Lets cast the possible Sequels....


Mr. Bravo

Now that we have the original cast out of the way, lets cast the potential Sequels... Lets assume this movie is a success and a trilogy is approved..
Also, lets come up with realisic choices, so keep in mind a lot of big names wouldnt do a movie like GI JOE, allthough some might....

SECOND MOVIE- I dont want to see too many characters brought in, just bring in some the main players that were left out of the first movie. Lets bring in three character per team each movie.

GI JOE team
FLINT- Jonny Messner (he played a good soldier in Tears of the Sun and is a decent actor that would not cost very much) he would probably do the movie for free. haha.

LADY JAYE- Kate Beckensale ( she has already worked with Sommers on Van Helsing) She also does not command a big paycheck, Let not forget she is a tough chick which she proved in the Under World movies.

SHIPWRECK- Ryan Renolds ( think of his look in blade 3 with the beard and ripped physic) He also plays that cocky badass good, which is what shipwreck is....

Cobra Team

FIREFLY- Thomas Jane (he was actually my first choice for Duke, but now that not gonna happen. I think he would be badass as firefly).

MAJOR BLUDD- Viggo Mortinsen (probably the hardest to get out of the actors I chose, but it would be sick!)

XAMOT & TOMAX- Guy Pierce (he could play both) he has the look and is a great actor. Again, he would be cheap to get.

THIRD MOVIE- Here is when they bring in Serpentor! This would rock if done right, plus I have the perfect badass to play Serpentor..


ROADBLOCK- Terry Crews (look this guy up on the internet, he has been in a lot of movies and has the size and attitude to be roadblock...) perfect casting.. maybe the best casting for a GI JOE movie..

Lt. FALCON- Collin Farrell ( Collin is good at playing this type of character)He would look great in this part. (though it might be hard to sell he is Dukes littler brother when Collin is older than Channing Tatum) They might have to say he is only a year younger..

QUICK KICK- Mark Dacasscos (This guys is a great martial artist and he even looks like quick kick) Can you imagine a 2 on 2 battle of snake eyes and quick kick versus storm shadow and firefly??? awsome!


DR. MINDBENDER- Ron Pearlman (perfect)

ZANZIBAR & ZARANA- Karl Urban & Keira Knighkley

SERPENTOR- are you ready for this....? Christian Bale! This would be my dream casting! Bale is known to take risks, he is in the darn upcoming terminator movies... He might do it...

Anyways, What do you guys think! Sorry if this stuff has been discussed before.. I dont want to look through a million pages to find this stuff.. Plus, now that we have the offical casting done for the first movie, people might have different ideas now... lets hear it!!!
I don't think Guy Pearce would do a GI Joe movie. Even if he would, I don't think he be a good Xamot/Tomax (he'd actually make a kickass CC to be honest). John Rhys-Meyers for Xamot/Tomax.

I'd rather have Jason Statham as Firefly over Thomas Jane.

John Malkovich for Mindbender.

Nathan Fillion for Flint

Evagelivne Lilly for Lady Jaye

Please, no Serpentor.

We'll never get roadblock in the films, as Hasbro doesn't own the rights to the name. Heavy Duty has essentially replaced RB.
Those are actually pretty good ideas....

I never thoguht of Jason Strathem... you are right, he would make a better Firefly, especially becasue of his fighting skills.

I just want Thomas Jane in the movie somewhere... Maybe he could play Flint over Jonny Messner...

Also, good call on John Rhys-Meyers for Xamot/Tomax....

I still like my pics for the rest of the cast though...

John Malkovich seems too wimpy to play Dr Minbender,...

I think Serpentor would be great if it was done right.. I see why you have worries though..
Ok, I got it...

Thomas Jane could play Beachhead... That would be sweet!
How about Joe Pantoliono from the Matrix for Mind Bender

That's funny for some reason I had always wanted either Statham or Jeffery Donovan from burn notice for Beach Head but I could see statham as firefly
I would cast Brandon Routh as 'Ace'.

Lauren Lee Smith as 'Lady Jaye'.
Jeffery Donovan as FireFly
Cole Hauser as Beachhead
Chiaki Kuriyama as Jinx
Matthew McConaughey as Gung ho
I don't know that it would be posable but I think Jamie Fox would be a good Stalker. Thomas Jane as Flint and Kate Beckensale as Lady Jaye would be a good choice. I agree with a few other actor choices thats already been listed.
How bout Christopher Lowell..

..as the Gamesmaster?
I have always pictured Jason Scott Lee as Quick-Kick.
If Tomax and Xamot were in the sequels somewhere I think Tommy Flanagan (Gladiator, When a Stranger Calls) looks the part to me, plus hollywood wouldnt have a prob using one actor for 2 roles.
Only one man can play Joe Colton:

If that picture of Colton isn't doesn't make it' obvious enough...

Flint- Sam Worthington
Lady Jaye- Kate Beckinsale or Lena Heady
Roadblock- Terry Crews, Ving Rhames, or Common
Shipwreck- Owen or Luke Wilson or a real-stretch... Jason Lee
Major Bludd- Michael Wincott or Jason Isaac
Dr. Mindbender- Same guy from movie 1
Flint - Sean Farris.
Lady Jane - Alexis Bledel.
Roadblock - Terry Crews.
Shipwreck - Gerard Butler.
Gung-Ho - Dwayne Johnson.
Beach-Head - Scott Adkins.
Stalker - Jamie Foxx.

Tomax & Xamot - Joey Kern.
Firefly - Luke Goss.
Iron Cobra - Scott Adkins.
Major Bludd - Jason Statham.

Dr. Mindbender is alredy Kevin J. O'Connor.
I'd like to see Shaq for Roadblock. Then when he opens his big mouth, he gets shot and becomes the first casualty! ;)
If Brendan Fraser comes back and has a larger role, I'm guessing that he's going to be the movies' version of Flint. If not, then I suppose they could have a character who's actually called Flint in a sequel, but that's all up in the air right now.

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