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The Force Awakens Chris Hemsworth as Ghes Orade

Ray D.

Nov 4, 2012
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Apparently Chris wants to be in the ST. If I could, I'd cast him as Ghes Orade, the husband of Boba's granddaghter Mirta Gev.

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Since both he and Tom Hiddleston want to be in Star Wars, it would be kind of fun to have Chris be a villain and Tom be a hero.
Agree. Chris would be cool as a pirate or bounty hunter, Tom would be interesting as a Jedi. : ]
I love this casting. Only Thor would be a suitable son-in-law to Boba Fett.
Chris would do a fantastic job in Star Wars...he is oozing with charisma and that's exactly one of the elements that made the OT so fun. (and what the PT was lacking)
I'd love to have Chris in Star Wars! As any character! But I can see him as a Jedi or Han Solo/Smuggler type. Or a Han Solo Jedi type!

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