Best Directors Poll.

Where are Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch, The Coen Bros, Sergio Leone, Akira Kurosawa and Alfred Hitchcock, etc.?

Boo to your list, sir.

Exactly! Stanley Kubrick is the best. Hayao Miyazaki is up there too.
Ok since i was in a Poll faze again thought i would do a couple more this morning. The first one being a Poll on Best Director. With all the talk of Peter Jacksons District 9 and Ridley Scott maybe doing a Alien prequel film. I shall do my best to select the best Directors going. I am gonna select Directors breathing and have a pretty desent consistant director performance.
I know PJ is only popular because of LOTR but he did win an Oscar so should put him in my poll. And King Kong was an amazing film even if was a bit long.
Please wait a few minutes for the posting of the Poll.

Poor Neill Blomkamp. So may people think Jackson directed his movie.
Peter Jackson is only popular because of LotR. True. Singling him out when that can apply to other directors on the list. Unfair.

I'm voting Spielberg.
I love how everyone is loseing their minds that someone like Kubrick is in the poll of best living directors

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