Did anyone else get the Universal Monsters movie pack?


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Oct 31, 2006
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Which movie was your favourite?

I loved 'Creature from the black lagoon' the best. It's not only visually amazing but it has a great story and you can see how it affected so many modern movies.

Least favourite was the 'Phantom of the Opera'. The musical is much better.

I've always been partial to The Wolfman, myself.
I love Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein. I always view them together. I'm a fan of all the films , but I still haven't watched the Phantom of the Opera (1943) that was included with the set.
You know, I haven't seen anyone of these films. But I have been meaning to, so this movie pack looks like a good way to get them all.
Yeah I would definitely recommend it. It's pretty cheap considering you get so many good films with it.
Bride of Frankenstein is still my favorite of the group and it looks pretty good on blu ray. I love that boxset. Best birthday present ever!
I don't have it,but I really want it,and my favorite is The Mummy mostly for the fantastic atmosphere.

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