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Discuss Deathwatch as a sequel possibility.

Hunter Rider

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Oct 24, 2004
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I like this character(he was in the first GR book i read) and haven't heard anyone on these boards mention him.
He coul be a good character for 2or3 (By 3 Ketch may be GR as Cage will be quite old)anyway what do the rest of you think.
Personally i would like a adaption of resurrected(my first GR book aww..)for 3 that way we could have blackout and scarecrow to:) :ghost:




Here are the above mentioned characters for anybody who doesn't know them(sorry to use the same pic again but it was the best Blackout one i could find)
Deathwatch was ok, but personally I'd much rather see Blackout as a villain in a second GR film. Lilith would work pretty good as well.
Deathwatch could work ...w/ some re-tooling of course. he was also able to go toe to toe w/ GR in a pretty good fight. he actually broke off one of GRs rib bones and starting hitting him with it! that would be a wild scene to see.

i could only see Blackout or Scarecrow being used as a secondary villain as they would get his butt handed to them in the 1st 2 minutes of a fight. They are not able to hurt GR physically...but it could work that they would go after Blaze's/Ketch's friends and family. the thing that made both of them a threat in the books was that they targeted people who knew GR's alter ego. GR didnt know who they would target next...Dans mom? girlfriend? his friends? would be neat to have a cat and mouse game throughout the film where GR is trying to find Blackout or Scarecrow in time before they kill someone he is close to. have Deathwatch as the real bad guy behind it all and you have a pretty good finale for the film.
Deathwatch wasn't a major enemy for Ghost Rider anyway. He was at the start of the 2nd series but after a while, he just dissapeared. He was only involved in the Mafia side of things and nothing really more. I guess the only real reason why he was a worthy oppontent at the start was because Ghost Rider was busy trying to figure out who he was.

If he is developed for a movie, I agree that he'd half to be a henchmen of some sort or be the man behind the desk sending out henchmen, like Blackout for one.
One of the interesting things about deathwatch is that he had snowblind as an ally and from what ive been reading on snowblind he'd make an interesting opponent for GR in the sequel.
Deathwatch had a lot of allies. I think the best duo, when referring to deathwatch, woudl be him and Blackout. I think they worked well together. The boss and the lacky. Sorta like a Kingpin/Bullseye relationship.

I think I'll have some more pics of snowblind with my next lot of pics that I take. Stay tuned.
... I'll check for those pics when I get home.

On the topic of Deathwatch... if they're using Blaze as the character, what are the possibilites that we'll actually see Deathwatch. He was crucial for the second GR but not the first. Perhaps if they develop Dan ever...
Deathwatch is possible while Blaze is still around....i mean even Blackheart was a Ketch villain and they are using him for the origin movie. but i agree that DW would be more suited to Ketch i think and it leaves a good story line open for them to use for later sequals.
the blaze storyline probably wont last more than 3 movies total...and they still need to do Centurious. they could probably use him for parts 2 and 3 if necessary.
The good thing about Deathwatch is that he's a boss of sorts. He could have any number of henchmen below him. Of course, that wouldn't be Centrurious. He's far too powerful to be a henchemen...

You speak of 2 and 3 movies. Do you think they are looking at this as a sequel possibility? Is Cage gonna sign on for 3 right away, ya think?
well i certainly hope BIGGUN is right but do you really think there'll be 2 sets of GR trilogies?
I was hoping that perhaps we would see Blaze in 2 as GR and then at the end of 2 he gets rid of zarathos like in the comics and then 3 would have ketch become GR and we could have the spirits of vengeance with GR and Blaze(Hellfire shotgun and all)Going up against DW and Snowblind,Blackout etc..:ghost:
I do know that sequals were mentioned way back when Sony 1st got the rights to GR. i mean it wouldnt be a smart business move not to make a sequel to a comic book movie if its a success.
if GR completely bombs then yeah dont expect one....but if its moderately successful expect at least one more. best case scenario (if the movie is REALLY successful) would be 3 movies dealing w/ Cage as GR. if they are still doing well at that point i can see them continuing it w/ the Ketch character either accepting the demon into his body (to save his bro) or accepting a completely different GR in order to stop Blaze's GR from running amok. im just guessing on those 2 ....they may have something completely different in mind.

this is all dependant on what Cage wants to do as well....he might not want to do more than 1 or 2 films. but we will see on that
okay guys if we get 2 trilogies how would you like to see them play out?

i would do it this way,if it is chronologically impossible i plead ignorance:D

Ghost Rider:blaze origin,mephisto blackheart as villains

Ghost Rider 2:continuation of,The Blaze story with centurious and the steel sisters(with cyborg look) as the villains

Ghsot Rider 3:Blaze gets rid Zarathos,not sure who the villain should be.

