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Nov 20, 2007
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this story is based on golden age (Detective comis 27-Detcective comics 38, Batman #1 and all golden age batman detective comics stories) and silver age comics(meetings with a future Superman during his youth, his upbringing by his uncle Philip Wayne after his parents death, and appearances of his father and himself as prototypical versions of Batman and Robin, respectively) and based on Frank Miller’s Batman Dark Knight Universe stories( Batman: The Dark Knight Returns,Batman: Year One, All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder, Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again, and the upcoming Holy Terror, Batman!), Paul Pope’s Berlin Batman and Batman year 100, Batman Arkham Asylum, A serious house on serious earth, Batman: Nine lives, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and it’s sequel Master of the Future, DC animated universe/ Timmverse/Diniverse many Batman series, The Batman 2000 animated series, the two Batman live action serials(Batman and Batman and Robin) Batman: Masque, Batman: Two Faces, Batman: Gotham Noir, the Unrealased Batman Year One movie, and the two Tim Burton and three Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

this story is based on golden age/Early Bill Kane and Bob Finger Batman Golden Age stories, Frank Miller’s Batman stories, Paul Pope’s Berlin Batman and Batman year 100, Batman: Long Halloween and sequels(Batman: Dark Victory), Batman Hush, Batman Dark Moon Risning series(Batman and the Monster Men,Batman and the Mad Monk ), Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, Batman Confidential, Batman: Nine lives, Batman: Man who Falls, Batman Man who Laughs, Batman: Gotham by Gaslight and it’s sequel Master of the Future, DC animated universe/ Timmverse/Diniverse many Batman series, Superman/Batman Generations, Wizard Ultimate DC comics, The Batman 2000 animated series, the two Batman live action serials(Batman and Batman and Robin) Batman: Masque, Batman: Two Faces, Batman: Gotham Noir, the Unrealased Batman Year One movie, and the two Tim Burton and three Christopher Nolan Batman movies.

Plus stuff like Wizard Ultimate Batman, Stan Lee's Just Imagine Batman, Batman Year One(, The Bat Man(, The canceled Bruce Wayne series(
), Batman Reborn(
) and Ultimate Batman( ), Batman Hush, Batman Child of Dreams

This is another year one prequel to JLA Reimaging

Gotham city and Bludhaven is in New York, Smallville is in Kansas, Metropolis is in Chicago, Jump City(see Teen Titans animated series and Teen Titans Go) is in San Fransico, Coast City and Keystone city/Central City(fastest city alive and 2nd worst crime filled city-next to Gotham) is in Los Angles. Paridise Island/New Olympus/Themyscira(Wonder Woman and Amazon Warrior's home) is a cloaked Medditeraian Island.

There is going to be big changes in the fan fiction:

Jim Gordan is going to be a honest African American police Lieutenant in a racist, corrupt Gotham Police Force full of Budget-cuts

Wonder Woman/Diana Prince is the daughter of both Amazon Queen Hippolyta and Jason Blood/Etrigan

Flash/Barry Allen is not only the youngest member of the Justice Leauge(He is 20 year old collage student) he is carefree, impulsive, and he has an obnoxious sense of humor he is a mixture of the Barry Allen Flassh from the live action JLA,The Batman, and Flash tv show Wally West from Teen Titans animated series and DCAU series and Smallville's Bart Allen(

Issue 1

We see a homeless man who is on a corner looking tired, emotionless with bags under his eyes. Yet he has green eyes full of pure unholy hatred. He has long unruly hair and a beard with food in it. His clothes are torn and there is food and trash on it. He is muscular yet skinny. We can’t tell how old he is. The man looks at some Asian newspaper as well as the Asian version of the Daily Planet. The newspaper talks about Gotham being a ghetto, which has the worst crime rates in America.
Then the Homeless man spots four men raping a defenseless woman with glee. The bum then takes down all 4 thugs in a brutal manner without killing them. The four men also beat and stab the bum but the bum won. The woman leaves in fear. The bum coldly thinks he didn’t have the skill. He wasn’t ready.

