUCE:Well this is one of them.

Bruce glanced at Selina’s legs donned in fish net stalkings.

SELINA:I didn’t want you to see me like this.

BRUCE:As a stripper?

SELINA:Im going to be a mother soon.Ive given up drugs,prostitution,everything I can but I have to make money to raise my child.

BRUCE:Selina if there is anything you need Ill always be there for you.

SELINA:I know but…

BRUCE:but what?

SELINA:Ive loved you for who you not what you have.

BRUCE:Selina…can you please stay with me tonight?

SELINA:Bruce you’re getting me worried.


Selina looked at him.She could tell something wasn’t right.



Through the cameras security watched the inmates in their cells.The security paid particular attention to the one they called Scarecrow.Just a few months ago he had attacked a security guard in his cell.The security guard’s ear ended up being ripped off in the attack but he was okay.

There was a knock on the Plexiglas window that was meant to protect the Guards from the inmates.A man stood aiming the gun point blank range at the officer.The man was named Bane and was Marko’s favorite handy man for dirty jobs.

BANE:Marko says he did this for Crane.

He quickly shot him in the head and in a split second he did so to the other.

Blood splattered all over the wall and glass barrier


Detective James Gordon looked at the pictures of the murder victims repeatedly.Added to the death toll was a mother and her young child.Both gruesomely murdered,a decapitation.

He looked at a sheet of paper that revealed the list of times and dates each murder occurred.

GORDON(whispering):He moves on moon phases.

He quickly grabbed the phone and called his good friend,one of the few non-corrupted law enforcers of Gotham, Rachael Dawes.


Rachael answered her ringing cell phone as she drove on the dirty streets of the Narrows.The streets full of drug dealers,prostitution,rappers, and murderers.



RACHAEL:James,what is it?

GORDON:He moves on backward moonphases.He murders according to the full moon


GORDON:He kills depending on moon phases.

RACHAEL:No way!He plans everyone of his murders astrologically.

GORDON:Are you thinking what Im thinking?

RACHAEL:Hell yeah…Check out the birth dates of the victims.

GORDON:Im already on it

Rachael waited anxiously clutching the cell phone to her ear.The shocking news slightly disturbed her in her driving.

GORDON:Ok.First victim we know of…Thomas Grey,murdered by dismemberment born December 27th.

Jessica Lane, butchered by an axe born December 17th.His third victim Patrick Carper had an image of the Zsazrociv demon carved on his back,born November 28th.Ha—

RACHAEL:What about his final victim?

GORDON:Hold on…Okay Lisa Rayment murdered by decapitation born on October 6th.

RACHAEL:His choice of victims are on birth dates.He kills victims depending on their birth dates.

GORDON:But why?

RACHAEL:I-I don’t know.He’s playing a mind game with us.He’s trying to reveal something about him to us.

GORDON:He moves backwards…he moves backwards.

RACHAEL:Oh my God!!His name Zsazrotciv!

GORDON:What about it.

RACHAEL:He moves backwards.His name is backwards!

Rachael could here a slight gasp across the phone.

RACHAEL:Im going to need you to get me files of Victor Zasz.I gotta go.Bye

Rachael hung up the phone.She turned her car around quickly and sped toward Wayne Manor.

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