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Wolverine VS. Sentinel clip


Feb 12, 2006
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encoded in XVID with mp3 layer audio track


please don't ask on me how to download or play.


A more user friendly Windows Media version here.



Oh come on, I think the clip is fantastic. The movie will hold up to expectation. Fan-boys will be wetting in their short when opening day comes for X3. The only thing that could have shown more is of the Sentinel, showing the whole body would be more better. I agreed with some people that this seemed like a very incomplete scene.

Bryan Singer should never have gone to do Superman Returns if you asked me, who is the villian again for that movie again? Lex Luthor? come on. And how come they waited so long to show the general public a trailer of the movie? because they saw X3 trailer and don't know what to do now plus they had such an earlier production start time than X3. X3 was rushed but then again Ice Age 2 was rushed too and looked how that turned out.

not to be bias but............MARVEL RULES
OK i know I'm not supposed to ask but how do you download it? I can't find a link/button on that page?
PhoenixRisen said:
OK i know I'm not supposed to ask but how do you download it? I can't find a link/button on that page?

you gotta wait for the 45 seconds clock to finished counting down. Then click on "Download".
x-periment said:
Top, x out of the little window
LOL thanks!! :D On my browser there was some ad there and I hate touching those things.
it doesnt show the clip just audio :(
OMG!! So cooooooooooool!! :D
This movie is gonna be SO GREAT!!! :D :D :D
Someone should post this on YouTube, you wouldn't have a problem there.
Thanx! That was great...I still can't get oer the fact that Logan sez "Don't get your panties in a bunch" to Storm :o :o

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