Best Joker stories ever

Has anyone read the story "Case Study"? If so, can I get some opinions?
so, where is the best place to buy TMWL anyway? the best i've seen is ebay at 30.00+
The Killing Joke
The Last Laugh
The Man who Laughs
Mad Love
The Laughing Fish
i just bought the man who laughs for $3 at a festival <3
i just bought the man who laughs for $3 at a festival <3

Wow, you're very lucky. Alot of people are having trouble getting a copy of that.

It's an awesome read.
It was called BlobFest which was in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania today
killing joke
arkham asylum
emperor joker
a death in the family
Has anyone read the story "Case Study"? If so, can I get some opinions?

'Case Study' is a Paul Dini/Alex Ross Joker origin story from 'Batman: Black and White, vol. 2'. And it's effing-awesome. Without a doubt it's my favorite Joker origin story so far. (But the 'Confidential' arc right now looks promising).

I highly recommend checking it out. If nothing else, it's only eight pages long, so you can read it in your LCS before you spring for it.
I figured I would help some people out. Here's a download link for the very difficult and expensive "The Man Who Laughs." Enjoy guys. To view the pages, you have to open it under Windows Picture or Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Or download this program. It works great:

I also have The Killing Joke if anyone wants it.
The problem with The Killing Joke is that I didn't like the ending,it had it's moments and some great dialogue,but the ending sucked...he's just laughing and that's it.
I just read The Man Who Laughs and loved it, to some extent, thought it was even better than The Killing Joke.

One of my favorite things about it is that in chronological order, The Joker is only shown as the Red Hood, and trying to rob the Ace Chemical Factory when he falls into the vat. They didn't delve into a backstory, and in the end said that he probably doesn't even know who he is.

My only gripe with it is the name "Joker," the newpaper says he's being called The Joker and I was fine with that part. But then Joker comes on screen and talks about how he didn't come up with the name Joker, the press did, but he likes it so he'll use it from now on. That part was completely unnecessary.

The Joker's characterization in this is one of my favorite.
I've stated before that Soft Targets is one of my favorite Joker stories. It's probably up there with Man Who Laughs/Killing Joke.


Characterization is spot-on. He's funny (you will actually laugh out loud a bit), sadistic, and violent when neccessary. Joker is also beautifully drawn. Highly reccomended.

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