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Sep 27, 2003
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Okay, so I finally got the time to do this. I'm gonna try to get it stickied so that MSJ has less to wade through when he visits.

It's gonna take a couple of posts so, hang on. If you're wonderin what the (2) and (3) is; it's the set the QnA was found in of the 3 previous sets. The first set are the ones not marked.



Q: My first question is in regards to the design of the title character. Will we see ol' Flamehead (the real one) as we all know and love or is there a new rendition that we'll have to get used too? This includes the question of whether or not you'll be using ideas from both versions of Ghost Rider.

A: I’m thinking red leather with horns would be interesting. Just kidding. This will be Ghost Rider from the comic -- dead on. As we all know, the comic doesn’t exist at the moment (that will change...) so the reason this character has survived is because it’s the coolest looking character in the Marvel Universe.


Q: Last; Will Dan Ketch make an appearance in this film?

A: No. One of the problems with the history of the comic is that there was too much mythology, too damn confusing trying to tie everyone up (all the way back to Noble Kale!). I wanted to get rid of that and tell the best J.B. story possible.

Q: Is there any chance for Danny Ketch showing up in this movie or the future?

A: Not in this story. But maybe in the future. Who knows? (2)


Q: Could you elaborate on the personality of the Ghost Rider for the film? Will he be based on the 90's version or will he be based on the evil (and much cooler ) Zarathos from the classic 70's series.

A: The Ghost Rider is one mean sonofa*****. Nic and I really wanted to play it as a Jekyll & Hyde kind of relationship. Johnny is actually a really honest, decent, simple man. Albeit, one who made a really rotten deal as a kid. But the Ghost Rider doesn't give a damn about anybody. All he cares about is hunting. In our movie, the presence of evil sets the Ghost Rider off. And in one scene Johnny is thrown into a holding cell with a bunch of inmates. He begs the guards not to put him in there. The guards think that Johnny is afraid of what the inmates will do to him. But, in truth, Johnny's afraid of what the Ghost Rider will do to them. The Ghost Rider, of course, is delighted with the whole scenario and can't wait to come out and 'play.' (2)

Q: I've noticed in the early issues of the 70s Ghost Rider comics that John Blaze kept his personality despite the physical transformation into Ghost Rider. Is this going to be the case for the movie, or is the movie going down the Jekyll and Hyde route with GR as a seperate personality like in the later issues of the 70s run and throughout the 90s run?

A: More Jekyll & Hyde. Although as the story progresses, Johnny is trying to gain control of the spirit inside him -- with mixed results. (2)

Q: Will the movie have any of the same elements of the upcomming Ghost Rider comic. Like is Matt Long's story much like what happens in Garth Ennis's storyline or are they completly seperate things?

A: I haven't read Garth's storyline, but I do understand that we both thought up the same idea -- that the Ghost Rider is a bounty hunter from Hell!(2)

Q: Will there be any scenes, such as in the Goyer script, where Ghost Rider completely unleashes Hell and just thrashes through everyone in his path? The Penance Stare and his variety of other uses with chains and Hellfire I assume will all be present, including a new weapon in the Shotgun. I'm actually a fan of this idea, and can't wait to see it being used in a "Free For All" kick butt fight!

A: There's plenty of ass kicking done by GR in the movie, don't worry! He truly gets to utilize all of his abilities in the movie. However, I do hold to the idea of the comic that he will not take a human life. Demons, on the other hand, are totally on the menu. And humans have to endure the Penance Stare, which is a fate worse than death.(2)


Q: What powers will GR use, Pennance Stare, or Hellfire blasts? Will he utilize his chain at all?

A: All of that!

Q: There have been a few long time fans of GR who were upset over the fact that the character would use a "Hellfire Shotgun" instead of shooting flames from the hands like in the original 70's comic. Is it possible that the shotgun is a rare occurrence and GR would instead use the chain and Penance Stare for most of the movie? Why did you feel it was necessary for GR to use a shotgun instead of shooting Hellfire from his hands?

