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Def Jam Vendetta question


Jul 22, 2003
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Allright, when your unlocking girl galleries, I've gotten 3 so far, blonde girl, asian girl, and main girl. Here's my question, theres only two more blanks in the gallery section, but theres still the two black chicks and the latin chick. Something doesn't add up. So...... can someone explain what you do, do you just not get a girl or what?
Don´t have it....never played it, but i heard it´s a cool game

And it got Christina Milian :eek: :)
I played that game. I think it could have been better then it was. The part I hate is when you have to fight like 3 guys at once and they're triple teaming you.
Great game, that three on one match was so hard it was crazy, but I finally beat it.Can't wait for the sequel.
The three on one wasn't that hard. All you have to do is focus on one guy and eventually he'll KO or submit. It was weird though, when I first rented it I couldn't beat D-Mob, he was just to tough, but then I bought it and I beat him on my first try.
Does anyone know where I can find the entire "Angel" gallery online? I need that photoshoot.
X gon' givitooyah WHAT! Don' wait for you to get it ON YAH OWN!!! X gon DELIVA TOOYAH!!!

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