Can you see this? The Invisible Woman thread.

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Apr 2, 2010
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I was looking for this thread before but didn't see it there. I guess it must've just been invisible. Anyway, here's a thread to talk about casting etc for Sue Storm.

I wouldn't mind Amber Heard in the role. I'm not sure if she's strong enough to bring Sue's character to life though. I want someone different from Jessica Alba that's for sure.
Elizabeth Banks is My #1 choice she is a very good actress with tons of range and she gives off that motherly vibe that sue should have and much more mature looking than alba
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Five or six years ago, my first choice would have been Naomi Watts, but right now I can't think of anyone more ideal then Banks, she just strikes me as Sue.
Rachel Macadams will be great for Susan Storm.

You are all better at blonde actresses than I am. I can't for the life of me conjure them up by name the way I can with red heads or brunettes... But I love all your suggestions thus far. Someone like Amber Heard, Elizabeth Banks or Rachel McAdams would be just fine with me.



Rachel McAdams.......she was supposed to be Pepper Potts in Iron Man.

I just hope she has a bit of life in her and isn't just a pretty face.
Rachel McAdams....even though she's not really the kind of actress who will do a comic superhero movie.

^if Russel Crowe and Amy Adams are doing a comic book movie i am sure the actress who has been in the notebook,mean girls,and wedding crashers would have no problem lol
Yvonne Strahovski is still my choice for Sue.I think she would work very well in that role.
Claire Danes should be at the very top of the list. Landing her would seriously be like Patrick Stewart playing Prof. X.

Mmmmmm.... Claire. Now THAT is an inspired choice. It would really lend a lot of credibility to this project and make it clear from the get-go that it's not a f***ing joke like the previous films.
So far out of everyone mentioned, my top choice would be between Banks and McAdams. I like Danes as well, but she doesn't speak to me in the role as much. The more I've thought about McAdams as Sue, the more I like her as much as Banks. She may even have the slight edge for me. Terrific actress.
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so many good choices for sue she is an easy role to cast i can easily see the following being good choices

Rachael McAdams

Claire Danes

Elizabeth Banks

Naomi Watts

Kate Winslet

Ahhh, the Winslet. Damn, there are so many actresses that could play this role so well. I'd say "Winslet would never do it," but well... she's in Movie 43, so all bets are off.

Really, any of these ladies would work. I just hope we get a real actress this time. Alba might be drop dead gorgeous, but she's a terrible actress. She had no personality in any movie she's in. She's like a really hot box of paperclips.
Maybe it was just Jessica Alba but i also hope they avoid the nosebleeds. Id prefer headaches or blackouts or idk seizures? Nosebleeds gross me out.
this looks too old?in what universe lol we as fans are trying to avoid another young pretty face casting of jessica alba sue should have a more mature look an actress in her 30's is ideal and every suggestion in this thread is in their 30's


Elizabeth Banks already played Betty Brant. How about someone who has never been in a marvel movie before?

I think someone suggested Amber Heard earlier.........


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