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Bought/Thought 5/10--Spoilers to come!


The Best There Is
Jan 4, 2005
Reaction score
52 Week 1
Amazing Spider-Man 101
Amazing Spider-Man 361
Amazing Spider-Man 362
Amazing Spider-Man 392
Amazing Spider-Man 397
Amazing Spider-Man 398
Amazing Spider-Man 401
Amazing Spider-Man 405
Annihilation Super Skrull 2
Ares 4
Black Panther 15
Cable Deadpool 28
Crisis Aftermath battle for Bludhaven 3
Fantastic Four First Family 3
Last Planet Standing 10
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four 12
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man 15
New Warriors 62
New Warriors 63
New Warriors 64
New Warriors 65
New Warriors 66
New Warriors 68
New Warriors 69
New Warriors 70
New Warriors 71
New X-Men 26
Nightwing 120
She Hulk 7
Spectacular Spider-Man 205
Spectacular Spider-Man 211
Spectacular Spider-Man 212
Spectacular Spider-Man 214
Spider-Girl 98
Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1
Spider-Man Collector's Preview 1
Spider-Man Funeral for an Octopus 1
Spider-Man Funeral for an Octopus 3
Spider-Man Punisher Family Plot 2
Spider-Man The Final Adventure 2
Spider-Man The Final Adventure 3
Storm 3
Superman 652
Thunderbolts 102
Uncanny X-men 473
Web of Spider-Man 121
Web of Spider-Man 124
X-Men Deadly Genesis 6
X-Men The 198 #5

52 Week 1 - The mystery begins to be answered as we get a look at what happened one year earlier. Definitely gonna be interesting to see how they pull this off; the first weekly comic in a looooong time.

Amazing Spider-Man 101 - Morbius strikes! Great for the day and age it was done.

Amazing Spider-Man 361 & 362 - Carnage's debut in the Marvel Universe pre-Maximum Carnage. Not bad, great art as ever and a pretty good story. Carnage is really an underrated character just because his motivations lack "depth". Ya ask me, that' what's so damn scary about him.

Annihilation Super Skrull 2 - I feel a bit displaced in this whole event because of all the aliens. Hopefully, all these minis will make more sense when they come together in the end. Perfect for Super Skrull fans, though.

Ares 4 - The Greek Gods get their own Ragnarok and it looks like father vs. son next issue. Can't wait!

Cable Deadpool 28 - So, in yet another disregard to continuity, Flag-Smasher's back and no longer sporting the red skin and alterations he got back in Cap's title (where I also thought he died, but whatever) and Domino's been hired to find out why Deadpool's there. We get a nice short battle and some DP quips, and find out Cable's taking over the country! Definitely a good issue.

Last Planet Standing 10 - Another MC2 event! And from the looks of things, this' gonna be a good sequel!

New X-Men 26 - Finally, an explanation on Stryker between now and GLMK2. Kind of a cop out explanation, but it's better than villains who reform and revert for no other clear reason than they can. Yup, looking at you, Sandman. Anyways, it looks like the New X-Men are being whittled down one by one in this new religious crusade. Just hope they didn't jump the shark with this one.

She Hulk 7 - Good art! Yessss! The only thing that kept me from enjoying this title fully! Anyways, the Starfox trial wraps up in excellent Slott fashion (was also cool to see an Avengers comic I actually own in there), but with Civil War looming the fun's just beginning!

Spider-Girl 98 - Hobgoblin strikes! May and Venom team-up! The Buzz! Ladyhawk! Raptor! Defeated! Hobby's definitely gonna make some new powerful enemies..and he's gonna wish he hadn't! Why are you NOT reading this book? This is everything you all want in a Spidey book! Right here! No Other! No Iron Spidey! No stingers! Just pure, classic Spidey.

Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends 1 - Good comic! Felt just like the cartoon in every way. A must for any fan of the show.

Spider-Man Collector's Preview 1 - It's so odd to read about James Cameron's Spider-Man movie. Outdated information for sure, but fun to read and see what worked out and what changed between then and now.

Spider-Man The Final Adventure 2 & 3 - Spidey's Portland adventure continues as he tries to find Tendril and make right what he believes is his fault. Art was decent, but the story was pretty good. I got the first issue when it first came out, gift from my bud's parents for some reason I forget. All I need is #4 and I can finally find out EXACTLY what happens.

Superman 652 - Superman makes his return, but it appears his powers more closely reflect his Golden Age counterpart. Permanent or just slow in coming? Time will tell. The Puzzler was a pretty interesting villain. A corny gimmick, but nicely done. I just hope it's not a setup that despite the absence things're just gonna fall right back into the original status quo. That would just be...boring. I wait and see.

Thunderbolts 102 - Some character development on Joystick (a remnant from the CLONE SAGA, thankyouverymuch) as we learn she may not be playing the side we think or assume she is. When this boils over, gonna be a big boom.

