Batman: The Play (What would YOU want to see?)


Apr 20, 2007
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Okay, its very possible that my school's theatre program will do a one act play featuring batman if I give them a script. Since its a one act (30 minutes) I would have to keep it simple. What would YOU guys wanna see?
Well I am not going to see it so ya. Do a story about Bruce Wayne and all people talk about is Batman not him and he is sad (shrug)
You should do a very minimalist-style origin up through Bruce putting on the suit (though as Batman he should only be seen as a shadow, perhaps a rising black form behind a backdrop).

And I'm seeing young Bruce on his knees beside his parents in the center of the spotlight on an otherwise darkened stage. That needs to be done.
I had an idea along those lines. There is a large screen in the background of the stage that they sometimes use for lighting and casting shadows. I thought of a scene where young bruce is there with his parents dead and this big shadow behind him stands up and its batman, and then he opens his cape.

I would probably have a bad guy, probably the joker and harley quinn. And I would probably grab dialogue from different stories. The whole scene with bruce sitting in the armchair in year one, the 'I made a promise speech', stuff like that.

I mean the animated series had great stories and they only had around 22 minutes. I have 30, so I mean I should be able to make something... I'm just trying to think of a plot. I was thinking maybe instead of the stuff above of doing an adaption of mad love. Either that or the origin of batman. There are a lot of creative ways to convey ideas in theatre, so any ideas anyone has would be cool.

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