Gotham. There is two parts. Gotham Heights/New Gotham and the underground/East End/Narrows. Nothing more beautiful and nothing more dangerous. Beautiful on the outside but a heart full lies and deception, GothamCity treasures the Heights with no regrets. Home to the world’s richest, the world’s smartest, and also the world’s most dangerous. The underground is a place where Gotham’s castaways dwelled.
We see a sky shot of large skyscrapers with gothic architect. Gotham architecture and modern design had blended to make a kingdom of glass, stone and steel. It is breathtaking. It is nighttime. Gotham is rife with organized crime. We see the busy streets. There were abandoned factories, old cracked brick buildings, and occasionally an old car or two that were on the street. Graffiti art on every building, rats scurrying everywhere, it was a dump of a place.It is full of prostitutes, pimps, gangsters, thugs and predators. Rabid animals like rats, dogs and cats run around. People are selling drugs to kids in front of stores. Homeless man killing people and stole their money running off. Another man is lying to the floor drunk with kids looting the money he made. People are having open sex. The cops are making money and a priest is molesting a boy. It is hell on earth.

We see the police station.

It is busy with cops where everyone except one man is Caucasian. We see 46 year old African American lieutenant Jim Gordon. He lights a Marlboro and looks at cops who laugh at a joke where African Americans are portrayed as idiots. When Jim walks by the cops look with anger. Jim goes to the evidence room where he looks coldly at a young cop flirting with his girlfriend and then he hangs up when he looks at Jim with anger and hatred. Jim gives the case to arrest one of The Roman’s goons Victor Zsasz. Then the young cops look with anger and fear. Falcone would be mad.
We see Carmine Falcone, the gangster control of all organized crime in upper and west Gotham, a very dangerous figure. If anyone crossed would stop to no ends to have retribution. He is supposed to be very powerful and honest industrialist. He is a golden pimp known as The Roman that sells drugs, prostitutes, anything to get power. Hearing about Zsasz Falcone coldly says he’ll talk to the right people to make sure Zsasz is protected.
Then Jim goes to his office. There is an old typewriter and a computer. Cigarettes overflow the ashtray and lists of criminal connections. Then Flass comes in and tries to make Jim be corrupt through an appealing and threatening way. Gordon refuses. Flass is about to beat up Jim but leaves in a huff with his partner Detective Campbell to get money from a pimp. Jim looks worried because corrupt Gotham is getting harder to save. The city is full of card sharks, lawyers, mobsters, accountants and property developers. He remembers how the young boy Bruce Wayne was weeping over the corpses of Jim’s dead friends and Bruce’s parents Thomas and Martha Wayne. It was Thomas who got him the job as a cop which otherwise he would never get because of his skin color. Thomas was Jim’s first friend in Gotham when he came here from Chicago after the war. Jim promise to save Gotham from its powerful underworld. He promise to make the city safe for his daughter Barbara after her parents died in an accident involving a dangerous criminal working for the Roman. He logs and talks to his wife Ann and talk about the corruption in Gotham and Ann convince Jim to make Gotham a better city. Jim logs off and is about to pick Ann up and then go to the Zsazz case hoping District Attorney Carl Finch, and Assistant District Attorney Harvey Dent will send him to Guantanomo Bay or Alcatraz where he belongs.
The Homeless man is wearing a garage mechanic’s suit and is busy fixing cars. He has learned you have to be tough to survive in the ghetto. We see a group of thugs are smoking weed and harassing a little girl holding a doll. The homeless man gets pissed and runs at the thugs. The thug’s attention is focus on the garage boy/ homeless bum. The bum is getting hurt. He is stabbed in the leg, lost a few teeth, a broken nose and a black eye. But at the same time the Homeless man is giving three times the beating he is receiving. The bum knocks the thugs out. He removes the knife and the walks away and continues working on the car like nothing happen.

