Dalton's movies; which is better?

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May 2, 2000
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I must admit I'm completely divided on this. I love them both. TLd is more of a classic Bond movie in the vein of FRWL, whereas LTK is Bond adapting to the late 80's action movie style.


TLD has a better and a more Bondian plot, but the adversary in LTK was better. However, for me LTK is an atypical Bond. In both the Bond girls are clearly lacking something, although I liked Sanchez's mistress.
Licence To Kill is an interesting film. It's funny when people say, "Sean Connery was the best, because he was the first." In truth, Timothy Dalton was the first Bond.... that I had ever seen. And Licence To Kill was the first movie that introduced me to the world of James Bond.

Alot can be said of Timothy Dalton, I for one enjoyed his films as Bond very much. I've never been one to say, "I like Dalton because his portrayal of Bond was closest to Fleming's ideals." The Bond novels never enter my thoughts when it comes to the films. Even though he didn't have the charm of Moore or the casual swagger of Connery, it was nice to see a more emotional, human Bond.

I've always said that Dalton's performance was a precussor to how Brosnan would portray Bond. Pierce has admitted that had he taken over the role of Bond from Roger Moore, he would have played Bond much like he had played Remington Steele. However Dalton's portrayal somewhat steered Brosnan's take on the character.

Robert Davi as Sanchez is an amazing villain, for the simple fact that he doesn't care about ruling the world with some doomsday device nor does he care about Bond. Infact, he is unaware of Bond until the very end of the film, which is why Dalton's line of "don't you want to know why?" works so well. You'd have to think that Bond's actions are motivated by Traci's death as much as they are by Sanchez's actions on Della, Felix and Sharky...

I simply love this film, I enjoyed it very much.

Nicely said, Furious.

I gotta go with License to Kill. I just absolutely love the grittyness of it and how it is definitely not the typical Bond film. Basically, the reasons why some people hate it are the reasons I love it.
I've always liked The Living Daylights so I'm saying that's the best one.
But I've only seen LTK once or twice I think (I've even seen DAF, which I think is the worst one, more times for some reason) so I'm not entirely sure.

Though TLD is my fav bond movie, even before GE and TND, my closed seconds, I say LTK is a fine one as well

LTK really brings something more to the James Bond character, making him more vulnerable to his emotions and I like it, it differs from the other ones.
I would say TLD is better, LTK had crappy production value which gave it a made for TV movie feel. Not to mention the fact it had Wayne Newton :down

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