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Feb 12, 2005
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its not the plot. im totally 100% happy with the cast,crew,story, look of the film, ect. nothing wrong it with there. infact, im veyr excited for the plot. I dont think this will be a classic ala superman the movie or Batman Begins, but more comparible to Spiderman, Superman 2, BATMAN in partiuclar, in thatll it be very big, fun and memorable, and will have a strong script that will keep it good, though the fun and special effects will overtake the film and steal the show. anyway-like i said, because im happy with that, im concerned for the films second most important thing:

its box office.

its release date, in particular.

at first i loved the idea of releasing the most american hero onthe most american holiday. that and july 4th is usually home to big movies. but when i looked at the films have usually opened on july 4th weekend recently they include war of the worlds, whose 230 million dolalr gross would be much to small for w.b. then theres men in black 2, t3 which couldnt cross 200 million, A.I., which didnt even get 100 million. of course spidey 2 also opened over july 4th, but due to my next reason for wanting it moved, superman wont get close to that. so just from past history of the new millinium, the fourth of july is no longer the date for big movies. it did, house the releases of films like INDEPENDENCE DAY, MEN IN BLACK, ARMAGEDDON in the 90's, but it dont work these days. the biggest weekend of the year is the third week in may, which i want superman to have, but due to da vinci code and ovcer the hedge already having it, ill say **** that.

my next reason is the sure to massiv epirates of the carribbean 2. while i think superman will open huge, it cant afford to have it legs chopped in half by that film. if fantastic four could make wotw drop 50%,imagine what that film could do. imo its just to be of a compition and with a better choice for a release date, its not worth the risk.

my next rease for thinking it should change is that one of superman biggest-and arguably most important-genres is kids and june is loaded with kids movies. cars, nacho libre, garfield 2, charlottes web, click, ect. i just dont think thered be enough time for kids to get all into superman to make it an event that it should be.

my next is the fact that it just isn't in may. may is when the big blockbusters are usually released and superman is in many ways the ultimate blockbuster film for the summer. that and while many superman its better for school to not be in seccsion, i disagree. word of mouth spreads much faster in school then it does without school, hence why mays weekends are always so big.

So what would I do? heres my solution to fix supermans release date problem.

Move Superman to May 5th, 2006. I would pay Paramount money and sign a deal to give mission impossible 3s-which currently holds that date-theatrical trailer with 100% of superman showings. on may 12th opens w.b.'s film posedon. i would move that back to may 19th as counter programing for da vinci code, where action junkies would flock to see it cause their not interested in daa vinci code. as it stands, posiedons action junkie audience could chose to go see MI3 as it stands. I wouldnt move it back till early april, so no film would have time to move up to may 12th, which would give superman, like spiderman had, its second weekend free of big compition.

Giving Superman the first week of summer would not only give it may, its own weekend, but with no big films opening all of april, itd have an entire month to promote the **** outta the film and advertise the tie ins, it could give kids a chance to get very into it. plus with poseidon back a week, no film could steal superman thunder. but giving it that weekend would not only put it in prime position to became a huge hype machine, but also open hugely and have another huge second weekend. thats just my solution to what is imo the films biggest obsticle facing it.
eh, I wouldn't worry about it. It'll do just fine. :D :supes:
If it's a good film, it'll have legs, period.

Remember, Spidey 1 and SW2....
oh i know it will....i just want it to do even better. if this were to happen, superman would, imo, have a solid chance at beating spideys opening weekend and possibly box office total. on the fourth of july, it wont do either. plus its production budget is 250 million. tthat much money means itll have to make a lot, and the more it makes the more likely a sequel is, and its got a much better chance to make a lot more money following my idea then where it stands right now. it could be better then batman begins but it would still drop 50% or more just due to pirates 2.
Pickle-El said:
If it's a good film, it'll have legs, period.

