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best and worst first appearences


Oct 4, 2005
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i'm reading through the original spider-man run and it made me think of starting this thread

obviously spider-man himself, maybe the greatest origin issue?
Doc Ock - two words: pimp slap
Mary Jane - unforgettable moment (i'm not counting the one where shes just chillin in the parker house and all the girls get jealous)

Green Goblin - for how big of a deal green goblin became, his first appearance was pretty lackluster. the hulk was more interesting in that issue

anyone else?
While I generally can't think of first appearances one way or another for some reason right now, I really liked the Green Goblin's first appearance, and his broomstick is way better than his glider.

Edit: Actually Doc Ock's first appearance was the unmemorable one in my opinion. When reading through the first 20 or so years ago it was actually my least favorite.

On that note, I thought The Enforcers were pretty cool in their first appearance. While they've gone by the wayside as Spidey now regularly faces more threatening goons, they are fun cannon fodder.
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adam warlock's first appearance. when he was just called him. it was all this build up to this thing inside a cocoon, then he just leaves. it was a let down.
This one was awesome at the time.


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