Ghost Rider 4:Adaption of resurrection

Ghost Rider 5:spirits of vengeance with blaze and the ketch GR battling each other and then together against Vengeance.

Ghost Rider 6:Ghost Rider Ketch continues his journey alone with Lilith with Skinner as the villains
right that's how the novice would do it but i'm more interested in how you guy's would plan out the 2 trilogies;)

btw.check my new sig,i thought it was about time i repped our flamey friend:ghost:
ive mentioned this before but since we are talkin sequels here...what the hell :)
i would have the GR slowly evolve over the course of the 3 films from a reluctant anti-hero to outright villain as this could have been Mephisto's plan from the beginning. GR gets stronger over the films as he starts to slowly remember his history, his true identity (the demon god Zarathos) and his powers. Blaze would be losing the fight as his will gets weaker while Zarathos gets stronger. soon GR(zarathos) can force the change w/ out Blaze and soon starts to go on a rampage until the true Ghost Rider shows up to stop him. naturally this would be Dan....and maybe even have Blackheart to be the one who tells Dan how to release the Ghost Rider in order to fight Zarathos. BH would have been a prisoner in Hell since the first film and manages to leave for a short time to talk w/ Dan. this would be his final act of revenge against his father Mephisto.
but anyway i can see this happening

1st film: GR vs Blackheart and maybe some lesser villains like Skinner, ect.

2nd film: i like the idea of the steel sisters w/ Centurious in part 2...would make sense.

part 3: i would have GR kill/absorb the powers from Centurious either at the start of the movie or somewhere near the middle. from that point GR becomes a villain. dan/GR shows up and its GR vs GR.
end of the film Zarathos is destroyed/sent away and Blaze is free...BUT now Dan has to carry on the curse of being the Ghost Rider.

not sure exactly on how the Dan trilogy would work out but Deathwatch would have to be in there. scarecrow, blackout and a few others. maybe even get Lilith and her brood as the main villains for the last film.
Damn, this is some good reading here today. How could I have overlooked this thread?

Trilogies eh?...

Because I'm a huge fan of Dan, I would like to see him come into play in the 2nd act (by that I mean movie). In order for this to happen, Zarathos would have to have been released from Blaze by the end of the first movie. I can't see that happening because they have two villians in this one. That's a lot of screen time without introducing Zarathos and explaining the release of him as well.

Anyway, I'd like to see the Spirit of Vengeace happen. Part two could start a few years after one. Blaze seeks vengeance of his own on Ghost Rider 2 (who'll I'll simply refer to as Kale) who he hears about on the news one day. Confusing him to be Zarathos, he of course wants to destroy him again... to save the life of the host. This would create a Johnny Blaze vs Ghost Rider scenaro. Here, Johnny will discover his ability to channel hellfire and uses it on Kale... to a point of near death even.

There would have to be a outside threat as well, perhaps even just the rebirt of Lilith and her one of her Lilin. Blaze may have to refrain from killing Kale (of course, the real bad guy would enter at the perfect time... of course) so that he's able to stop the Lilin of choice. This will give time for Blaze to realize that this Ghost Rider is not Zarathos, but another. They fight together and everyone is happy. Yay!

Part three. Act, movie, whatever... is Blaze and Kale vs Lilith and her children. An all out battle to save the world from destruction. They could even film part 2 and 3 together (Matrix style) and continue from where they left off in 2.

Although it'll never happen, that's what I'd like to see...
I'd be up for Deathwatch in a sequel. On a few occasions, I kicked around the idea of adapting the story from the first three issues of GR volume 2 into a fan fic script. I'd like to see it adapted for real eventually, they could still do it with Blaze in place of Ketch. Maybe even include Ketch as one of the teenagers in the story.

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