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Christmas Wish List


May 24, 2006
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I always right down a list of Christmas Wishes(or Desires) in Mid November and Pray that they come true.(Christmas Wishes and Gifts)
so far on the list ive got
1. MSU getting a Bowl Game
2.Lions having a Solid Record
3.Getting an XBOX 360
4.Getting news on Spider-Man 4
5.Getting a cool Trailer for TDK
6.Dont Want My Job Doesnt Suck at Salvation Army
7.Personalized Lions Jersey

(i really want this)
im still gettin the list together

im counting on this list Santa....make it happen old man!

(just seeing if anyone else likes to do this and if so whats on their lists...)
1. PlayStation 3 - 40GB model
2. Call of Duty 4 - Xbox 360
3. $$$
Money is a nice add on to the list....its weird seeing you without the "Farmer" on the front of the name!
1.) The usual, delicious family dinner
.) New computer and/or first laptop
.) Digital camera (Gimme the Rebel)
.) Some fresh Wii games
.) And a new Creative mp3
All I want is my mother to stop bugging me about going back to West Chester for the holiday. She already weaseled her way into coming to Savannah for Thanksgiving, and I'm pretty sure 4 days is about all I can handle of people from West Chester for the rest of my life.
all this name editing is getting to my head....nice lists guys! keep um comin!
all these non-material wishes really sicken me
I figured you would be. Though, I'm not sure what I'm thinking.
Either an iPod Touch or an Xbox 360 (NOT the arcade edition).

Or the money to buy either an iPod Touch or an Xbox 360.
if i want something, i just go buy it.

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