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Lord of Demons
Jul 2, 2007
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I'm back and I am sticking with this story.I will be making a fan fic soon. Here is a summary:

A detective named Andrew Hawk gets invited to a party in a beautiful mansion. But little does he knows a murder case will take place. Now Andrew has to find out the culprit and how he did the impossible. There are 12 suspects. Which one is he. Andrew has to solve this in 8 hours or less the whole mansion will fall apart. There is no way out. Can he do it?

Will be posting chapter 1 later. here are some things about some of the suspects:

Maggit- 29 years old female. Skinny. She is rich and talks down to others. Had a affair. He is also a smoker

John Hall- 30 year old male. Has brown hair and tall. He is a doctor and a very smart one too. He also knows karate.

Thomas Redis- 25 year old male. He is a great detective. Tall and talks down to others. He is always soo calm. Also cool. Solved many cases.

Reggie Maggit- 32 year old female. Mother of Darlean. She is also kind and is fat as well.

Denten Farloon-35 year old man. He owns a big company. Rich as always. His wife died in a accident.He is also quite as well.

More soon. I hope people comment on this.

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