Vince Vaughn looking to resurrect "The Brady Bunch" for CBS


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Apr 4, 2004
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‘The Brady Bunch’ Reboot Produced By Vince Vaughn In Development At CBS

EXCLUSIVE: America’s most famous blended TV family is eying a comeback. CBS is developing a reboot of the cult comedy The Brady Bunch, co-developed and executive produced by Vince Vaughn. The multi-camera comedy project, which has received a script order, will be produced by CBS TV Studios.

The original sitcom, created by Sherwood Schwartz and starring Robert Reed and Florence Henderson, ran on ABC from 1969-1974. It centered on Mike Brady (Reed), a widowed architect with three sons who marries Carol Ann Martin (Henderson), who has three daughters.

In the new Brady Bunch, written by Mike Mariano (Raising Hope, My Name Is Earl), a divorced Bobby Brady, with children of his own, is remarried to a woman who also has kids, and together they also share a child. In addition, their ex-spouses are still part of their lives. The changes in the premiere reflect the evolution of family dynamics over the past four decades. Back in 1969, Schwartz wanted Carol to be a divorcée but the network refused, so the end of her first marriage was never addressed.

I hear Vaughn came up with the reboot idea and teamed with Mariano. Mariano and Lloyd Schwartz, son of the late Sherwood Schwartz, will executive produce the CBS project along with Vaughn, Victoria Vaughn and Peter Billingsley through Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Picture Show Prods.

CBS TV Studios has the rights to the original series as it was produced by its predecessor Paramount Television. The studio has a lot of experience successfully reviving old series. There are three reboots now on the air now: CBS’ Hawaii Five-0 and the CW’s 90210 and Beauty And The Beast — all of them produced by CBS TV Studios.

The Brady Bunch signals a return to the traditional family comedy arena for CBS, which gradually moved away from it following the end of Everybody Loves Raymond and The King Of Queens in favor of buddy/relationship comedies like Two And A Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and 2 Broke Girls. As for classic comedies, the network last year took a stab at remaking another 1960s series, Bewitched.

If the contemporary remake goes forward, CBS will likely bring back The Brady Bunch‘s popular theme song tweaked for the 21st century the way CBS modernized the signature theme music of Hawaii Five-0 for the reboot. (See title sequences from all seasons of The Brady Bunch below).

This is the first major series reboot of The Brady Bunch, which has spawned spinoffs, TV movie reunions, a musical and a successful movie parody franchise starring Shelley Long. Wild West Picture Show has stepped TV efforts over the past couple of years — the company has a series on the air, TBS’ Sullivan & Son, which had a solid second-week showing. Vaughn and Mariano are repped by CAA.
With this being multi-cam on CBS, the chances of this being terrible vastly outweigh the chances of it being good. Though, I do like that it's a continuation as opposed to a remake. I wonder if they'd even consider casting Mike Lookinland as the lead, or if they want to go with someone new right off the bat.

Lol...oh boy...I think this screams disastah all over it.

But I cant see them getting the originals back, atleast not Bobby since they wouldnt meet todays standards of good looking enough. But I guess this wouldnt be the first time they recasted a brady. It was weird seeing a new Marcia for one of the reunions.
The premise of Bobby and his new wife having a baby of his own actually makes me think of Step by Step more than The Brady Bunch. It also makes me wonder why they never had Carol and Mike have a kid of their own on the original.
They probably didnt want the audience to think that they had sex.
oh please... no more and never again...

God save us from Johnny Bravo and "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia"... :cmad:
I think it would be safer and easier if they just started fresh instead of continuing the original bradyverse.
Well this is interesting. On one hand I do hate so many reboots, but other its nice to see it may be a continuation from originals and its spinoffs. So i probably at least check out first episode and if they have any other braady siblings appear.
Please don't do this because I'll eventually have to see a commercial for the show and that alone sounds like too much to watch of this.
The show was just too "of it's time" for this to ever possibly work. That's why the films were parodies with the family still being stuck in that era, and having to deal with present day folks.

With Hawaii Five-0, the hook was the locale. With Battlestar Galactica, the hook was the sci-fi with humans vs. machines. With The Munsters, the hook is a family of monsters. Thus, updates for those can work. What's the hook for the Brady Bunch? Step-siblings? Nah. It's the era.
Oh dear lord... What fresh hell is this? :(
Didn't Marcia battle alcoholism in the Brady brides?
I always thought Step By Step was the updated version of The Brady Bunch...

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