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The Spuzziest of Spuzzes
Jun 15, 2012
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The enigma. The horror. The ninja. The scarecrow. The robot. The chicken. The bucket.

Let us discuss the mad maestro and his numerous slunk-y, funky endeavors!


For starters, those of you unaware with Buckethead's body of work or think of him as a) that guy who did that Jordan song on that video game or b) that creepy bucket gimmick guy who played with Guns n Roses once....well, he's a lot more than that. The bucket's not a gimmick per se...more of a way to put the focus on the music itself and his guitar than on his face as any sort of celebrity.

In that way Buckethead is like a superhero. But he doesn't fight crime he fights the mundane by disguising his ego while consistently releasing a variety of quality METAL/FUNK/JAZZ/ACOUSTIC/HARD ROCK/AVANT GARDE albums at a suprisingly prolific rate. His tone, his play style, and his sense of humor (or is he really deranged??) always shine through. So whether you enjoy a long smooth groove, a head banging thrash fest, a shredding mindblowing solo, or a nice tranquil acoustic piece, you'd probably dig Buckethead! He's sort of the Mike Patton of guitarists. ( I could start a whole other lovefest thread for Patton)

Do you have a favorite of his many projects/albums? How did you discover Buckethead? Have you yet to acquire the taste for his eclectic, off the tall style of bizarre genius? Allow myself and other fans to help you on your journey through the chicken coop. Stock up on action figures and look out for giant robots.
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I LOVE Buckethead. I think one of my favorite albums of the last 10 years was that one he did with Serj Tankian. Buckethead is one wacky sonofa*****
Right on! That album is "Buckethead & Friends: Enter the Chicken". There's tons of guests on that one.

Right on! That album is "Buckethead & Friends: Enter the Chicken". There's tons of guests on that one.


Yep. Love that album. The Hand is one of the craziest track's I've ever heard
Oh yeah Buckethead did do work on the soundtrack of "Last Action Hero" didn't he? Do you know how much involvement he had? Also, that movie does suck right? Or is it worth watching? XD
He also did work on the Mortal Kombat movie soundtrack.
I need to check out his soundtrack work. My fave studio album's hard to pick but Crime Slunk Scene, Colma, Electric Tears, Giant Robot, Population Overdrive, Monsters and Robots, and Peppers Ghost come to mind.
Colma was fantastic. I forget which album it was, but he did a song called Machete Mirage which I absolutely loved. Also, his ODB tribue/remix was mind blowing as well. For those that haven't heard it, look it up on youtube. It's ****ing rad!
This thread needs more Buckethead-heads! XD
I know Buckethead from his contribution to Guns n' Roses Chinese Democracy album. Some really great licks there.
Colma is my favorite by him. I saw him in concert about 5 years back, absolutely insane what this guy can do on a guitar.
Yeah good to hear the Colma love.

I've seen the ol' Bucket live twice. Both times were incredible :D

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