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Cast Barracuda


Feb 17, 2007
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Stevenson said he'd love to face up against Barracuda in the sequel, maybe it was a hint.

Question is, who's big enough, ugly enough, and can act gangster enough to bring this character to life?

So far Lexi's people have done a fine job with casting so I'm sure they won't disappoint the second time around.

I don't even have a pick in mind, but the more ideas you throw out there and I will edit the post with pictures and such.
Most people will go with the obvious choice of Michael Clarke Duncan. Me I don't really know who would be a good choice.
I like Micheal Clarke Duncan, but he seems too soft for Barracuda.
But I guess if you gave him a golden grill, and some gangster apparel he'd have the acting chops to do the rest. Plus he is pretty big.
Terry Crews would be a good choice. He doesn't exactly have the size of Duncan, but he is pretty big.

my choice...Tommy "Tiny" Lister
I think Ving Rhames myself!!

I really think he's a great actor and can put on the muscle.

There's only one guy who could play Barracuda.

Bob "The Beast" Sapp.
He was in The Longest Yard and Elektra. Those are the only 2 things I've seen him in. he's a professional fighter too.
ving rhames is a good one.

i saw someone suggest this on imdb; lester "the mighty rasta" speight...


hmm... i'm surprised no one suggested a white actor in revenge for Duncan as the Kingpin in the Daredevil movie..
Bob Sapp is huge...He was in K-1 and literally just wooped people by overpowering them...He was in Mixed Martial Arts too but got owned...Still he's one intimidating mofo id like to see a fight between him and Big Ray.
Bob Sapp has got to be one of the biggest cowards and talentless bums in MMA... And people get on Kimbo's case...
The man is a constant cheat, and when someone wants too they scare the crap out of him.

Anyways, he hasn't done any formal acting, but he is an awful actor when he does his Japanese promo videos.
Never saw Lester Speight, but given his credentials I doubt he'd be appropriate.
Personally I'm still liking Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as a choice, despite the size.
Even Tiny is a weak actor.

Personally I chose acting ability before pure physical presence. Plus they could take Adewale and make him appear bigger... Kind of like how they made Gandalf look so much bigger then the Hobbits.
ving rhames is a good one.

i saw someone suggest this on imdb; lester "the mighty rasta" speight...



He'll be a perfect choice. I don't know how well he can act though. I've seen him on TV but it wasn't anything serious.
I don't think that live-action Barracuda needs to have cartoonish muscles. Reasonably big black dude is all we need when it comes to the look of the character IMO. It's far more important that the actor can actually act and inhabit the role.

I guess Adewale Agbaje would be my #1 choice. He's roughly the same age as Ray Stevenson and he is quite talented. My only gripe is that he's two inches shorter than Stevenson. Yeah I know what I just said. I don't think that Barracuda needs to be FREAKISHLY HUGE but I think he should be as tall or a bit taller than The Punisher. But I guess it would be rather easy to make Agbaje look as tall as Ray on-screen. I mean 2 inches is not that much of a size difference. It's not like Ray would have to go up against Danny DeVito or anything like that.

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