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CONTROL is the real issue in "Civil War" just as secession was in 1861-65


Mar 17, 2006
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The real issue in the "Civil War" storyline is a constitutional one just as secession /slavery was for the South in 1861-65.
The Government via the Super Hero Registration Act is implicitily claiming the right to control the activities of super heroes-and therefore it should be resisted as it is in the wrong. Although the Avengers,FF, have cooperated with Federal agencies- SHIELD, SAFE, FBI, even CIA possibly on many occassions, they do not work directly for them and other heroes such as X-Men and Defenders have no governmental sanction or connections(try supervising the Hulk!)
Although other groups of heroes retain ties to their Governments(Alpha Flight in Canada, Russia's Winter Guard), in America they've been able to escape explicit attempts at supervision( it was the Kremlin's insistence in micromanaging them that led the Soviet Super Soldiers to defect in Captain America #351-352) and ultimate control.
In the words of the late Ronald Reagan "Keep Government off the backs of (superpowered) people!"

Arguments that certain classes of people(ie male residents between 18-45 irrespective of whether or not American citizens or resident aliens-"green card holders") are required to register under the Selective Service Act for possible military service are specious as superheroes are not soldiers!


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