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Borat: The Movie

Dr. Spoon...

Jan 14, 2002
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Title: Borat

Distributer: 20th Century Fox

Director: Larry Charles

Producer: Jimmy Miller

Writers: Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat), Dan Mazer, Peter Baynham, Anthony Hines

Borat Sagdiyev is sent from his village in Kazakhstan to make a documentary about America. He leaves his mother, wife, cousin Vilo and the village rapist to travel to America with his producer.
Late night on cable TV whilst in an American hotel room he discovers Baywatch and in particular the character CJ played by Pamela Anderson.
Borat falls in love and then travels across America from Washington DC, through the south and then finally to California where he hopes to meet her.

Anyone a fan of this guy?

I think he's a genius and some of the funniest stuff I've seen on TV have been classic Borat moments.

All reviews of preview screenings have been insanely positive as well, I can't wait!

Anyone heard about a release date yet?
This is the first I have heard of this. Borat is a genius creation. I actually prefer him over Ali G. No idea if he could work well in a film, but I will go see it anyway.
To tell you the truth I really hated the Ali G movie purely because the reason he was funny was the reactions he got from his unsuspecting guests.

Happy to say most of the Borat movie is from live interviews and etc. and is apparantly intercutting with acted out footage to mesh the story together.

He is much like TOm Green. He is not as funny without the surprise effect. I do not think Borat could fill a movie either. Cohen does look funny in the new Will Ferrel movie, Talledega NIghts.
The advance buzz on this film (test screenings) states it is one of the funniest movies ever, also one of the most offensive to middle-America types. I can not wait as IMO the character of Borat is genius.
I love Borat, I've seen watching him since his first appearence on the UK's Chennel 4 and he's been constantly hilarious. Now all we need is the Alan Partridge movie.

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