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Can I make a request (Wolverine vs. Sentinel clip related)


Apr 23, 2005
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I noticed in the main thread about it that Retro had posted a link to a quicktime file. However, it was just streaming, not downloadable.

I was wondering if there was a downloadable Quicktime link anywhere?

I normally prefer WinAmp, but all of my hi-res X-Men 3 videos (trailers and TV spots) are all in hi-res, whereas my Windows Media ones are the non-hi-res (even though they still look good), and I'd like to keep it all under one format.

I ask here, and not in the main thread, because there is endless discussion going on about the pros and cons of the clip, and I've decided not to partake in that conversation any longer for a multitude of reasons.

If it's possible, it'd be appreciated, thanks.

Since we're on the subject of video requests, I might as well place this here also...

Was there a PSP-format video released for the TV spots at all? And if not, is there a way to get them?
never mind, i'm downloading the entire episode

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