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Aug 18, 2005
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pril 26, 2006: Kurt Adler Unveils Superman 2006 Holiday Collection
Kurt S. Adler, Inc. Unveils the "Superman 2006 Holiday Collection" Featuring Captivating Ornaments and Décor Based on DC Comics' Superman
Developed specifically for collectors and fans of DC Comics' Superman, and unveiled just in time for the June 2006 feature film release of Warner Bros. Pictures' Superman Returns, Kurt S. Adler proudly presents the "Superman 2006 Holiday Collection" of ornaments, stockings and other holiday décor. Celebrating its 60th anniversary of creating beautiful holiday memories for millions of people, Kurt S. Adler is the world's leading resource for holiday ornaments and decorative accessories.
The "Superman 2006 Holiday Collection" includes a wide selection of ornaments featuring one of the world's most beloved Super Heroes, The Man of Steel in a variety of action poses.
Superman is also featured on holiday stockings, a pack of mini ornaments, a stocking hanger, and a waterglobe. The collection also includes ornaments featuring the S-Shield, as well as a six-foot garland and a figurine.
For more information on Kurt S. Adler's "Superman 2006 Holiday Collection" or a local dealer, visit
About Kurt S. Adler, Inc.
Kurt S. Adler, Inc., the world's leading designer and resource for holiday ornaments and decor, was founded in 1946 and has created beautiful holiday memories for millions. Kurt S. Adler is world-renowned for introducing a European flavor, sense of fashion and a whole new look to Christmas in America.
Kurt S. Adler offers a broad range of holiday products: ornaments, stockings, advent calendars, wreaths, candles, decorative boxes, candleholders, ceiling/wall decor, garlands, light sets, nativities, musicals, snowglobes, stockings and stocking stuffers/hangers, and more. Also available are gifts and tabletop accessories for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and other holidays.
Preview of Products
Shown with this press release are 4 items from the Kurt Adler "Superman 2006 Holiday Collection".
  • Kurt Adler's Blowmolded Superman ornaments that retail for US$6.00 each.
  • Kurt Adler's Superman wooden nutcracker that stands 11 inches tall and retails for US$24.95.
  • 4-inch Superman ornaments that have a sugg. retail price of US$7.50 each.
  • 20-inch Superman Full Body Felt Stocking that has a sugg. retail price of US$13.50.

I still dont understand why all the colors are all correct on every piece of Superman Returns merchandise, but the movie colors just dont jive for some reason, its very confusing.
I want a Superman nutcracker. That's badass.
Awesome, I posted the photos in the collectables thread.

I want a stocking.
A stocking? You mean for your g/f right?

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