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Dec 30, 2005
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What writer/artist team has done a definitive run on your favorite character(s)?

Mine is Waid/Garney. Their first short run has defined Cap for a new generation. Every writer/artist team after them has copied something from their stint on the title.

Thoughts anyone?
Gotta give props to the original marvel team of Stan/Jack.
But I loVed Waid/Weringo(MySpellingSucks) Fantastic Four.
Currently I am a non-religious worshiper of Steve Epting/Ed Brubaker Cap.
I agree the Waid/Garney was awesome. But I liked it more when Kubert drew Cap.
X-Men - Claremont
Avengers - Busiek/Perez
Daredevil - Miller, Bendis/Maleev
Fantastic Four - Lee/Kirby
Hulk - PAD
Claremont/Byrne X-Men for certain.

Busiek/perez Avengers...sigh, I miss them so.
Amazing Spider-Man.... obviously Stan/Steve/Johnny...

but I'd like to add the Marv Wolfman/Keith Pollard run from issues #185 to 200 as arguably one of the BEST runs on Amazing Spider-Man. :up:

Byrne's Fantastic Four was great as well.... :up:
I concur.
J.M. DeMatties(Again,SpelingSucks)/Sal Buscema's Spectacular Spider-man was pure weapon-grade awesomeness.
I agree with you guys that the Busiek/Perez Avengers was definitive. Especially the "Ultron Unlimited" storyarc. I also loved Dan Jurgens/John Romita Jr. on Thor. Mainly the first 12 issues.
I'm going to upset the apple cart and say Stern and Buscema's Avengers

Lobdell's Uncanny X-Men(best of the 90s)

David's Hulk stuff (#300s,the Mr.Hyde issue was a great standalone)

Even though I was late boarding the love wagon,Brubaker's Cap made a fan out of me

Bendis and Maleev's Daredevil

Millar's Ultimates 1 and 2
Y'know, I never like Maleev's artwork on Daredevil. It was so stiff. I think I like Lark's Daredevil because his seems a lot more fluid. But hey, my favorite Daredevil artist is Joe Quesada.
Roger Stern & Romita Jr.'s work on ASM was fantastic as well... :up:

JM DeMattis and Mark Bagley OWNED Spider-man in the early 90s.
X-Men - Claremont
Avengers - Bendis
Daredevil - Bendis
Fantastic Four - Kirby
Hulk - Peter David
Spider-Man: Bagely

Leifield in..............$#%!
Hama & Kubert on Wolverine was a great run.
Whedon & Cassiday on any issue ever of Astonishing X-men(#13 was Wolverine-y greatness)

Vaughan and Alphona on Runaways

Heinburg and Cheung on Young Avengers
My favorites are JMS and JRJr on Amazing Spider-Man and Peter David and various artists on Hulk.
Bendis on DareDevil was my all time favorite, his time on the book were great reads and well written. Brubaker on the otherhand though, it totally making the book worth reading. Can't wait for what he has in stor when the current arc ends. :daredevil
Waid's Fantastic Four
Peter David's Hulk
Claremont's X-Men
Lee's Spider-Man

(I'll add more as I think of them)
FF-I'm split between Byrne and Waid. I'll go with Byrne.
DD- Definately Miller (his 1st run)
Cap- I loved Gruenwald's run
Hulk- PAD, not even a close second place
X-Men-Claremont/Byrne- not even a close second or third place
She-Hulk- useta be Byrnsie, but is being edged out by Slott.
Avengers- Shooter/Perez. I know popular opinion says Busiek/Perez, but I loved that run
Spidey - that's the hardest one. I'd like to say the Marv Wolfman/Keith Pollard run that TMOB mentioned, or when Gil Kane was on the title, but honestly,Lee/Ditko really was the best.
Thor - Walt Simonson was my favorite, but I would put Oeming a very, very close second.
DD - Miller
FF - Stan and Jack
Spidey - Stan, Steve and John
X-men - Claremont, Cockrum and Byrne
Spider-Man = Stan Lee

Daredevil = Frank Miller

Captain America = Ed Brubaker

Fantastic Four = Stan Lee

And the one I know I'll get some crap about; so, go 'you-know-what' yourselves in advance.

X-Men = Grant Morrison.
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby defined Thor as a superhero, Walt Simonson defined Thor as a mythical hero, and Dan Jurgens redefined Thor for modern sensibilities.

Can't really beat Stan Lee and John Romita Sr. on Spider-Man. J. M. DeMatteis' run was great as well.

Waid/Garney's Captain America made Cap one of my favorites, and Brubaker/Epting's is currently rejuvenating him the same way Waid/Garney's did.

Byrne's FF is the one I'm most familiar with, but I prefer Waid/Ringo's FF to all others.
Any run that encapsulates some aspect of what I love about the characters, really. I'm pretty lax with that kind of stuff. It doesn't have to be the most award-winning, critically acclaimed series of comic books ever printed; if I enjoy the writer's take and he or she really seems to get the character down perfectly, I'd say it's definitive. If someone asked me, "Hey, what are the Fantastic Four all about?" I'd point them to Waid's run and be confident that they'd get a pretty clear idea of exactly what makes the FF tick. That's definitive to me.
X-Men-Classic Claremont
Wolverine-Larry Hama
Captain America-Brubaker
Daredevil-Bendis (for now)
Spider-Man-Bagley & Defalco

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