We see 20 year old hotshot Harvey Dent is storming out of the office. He is angry because Zsasz is pronounced as mentally disturbed and is going to Arkham Asylum along with along with many assassins and criminals who work for Mob boss Carmine Falcone due to the testimony of Dr. Jonathan Crane. He had lost another battle against The Roman but he will continue untill Gotham with be clean and as good as Metropolis and Keystone. Also he is mad because his best friend and client Bruce left. A phone rings. It's Harvey's mother. She's arguing with his dad. Another phone rings. It's Harvey's Father. He's arguing with Harvey's mom. Harvey plays mediator on the phone, changing sides as it becomes convenient. Very two-faced, one might think. Harvey Dent is two-faced, but not from acid -- it's just his personality. The guy's a backstabber, a two-timer. Then He hangs up about to go to his sister Susan at the youth shelter. Harvey drinks alcohol. Then he wants to see his physiatrist Dr. Harleen Quinzel. He feels really angry and feels a lot of hatred and he is worried what his other half Big Bad Dent might do.

Alfred Beagle Pennyworth is cleaning the study at the potrait of Thomas and Martha Wayne. It has been many years when Alfred and Thomas first met. Thomas help Alfred when the mob killed his wife and threatened to kill his daughter when Alfred was a mob doctor. Thomas and Alfred promised to each other if one of the die the other would protect their family. Thomas may have rubbed people the wrong way but he knew about power and responsibility. The Waynes were not only are the richest and most powerful people in Gotham but were the first family of Gotham. Thomas was a wealthy surgeon, and considered one of the wealthiest men in all of Gotham City. The first Wayne had been a captain of industry when the spires of Gotham were first built, and the Waynes were considered the city's first family. Thomas Wayne, on the other hand, found his calling as a doctor. Bruce's mother Martha, on the other hand, had been a fashion designer before she met Thomas. The press called her a trophy wife, but even Bruce knew better.The only thing that kept young Bruce going was to avenge his parent’s death. Bruce was a young boy who lived a wealthy, spoiled, preivledged life untill the death of his parents. Alfred tried to help Bruce in anyway possible but it didn’t work. The young wayne was willing to drop out of high school to travel around America to find his purpose in life. Bruce was a young bright boy with a promising future. It pained the loyal buttler and adopted father to see the young throw away his future so carelessly. If it wasn’t for the death of Bruce’ parents he would have had a normal childhood and grow up to be like any young man.

Then we see the Homeless man helping the drug dealer unloading crates. The Homeless man asks where theese crates are going is rough, scratchy whisper/a lame imitation of Clint Eastwood and the dealer just says Gotham and the shows the bum the sign that said Wayne Tech Foundation/ Wayne Corp. The Homeless man finishes loading the last few crates and asks the weapons dealer when he is going to see the boss and the dealer cooly replies that he will see the boss later. The Homeless man said that’s not fast enough. The Bum then takes down the Drug Dealer and his gang and then he looks at the crate full of counterfiet money and illeagal weapons. The bum drops all the crates in the river. The Bum then goes to his apartment and looks at the city. The bum takes out his wallet and put it on the table. We hear the bum said that it has been a few years since he left Gotham. He has trained under powerful people like The True Master/Chu-Hui, David Cain, Lady Shiva, Harvey Haris, master Kenshi, John and Mary Grayson, Henri Ducard, Slade Wilson, and Master Tsunemoto under the name James Mallory wearing contacts, changing his voice and growing facial hair. He is going to use his training for his war against crime. He doesn’t have the identity. He doesn’t have the mean, he doesn’t have the power. He is not ready. He is going to leave this city to train under the man known as Ra’s Al Ghul and then He’ll be ready. Then we see the wallet of the homeless man, which has the identification of Bruce Wayne, multi billionare 17 year old orphan!
Since this is year one this going to be an eveloution of characters

Batman: Since he is 20-21 this is his growth to be a JLA member and how we works with the police for and get a rouge gallery

Harvey: This is how he becomes a District Atorney and later Two Face. We're going to see much of his two face personality

Jim Gordon: How he becomes Commisiner of Police and becomes friends with batman

Selina Kyle: This is a mixture of Frank Miller's Selina, Bill Finger and Bob Kane early catwoman stories, The Batman Selina, DCAU Selina and Tim Burton's Selina so we're going to see Selina from ordinary cat burgular to the cat woman guise

Clayface: he is a gangster with a scared face and a sexually transimited desiease. He used to be an actor.

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