Far From Home Composer for Spider-man 2?


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Oct 31, 2006
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Hey who do you think should compose this movie? It would be fun to get giacchono back but marvel don’t always rehire composers.

I think it would be fun to get Atanas Valkov. He made music for the European space agency which is so cool and trippy. It would be perfect for mysterio and to give the movie kind of a European psychedelia.

You can listen to it if you want, it’s called ambition. What do you think?
Giacchino will be back. He and Feige seem tight.

I hope he ups his game. The Homecoming score was alright, but a bit light and thin. He can do better than that.
I think Ghiacchino will return, but I hope they'd bring someone new to compose
I liked Giacchino's theme and hope he returns. Marvel has to start being consistent with it's themes like they have done with the Avengers. And with Mysterio as the villain, Dr. Strange makes sense for the MCU cameo, so Giacchino can include his theme as well. Get consistency in the scores.
I love Giacchino's theme it has earned its place as Spidey's theme right up their with Danny Elfman work .


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