Calibrating Your HDTV for the Wii


Jul 17, 2004
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......can one calibrate their TV to the right settings to get the BEST picture for the Wii. I bought a Calibration from Amazon, and it's great, i got the best quality by calibrating my PS3, my HDTV, and my 360.

But, what about the Wii???
anybody? i'm sure people here want to get the best looking picture for their Wii besides the component cables
do u guys know what a Calibration DVD is?
You again? Jesus. I've never heard of anyone having so much trouble with a television in my life.
Drunken high school dropouts can come home from a day at the mill and still manage to work their TVs :csad:
Even more impressive, Solid Snake could figure out how to use a computer.
I don't know if he ever actually figured it out, I think he was just banging on it a lot until it did something.
I was actually convinced he was just a self-aware spell-check bot gone rogue, and only able to use words that were spelled incorrectly, self-fueling his own anger.
I'm sure you'll find an answer in his next thread, "How the hell did you guys plug your TVs into the wall?"
Why would he have to calibrate the tv more than once? :confused:
the picture quality will change depending on which wire you are using. The PS3 has HDMI cable, the XBOX 360 has the VGA cable, and the Wii has the component cables. The "User Calibration" changes for each source you are using on the TV.
You again? Jesus. I've never heard of anyone having so much trouble with a television in my life.
This has nothing to do with any error's on the TV, this has to do with getting the best quality pictures that the Wii can give you. And, with out DVD capability, how else can we calibrate our TV's to the Wii.
Common Sense.

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okay, i need to get back to this topic here.

I got the best quality setting for my TV when playing the PS3, XBOX 360, and my DVD player. TV calibration is different when dealing with HDTV's, regular TV is just one calibration, but for HDTV that has many components, when using different sources, there is different settings. Trust me, I have the calibration disc, the whole junks.

But, how can I change the settings of Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Tint, etc. etc. if I can't pop the calibration disc in the Wii?? Wii needs to provide this screen at least so I can see the bars to adjust the settings.


Does it really, really, matter? I didn't buy a calibration dvd and my 360 games look fantastic on my hdtv. My Wii games look as good as they can in 480p.

You are obsessed with getting things to look perfect, when the differences are barely noticeable.

Just buy like RE4, and find a dark room with a light coming in through the door/window, and use that gradient to get the brightness/contrast good, Or, whenever you go back to the Wii menu, it loads with a full screen of gradient light to dark, it's short but keep loading and changing settings till it looks good.

But damn man, I'm sure your games look just fine the way they are. Buying a "calibration dvd" sounds like a total rip-off. I'm sure getting that grayscale just right really makes a difference.

And it's not even like getting your 360 to the perfect setting will be a one-stop fix for every game. A lot of people had to adjust the brightness in-game for GTAIV, it was insanely dark at night.
Adjusting the in-game settings or tweaking the settings on the tv works for me

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