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Superman Returns Did Anyone Else Just See That?!

Does this spot exist in QUICK-TIME, yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? I need that badly.
hunter rider said:
You're welcome:up:

Depending what happens with this character and the script, you might see a section on The Hype for him. ;)
dabilee01 said:
i managed to cut out MOST of shaq's scenes:


there are shots at the end that were just too fast for me to remove using the basic windows movie maker software.


p.s. i couldn't rid of his farking annoying voice-overs, tho. i apologize for that.

hey that's pretty good, but the more i look at it, it looks like a subliminal message to engrave shaq to your brain...hehe
Excel said:
you dont get it? shaqs universally known as SUPERMAN and nba finals tie in with a superman movie,and shaq is the most in the nab finals....get it?its like "superman"(shaq) on superman(the movie.)

He is? I sure don't. I bet many others don't. I can relate him only to that POS Steel film. I don't need Shaq's advice to watch Superman.

Ronnie Coleman, now I'd listen to him.
This is all well and good... but if there's ONE SPOT that I would really like to see in QUICK-TIME, it's this one!!! There's a few images that I just gotta see in clean quality, and not to be able to do that with this spot is driving me ****ing CRAZY! So one more time, does someone have this tv-spot in Quick-Time?????????
MoviesKickAss said:
Hey fans I know I am a little late but here is my version of the NBA TV Spot with Shaq completely removed & new Music has been edited in



Enjoy & let me know what you think

pure AWESOMENESS. holy crap, this is what they should have used for the spot!! omg. MoviesKickAss, YOU kick ass! =)

the only thing i would change would be to add the end credits and voiceover for that portion. then it would be complete.


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