A: The Shotgun only appears later in the film. For most of the movie GR uses the chain and the Penance Stare. And he throws fire as well!! (2)


Q: In the comics johnny blaze made a deal with satan himself to save roxanne simpsons life. later it was retconned to mephisto which will it be in the movie? also in another gr thread the question was brought up about the name johnny BLAZE being merely a stage name and not his real name will that be the case in the movie?

A: Actually, Johnny made the deal to save Crash Simpson in the comic. In our movie Johnny will make a deal with Mephistopheles (or Mephisto) who is originally from “Faust” and is considered to be either The Devil or A Devil depending on which mythology you subscribe to. Johnny is only known as Johnny Blaze -- my belief is that it was probably a stage name created by his
father, no different than Doug Danger or Maxx Air (both real life cycle jumpers) but we will never know him as anything other than Johnny Blaze in the movie.

Q: While the movie has Johnny Blaze in the starring role, it seems to be taking elements from both the '70s and '90s eras.... which of these two does it lean more towards?

A: Definitely more from the original Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider. I took Blackheart and Caretaker from the 90's Danny Ketch era, and the look of Ghost Rider with the spikes and chains feels more from that era as well, but as for Johnny's storyline it's straight out of the early stuff.(3)


Q: There was a report a few months ago by someone who saw concept drawings for Blackheart stating the character looked like a "nosferatu type creature". Is this description true?

A: Blackheart is shown in what I consider his "Human form" for much of the movie. But along the way we get hints of what lies underneath. By the climax we see his true self -- and it's horrifying. There will be some of the classic comic look along with other horrific elements to his look. (2)

Q: Does the Caretaker play the role of like Alfred or (not really) but the Preist from DD, someone he can talk to and find confort in?

A: Caretaker is very close to what he was like in the comics. He's a confidant to Johnny but he's also an important character in his own right. Sam Elliot plays him and he's just fantastic. Very gruff and funny and cool.(3)

Q: Will Mephisto, Blackheart, etc be shown in demon form?

A: Yes. You'll see flashes of it in the trailer coming out. We manage to honor the spirit of their comic look while making it work for the film. Really spooky and cool. I think it's going to be amazing, especially Blackheart's final evolved state by the end of the film!(3)
And the rest cuz it wouldn't all fit in the same post.


Q: Secondly; What about his bike? Any comments on what that will look like and be able to do?

A: Now that IS something to be improved upon. I never completely was sold on Johnny or Danny’s Hellcycle designs. And I DO believe that the one we’ve come up with is the coolest looking thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m looking at a four foot long illuminated model of it right now as I write this. Go ahead. Hate me.

Q: Will the scene of Gost Rider riding his bike up the side of a skyscraper and then jumping through a helicopter mentioned by Avi Arad in Empire Magazine be in the movie.

A: It’s actually gotten way cooler than that! I’m dying to share everything with you, but I can’t. Sorry. But safe to say there are things in the film you’ve never seen before.

Q: There have been a few polls on this message board about Ghost Rider's motorcycle, whether it is a Harley Davidson chopper look or a more modern sports bike, or the Ghost Rider bike that is often seen included with many of the action figures, with the front piece?

A: Johnny’s bike is an old school, bad ass CHOPPER which transforms into the Hellcycle. I love toys and actions figures and this is honestly the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen. (2)

Q: The bike is obviously MUCH different than either version we've seen (not that it's a bad thing) and I'm wondering where that idea can from and why the major change? Also, about the bike, can any of Johnny's bikes change into the hellcyle or is it just 'Grace'? (Was that 3 questions there? That doesn't count! hehe)

A: Yeah, the bike from the comics is cool, both the 70's version and the 90's version. But I did think it could be improved upon. I always thought that the Hellcycle should look like Ghost Rider, like the Batmobile looked like Batman. My theory has always been that Hellfire affects metal in a specific way.

