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BloodyWolverine's Best Trilogy Or Saga Poll.


May 16, 2006
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This poll will include trilogy like in the 3 braket and a movie series beyond 3 films.
I will try and include all that i can with 25 slots.
I'll try not to leave any good trilogy or saga out.
I hope everyone has fun and somewhat agrees with my choosing.
Please give me a few minutes to post the choices and thank you for taking part in this shh
Movie poll to see what is the number one best trilogy or saga.
Have a nice day :brucebat:
**** i am sorry i left off Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter and Rambo.
I Voted Evil Dead, But i like the jaws films lotr, Rush Hour, starwars spiderman, xmen, Jurassic Park and the indy films just as much
Can't pick, but Rocky should be there :(
Out of those there the Indiana Jones trilogy is the one I enjoy the most.
Three Colors Trilogy
'The Matrix Trilogy' because it offers the most hope.

If theorized 'matrix' were available I would probably programm myself for a LOTR type of adventure next - WITH DRAGONS!
The dollars trilogy. One of the only "perfect" trilogies out there in that each film is better than the one that came before it. That's how it always SHOULD be, but for some reason it ALWAYS gets screwed up, either on the second part usually in the past, or the third part in present days. This one got it right, however.
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars OT
Indiana Jones
Back to The Future

Those are my favorite but my vote went to the very latter because it's a well made trilogy that all ties up so great, and it's just classic and without thriving to be 'epic.'
The Godfather. Yeah, the third one sucked, but it's a hell of a lot better than most other movies.
No LotR option :(

Star Wars FTW!

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