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best non-batman DC film #1

Not exactly a tough one :oldrazz:

(Someone voted for Green Lantern? :wow:)
Superman. But if we are including imprints than Road to Perdition.
From this list, Superman.

Where's Watchmen/V For Vendetta. They're both DC films.

Green Lantern
Superman II
Superman Returns
Superman III
Superman IV
So many good characters, so few good movies...

But let's remember, Marvel put out some REAL stinkers too...
No, Fox and Sony and Lionsgate have. Marvel has only put out mediocre movies at worst.
Superman I guess, even if it is incredibly dated. Superman Returns would take second for me, though that's not saying much.
No kidding... Hopefully this will be twice as big in ten years
1. Superman The Movie
2. Superman Returns.
3. Green Lantern.
4. Superman 2
5. Superman 3
6. Supergirl.
7. Superman 4.
I suppose you could add Steel, Catwoman, Jonah Hex, and Constantine to the list, as they are all based on characters native to the DCU. Why you would *want* to, is another story. . .
Superman 1

As far as I'm concerned it's the best DC film in existence.

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