That's why his shotgun turns into a Hellfire shotgun, why the studs in his motorcycle jacket turn into

three inch spikes, and why his old chopper turns into a flaming Hellcycle. I liked the idea that it was a part of him, if you will, that it was a machine but also a beast.(2)

Q: I'm wondering if the bike operates on it's own or can be controlled by GR when he's not on it.

A: The bike has it's own personality and can move on it's own. We have a scene where Ghost Rider breaks out of jail and we intercut with Johnny's chopper as it transforms and breaks out of the impound to join him. The Hellcycle serves its master and will do anything to get to him when needed.(3)


Q: What the hell is the budget of Ghost Rider??? First we heard 40 million, then 50 million, then some site said over 100 million (which I doubt). Can you give us a budget range???

A: You should have kept going and not doubted! Seriously, this stuff is usually top secret but now with the Variety article it's all out in the open. But what are you gonna do? Big star + Big stunts + Flaming head = $$$.(3)


Q: How long of the first Act is young Johnny Blaze in? 15-20 minutes, almost like young Matt in DD? I have to say that I hope a little less time is spent on the young Johnny Blaze as compared to the young Matt Murdoch stuff from Daredevil. Or at least Ghost Rider has a longer running time to focus on the characters in the present.

A: It's shorter than that. We have so much story to tell with adult Johnny and the villains, that I only need to get out the essentials before delving into the current day. My problem is that I fall in love with my actors and don't want to cut anything. But I know there will be beautiful stories from Johnny's youth that won't make the final cut. But that's all for the betterment of the story. And nothing gets lost on DVD.(3)

Q: Do you plan on breaking the 2 hour mark?

A: It's a little over that now in the cut. I think so...(2)

Q: I have heard Horror used for the theme of this movie. Will there actually be moments in this film that will make you gasp, scream, or grab onto the person next to you?

A: Yup. In fact, there are three scenes in the movie that make myself and my editor jump every time we watch them! And we know they're coming!(2)

Q: In the Daredevil commentary, you mentioned the movie having an anime vibe, with the fluorescent lighting in the court room and train station scenes. Any more of that in GR?

A: That was appropriate for DD. But this is a much different vibe. A gothic western. It's got its own look and feel.(3)


Q: I've heard Australia has some beautiful scenery and can make for some really elegant shots, especially at night when the sun has just gone down... so will there be any shots / scenes utilizing the background such as an old wrecked bar on the outskirts of town like the ones in old western movies... a run down cemetary passing by in the distance to give sort of an eerie feeling... So.. how will the background and surroundings be utilized in the effect / feeling of the film?

A: You’re dead on. It’s gorgeous here, both in the city and in the outback. The feel of the movie is that of a supernatural western and it should be amazing. We’re shooting where they shot Mad Max and I love the spare feel of that, the saloon in the outskirts of town...the run down cemetery -- wait, are you reading my script?


Q: How much of the action will Nic Cage need to be in costume for

A: Most of it. Nic wants it and so do I.

Q: I personally am I huge fan of Nic Cage and think he is perfect for the role, but what attributes do you think he has over a younger actor to portray Johnny Blaze. Many people on message boards I've visited have said "Nic Cage is too old" and "Johnny Depp" or "Keifer Sutherland" should've got the role... but what made Nic different.. and Blaze-like?

A: Nic is the man for this. He eats, breathes, and sleeps it. He even has a huge Ghost Rider flaming skull tatoo on his shoulder! I love the idea of playing Johnny as a kind of cowboy -- he’s like the Man with No Name. Nic can be super badass and at the same time he has a great sense of humor and heart. And, of course, he’s the master of doing the unexpected. All great qualities for both Johnny Blaze and the Ghost Rider.

Q: Now that filming is complete, how was it? Did Nicolas Cage, Peter Fonda, and Eva Mendes fill the parts as you thought they would? Was everything that you dreamt of in the script fulfilled in the shoot and done as you thought? Overall, what's your reaction now that the shoot is over?