X-Men Deadly Genesis 6 - And the mini that couldn't wraps up. We get Vulcan's full origin, we get the full story behind the original New X-Men, and why Xavier's no longer at the mansion. It was a good story despite it being more shoe-horned continuity, but it suffered due to the crappy PR Machine at Marvel. Brubaker, who weaves a hell of a mystery, couldn't defeat the fact his solution was already broadcast before the first issue ever came out. Wanna see what he's really capable of? Pick up Daredevil.
Can't wait for Ares #4.Out of 10 Wolvie?
Spider-Girl #98 was ****ing great, seriously. I brought a few back issues and the current one today, wow. I can ask the same question. WHy the hell aren't poeple buying this? Its honestly just amazing.
Because a lot of people don't like the character Spider-Girl for one reason or another.
Bought this week
beast wars 4
cable and deadpool 28
jonan hex 7
Gijoe americas elite 11
ares 4

Beast wars 4-Great series to bad it had to end. Really best writing Furmon has ever done and the best mini I have read in awhile. So many things happen Grimlock fight, time traveling used as a weapon, Ravage looking like he is ready to strike back. Well they said it wont be an ongoing:( :down But we will get another mini by the end of the year:) :up: . More beast wars is better than none. 10 out of 10

cable and deadpool 28- Really funny recap page forthwall breaking at its finest.Art still lacking I think but 8 out of 10

johen hex 7-havn't read it yet but im sure its good sadly this is my last issue of this series sense Luke is leaving no point to reading without this fantastic artest.:(

GIjoe- the return of snake eyes really sweet fight between him and the joes and wait 2 more issues until the return of Cobra comammder. Wonder how they will bring snake-eyes back to there side 9 out of 10

Ares-Yet again oeming brings us another mini that is epic truly great I really feel sorry for him and missing his son.:( It also seems we might get to see some eastern gods.And im sure there will be a great father vs son battle. Keep it up oeming.:up: 10 out of 10

Deadly Genesis #6
Ex Machina #20
She-Hulk #7
Battle for Bludhaven #3
52 #1
Marvel Handbook #4
Thunderbolts #102


She-Hulk: Guess I'm the only one who liked Bobillo. This new guy sucks.
Can we please get Craig Kyle and Chris Yost on some more X-Titles, seriously New X-Men is the only X-title worth reading these days.
Outside of Astonishing and X-Factor of course. Wait a minute, i'm not even reading New X-Men. No it's not!
Yes, Nightwing came out today.

As for mine, I only want to specifically comment on Deadly Genesis. Why the FRACK is Quicksilver at the funeral? Are they THAT inept at producing SOME sort of continuity?
Its probably a blessing in disguise Nightwing wasnt in my box though....

She-Hulk#7-Great issue, the art is good I guess. I think ive grown used to the overly cartoony art on the series though. Starfox is a pimp, and nobody did a barrel roll which was disappointing.

Ex Machina#20-What can I say, one of the best comics in the biz, though its sad to see
Journal die.

Superman#652-Great issue, Superman gets some of his powers back and gets reintroduced into the DCU. Lex seems very angry and Lois well shes dealing with it. Jimmy Olsen looks like hes making a comeback with his Chief.

52#1-Good intro issue. Its clear this will be quality work from the get go. Seeing everybody was great though its tough to say how each of the roles will play out. The Question has big plans for Montoya apparently. The issue focused a lot on Booster though.
like i said montoya is batwoman, the question will train her!
X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6
Miles upon miles upon miles of retcons and mischaracterizations up and down the street, and this is what we end up with? The villain doesn't get defeated. Good guys died. Everyone is sad and betrayed and despairing in the end. This is our payoff?? This is our story??

Far and above the worst X-story that I've read in the last year. And that's saying a lot.

(0 out 10)

52 Week One
Very nice start. Good to see the aftereffects of the Crisis playing out in full scale here...the world is saved and the disaster averted, and yet the story goes on.

What's best were the little moments. Bart talking about Wally's twins. Wonder Girl being comforted by Empress. Themyscira House being replaced by Kahndaq.

At first I thought it was strange that Nightwing was there with the rest of the heroes considering he's supposed to be with Batman on their little love cruise...I mean, uh, training sabbatical:O. But then I realize, it's probably Jason Todd! Loopholes yay! What's harder to explain is why the heck Mera is with Aquaman. Isn't she supposed to be missing after Atlantis got blowed up or something? Also, why the poop is Green Arrow without his mask in front of all these reporters?

But anyway, looking forward to week 2. They're bragging that they're going to cram every single member of the DCU into this series...after only one week, I believe them.

(9 out of 10)
Assassin said:
like i said montoya is batwoman, the question will train her!


I would really hope DC would be less obvious.
Its odd to see any of the Aquaman family in any title considering the weird direction his own title has taken.

i just hope she dies, you know, so cassie can come back
Assassin said:

i just hope she dies, you know, so cassie can come back

It is possible for both of them to co-exist.
Mera wasn't missing. She was stuck on land when Atlantis got destroyed. How Aquaman got to the point it's at OYL will be explained in 52. Something bigs gonna happen on the west coast during 52.
Anubis said:
Mera wasn't missing. She was stuck on land when Atlantis got destroyed. How Aquaman got to the point it's at OYL will be explained in 52. Something bigs gonna happen on the west coast during 52.

Shut your mouth. Making sense and ****.:mad:
i think i'm gonna drop american virgin, next thing you know he's gonna take on the terrorists by himself or tag team with shawn michaels and jesus :(
My shop didn't even have Virgin. Dunno if I'm gonna get it if they get it. Was some weird ****ed up **** already. Who knows how it's gonna end up.

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