Remember, Spidey 1 and SW2....

if superman did this its release would be a lot like spideys-open on the first weke of may, a compition free second week followed by a over crowed 3rd week, but it would already have the bulk of its cash by then.
I wouldn't worry about the Box office take of's gonna make a profit and be a huge hit.
Perhaps this should be in the Box office thread... Take it in there.
the wb has more than enough money, if it doesn't make enough money, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if its considered a failure or not, if you like that movie, thats all that should matter to you

oh and what is SW2?
Superman_20 said:
the wb has more than enough money, if it doesn't make enough money, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if its considered a failure or not, if you like that movie, thats all that should matter to you

oh and what is SW2?

it's ATOC
Superman is going to make money, so I'm not worried. If you have to figure in the possibility that that Hollywood slump could still contiune onto next year. It's much of a slump, but with the fact the DVD market is getting bigger, so it's stealing business along with illegal downloading.

In the end, money doesn't matter. The legacy will be carried on IF THIS FLICK IS GOOD or not.
Octoberist said:
In the end, money doesn't matter. The legacy will be carried on IF THIS FLICK IS GOOD or not.

that is pretty much all that matters, not even a legacy or whatever, if you enjoy a movie and it doesn't make enough in the box office, do you care? no, if you like it, thats it, thats all that matters, so i dont see why everyone cares if it makes enough money or if it is successful, if you enjoy it, thats it, who cares about the rest?
I think the real issue here is that people don't want to wait an extra two months before they can see the flick in its entirety. Fantastic Four orginally had the fourth, but was moved to the 8th, and while people on here would scream bloody murder if SR opened with FF's numbers, July isn't exactly a dumping ground. I think that May and July are the two months the really large big budgets open, with June and August being the times for the blockbuster comedies.
The summer schedule is packed tighter than Carmen Elelktra's bra these days and no matter where you put a film it will have competition,plus other movies and studios arent gonna move their movies so SR will get more money

I think it will make around WOTW money WW and that is good enough for it IMO
If SR is a good movie, it WILL makes tons of cash.

Batman Begins opened to ~$48M its opening Fri-Sat in the middle of June and because it was a good film, it generated word of mouth to propel it to over $200M! Now THAT is legs man! :p If Begins could do that, imagine what SR could do if it's good!
superman much more expensive and has much bigger immeadite compition. honestly w.b. profit could be as big as 100 million more imo if it did this.
This is more there a fair point, and concern for me as well.

The early release would of course give it the super jump (pun not intended) on the other movies, just like it did for Star Wars.

Second it would also keep it out of direct competition with POTC2 which will do very well. Some here are saying that Superman will make its money. Of course it will. But there is a difference between making 200 million and 250+. And considering the legions that will want to see POTC2 (Me included), it will effect Supes box office.
I'm still bummed that BEGINS didn't make more money.....They sure deserved it.
exactly. the press will have no other film to cover all of april EXCEPT superman. kids will have nothing to look forward to EXCEPT superman. following my idea qould make it much easier to hype superman and much likelier to cross 300 million domestic. as it stands, june has fast furious 3, cars, click, charlottes web, which are all going to cross 100 millon probably. april has nothing like that. superman could be the kick off the summer in most peoples eyes, like spiderman was, only on a bigegr scale.
Batman is more widely liked/accepted right now than Superman. I don't see the box office as being all that easy to do well in especially considering BB didn't do the biggest numbers ever :(
^no, hes not...quite the opposite, actually. basically, war of the worlds size numbers in u.s. just are not going to be big enough. pirates is the last fim-the LAST film of the summer we want superman opening near and with such an easy option imo, w.b. holds all the cards, as they could get control of the first two weeks of summer and arrange it for superman to have the first 2 weeks of summer with poseidon proabbly not being effected, as it would lose none of its audience, infact probably gain some
Excel said:
^no, hes not...quite the opposite, actually.
I think right now Batman's more-liked as a character, as for their film series, Superman is less blemished.

I think it'll do more than BB simply because it'll be lighter film (hopefully of comparative quality to BB), that people will be able to take their kids to, etc. And of course it is Superman's first movie in 17 years.
so flat out if this was done itd be much,much easier to turn returns ito a huge event film that kicks off summer
so flat out if this was done itd be much,much easier to turn returns ito a huge event film that kicks off summer.

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