Brotherhood of Sin, the world of Baggers

Hi guys, thanx for the heads up :) *begins to sign up on* how is everyone?? Sorry I haven't been on all weekend been busy with Mothers Day and my gf's birthday so still alilittle hung over lol.

Here are some more pics of my hero. I know they kinda suck...



I think for the moment that's enough of MV so moving onto the other heroes in my Universe...who you guys like to see next?? who you like the sound off??

*Sonny the living weapon
*Dragon Warror
*Genesis Orb Knight
*Dug (superhero name a work in process lol)
*The Darkling

:venom: Baggers :venom:
Hi guys, how's the work going on the artwork?? you lot okay?? I haven't scared you all off now have I lol

I got bored over the weekend so I messed about on Photoshop with a pic of Matthew Fox from Lost. Using photoshop I have put the costume of another superhero called DJ over the image. This will have to do for the moment, gotta find time to upload some of my concept drawings off DJ :) Also when I get some time I'll post his origin on here too.


:venom: Baggers :venom:
Hey man... I just did two sketches of MV.. hope you like them.. it wasnt my best work.. :)

First one

then the second one..
Pls do post the origins of DJ.. how does he fit in the story? just out of curiousity..
Hey man... I just did two sketches of MV.. hope you like them.. it wasnt my best work.

Dude your such a liar those pics are amazing, I almost wet my pants when I saw them, I love them loads :p you got the way I wanted him to look like, he looks such a bad ass now thank you thank you thaaaank you *big hug* lol

Pls do post the origins of DJ.. how does he fit in the story? just out of curiousity..

I can't wait to upload so drawings off DJ.

DJ is very special to me cause he is my first superhero I created. I created him at the age off 6, he started off life as a 'Casey Jones' rip off (loved that dude from the Turtles lol). Me and my mates used to design heroes and stories. DJ was the first off these heroes.

DJ or Daryl Jones, at a early age wanted to be rich and famous didn't care how just wanted to be. But thank to his drunk, violent father he never got the love or help he needed his mother thanks to his father was a shell of her former self. His father used to beat him and his younger brother. At the age of 10 Daryl's dad left, Daryl became the man of the house. Daryl at the age of 15 began his life of crime with his mate Simon. They started off with low level crime to begin with. By the time they were 18 things changed. Daryl or DJ as his mate Simon called him began to get involved in bigger and bigger crimes. Till one day DJ and Simon aged 19 robbed a local shop, this crime entered in the death of the shop owner (the accidental death). DJ and Simon fled the scene of the crime but DJ was found and catch by the cops while Simon got away. DJ went down for the crime and was sentened to 5-10 years in prision. While Simon got away with it, while DJ was in prison, Simon got into much bigger crimes and became even more powerful. While in prision, DJ's room mate was a old man. This old seemed to know more and DJ then DJ knew about hiself. The old man sensed pain and angry within the boy but at the same time sensed something special. The old man befriended DJ. The old man began to teach DJ to control his emontions but mostly help him to make peace with his demons within him. While DJ also weight lifted and trained to keep himself sane while reading and understand more what it is to live. 6 years into his term DJ was freed. DJ returned to his live. He found that everything had changed. Thanx to Simon, the neighbour DJ grown up in now became a nightmare. Crime had increased his neighbour was no-longer his. While DJ was in prision, Simon became very powerful and is the head of the local crime gang he also became a memember of 'The Brotherhood of Sin' which has made him even more powerful. The problems for DJ don't start till his younger brother is attacked and from that cripped for life. Simon had been trying to get DJ's younger brother to join his gang, but DJ's brother didn't want a part of that and just wanted a normal live. Because of this, Simon had DJ's brother beaten to change his mind. But from the beating DJ's brother became a cripple. This is what starts DJ off on his mission for revenge. He begins handing out his brand of justice on the gang that beated his brother up and sets his eyes on Simon (his once best friend).

Sorry about the long boring origin guys lol

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My characther DJ gone throught a couple of different costumes:

*The first was white t-shirt, blue ripped jeans and sun glasses (very Casey Jones minus the mask)
*The second was the ripped jeans again and sun glasses but with a red away 1966 England football top (don't ask lol)
*The third and current one (is shown below).

DJ and Midnight Vigilante and three others are very important, they are all destined to bring about the downfall and later destruction of The Brotherhood of Sin. A lost prophecy unknown to The Brotherhood tells of the days of darkness will begin and heroes shall arise, ones with the power to stop the evil. A man of water (Poseidon), a Seeker (Cain), a muse (DJ), the dragon (Dragon Warror), the man of shadows (Midnight Vigilante) and a nymph (Siren).



:venom: Baggers :venom:

here is another image of DJ, enjoy guys :)

:venom: Baggers :venom:
Man my images can't be that bad...can they??...come back please come back *gets the cookies out* lol

:venom: Baggers :venom:
Dude, welcome back *hug* lol haven't heard of you for okay?? I thought I scared you off :p lol

Hey! I like the idea of DJ!

Cool avvy by the way!!

Thanx mate, I tried to make DJ more realistic and based in the real world compared to MV lol,
Awwww thanx for having alook Silver Sable, means alot :)

I'm hoping to improve on my characther/figures and colouring over the summer holiday, also going to sit down and type up all 8 years worth of "Brotherhood of Sin" storylines....god it's going to take forever lol, but it's something I gotta do....

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Hi guys, how is everyone?? I notice no one has come to my thread for awhile...hmmm not sure why that is tho :p lol so I thought I would upload some more artwork....

May's X-men FAN ART contest image:


A joke image I manip for my gf's bday....she loooovess Dick Van Dyke lol


A logo idea I created for myself :)


:venom: Baggers :venom:
Last semster's Uni work (Funeral for a friend project)


2nd year Uni work (My chemical romance project)


2nd year Uni work (children's book project)


:venom: Baggers :venom:
A image I doing for my Uni project (Stephen King's Battleground project)


Last month's FAN ART contest




:venom: Baggers :venom:
This month's fan art contest revisted...


Midnight Vigilante unmasked...


:venom: Baggers :venom:
A image I did for Uni project...for 'Deal or no deal'


A character I created for my ex gf's dad, he came up with the idea of the gay superhero called Gaylord...


A image I did for my ex while we was going out, this her car called 'Rodney' transformed into a Transformer...


:venom: Baggers :venom:
A image of two characters called Dug and Helen (a member of the Genesis Orb Knight and also ex gf to Quentin Bayson AKA Midnight Vigilante)...


Image for this month's fan art contest...


Two images of my new character who is nameless atm...



:venom: Baggers :venom:
Can’t believe this still on here, 14 years ago?! That’s nuts!!!

Maybe I should add some artwork I done in the last 14 Years?!!
i think you should

Really? You would like to see more?

Thank you so much, sorry only just seen this reply.

If you use Instagram try searching Geekple as I upload my geeky artwork on there.

But if you truly want to see more on here, I’ll defo upload some!!!

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