Definitive Marvel runs

To me, it's whatever run, in my eyes and opinion or course, made the character iconic to me. Made the character(s) original and innovative. Also, if the creative team brought something to the character that has lasted. Be it a new villain, ally, modus operandi, whatever. The classic example of a definitive creator and characters is obviously Claremont & The X-Men & Peter David & The Hulk. Few creators have brought as much to those characters as they have.
No one can top how CC wrote Storm, or the X-Men in general(Com'on, the man gave us the Dark Phoenix Saga!).
Whedon & Cassaday for giving us Astonishing X.
Millar seems to have been surpassed by Bendis, who ironically seems to be on the way to being surpassed himself by Brubaker.
What I classify as a definitive run is when you close your eyes and picture a particular hero who's run was it during.....often duplicated
Spiderman-Lee and Ditko
FF-Lee and Kirby
X-men-Claremont(you pick the artist)
Daredevil-Frank Miller
Captain America-Waid
Avengers-Perez and Busiek
Iron Man-Michelinie(sp) and Layton
Black Panther-Priest
Alright everyone give me your definitive artist(s) for any and all Marvel characters.
Spiderman-Ditko, Mcfarlane and Bagley
X-men-Byrne,Cockrum, Jim Lee, Davis,Art Adams
Fantastic Four-Kirby, Byrne
Namor-Byrne, Jae Lee
Daredevil - Bendis/Maleev
Can it be the definitive run if there was only one run????
hmmm, lets see:

Fantastic Four: Lee to me defined them while Waid made me love them

X-Men: Claremont for his early work in brining the characters to life, but Whedon is setting the stage for the future.

Captain America: Brubaker

Daredevil: Frank Millar

Utlimates: Millar, has already inspired the world of comics in my opioin
Thor- John Romita Jr.
Spider-man- Steve Skroce
Captain America- Ron Garney
Wolverine- Adam Kurbert
X-Men- Jim Lee or Andy Kubert
Avengers- George Perez
Iron-Man- Sean Chen
Hulk- John Romita Jr.
Fantastic Four- John Byrne
roach said:
Can it be the definitive run if there was only one run????

Well its two technically if you count Ultimates 2.
what if Waid comes onboard and knocks Millars run out of the box???
Caliber said:
Well its two technically if you count Ultimates 2.

Samne creative team so I count it as one run

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