A: I'm very, very pleased with what we did. All of the actors were awesome and brough something special to the party. But Nic is truly a genius. He can do things that only Nic Cage can do. He's a perfect JB.(2)

Q: I've been a fan of Nic Cage as Blaze ever since he was announced for the role several years ago, and was thinking about the legendary Johnny Blaze blonde locks. Obviously, I think the decision to go with Cage and the modern shorter brown hair looks better, but did you ever think of sticking with the blonde hair?

A: Sure. We tried a couple different looks. But the dark hair just looks more like Nic. The blonde hair looked too much like "Gone in 60 Seconds."(2)

Q: One more question from me; How involved is Nic Cage in the process at this point?

A: As much as he can be, with Nic's crazy schedule. He just saw the movie for the first time and loved it. But he always has ideas to make it better. It's great working with him because he knows this character so well. We can talk in shorthand. He's the perfect Johnny Blaze.(3)


Q: Can you assure the fans that you will stay true to the character and keep the film as dark and violent as the comic book was? Are you planning on pushing the limits of a PG 13 rating as far as the violence and subject matter goes?

A: Yes. Ghost Rider is inherently a darker character and that will be reflected in the movie. However, if you look, there was actually very little R-rated violence in the original Ghost Rider, just darker themes. I think that gore too often replaces suspense in horror movies and takes you out of a movie. “Jaws” is one of my favorite films of all time, and it’s rated PG. Likewise, “Lord of the Rings” had plenty of kick ass action and violence for a PG-13 movie. It’s really about being clever and pushing the boundaries. But as with all of these movies, it's really about love, isn't it? Whether you're talking about Terminator 2 or Lord of The Rings or Spider-man it's about love of a girl or love of a friend, etc. and if that doesn't work then all of the bad ass action and awesome effects mean nothing.


Q: Would you be willing to return for a sequel, hoping there is one, and if so... what story line and villians would you choose?

A: Absolutely. Wouldn't you? It's the greatest sand box in the world. And on that note, as Midnight approaches (how fitting) I'm going to bed. I'll check in later with more. Thanks again for all your questions.(2)

Q: Are there any cliffhangers or setups in the movie for the future? Or has this been shot as a solo film on its own? Like in Batman Begins where at the end we see certain things that lead into the sequel.

A: Without giving too much away, it's definitely a complete film on its own. It's not left open-ended as to this story. However, it does leave the door open in a really clever way as to what could be next.(3)

Q: Have you already started thinking about Ghost Rider 2, and if the first one is profitable enough...has Cage expressed interest in making more than 1 film? I know Marvel almost always make studios sign their big actors for 3 pic deals...but I somehow doubt Cage signed for Ghost Rider 1-3. Did he?

A: We would all love to return to make another one. We had a blast and Nic loves this character. But that will be up to the fans.(3)


Q: Avi Arad called the line up for the soundtrack "Southern rock". However, many of us can't picture Ghost Rider pummeling demons to the tune of Lynard Skynard. I think it’s safe to say fans have always associated GR with hard rock/metal. To give us an idea where this soundtrack is going could you give us some bands you were interested in getting for the album?

A: The more I work on the film, the more it feels like score rather than songs. I made the mistake of too many songs in DD, and although it made for a great album, I think it hurt the movie. When I mention Southern Rock, I don't mean classic rock, I mean what would today's version of that style of music be like? I don't want this to be another generic hard rock soundtrack movie. GR deserves better than that.

Southern Rock was an idea that came out of the Western feel of the movie. That all being said, the only songs I'm cutting to so far in the temp mix are ACDC and ZZ Top! (2)

Q: Can you give any firm details on the composer or songs to be featured in the movie? There've been LOTS of ideas posted here on the Hype!

A: Christopher Young will be scoring the movie and I'm thrilled. Christopher scored much of Spider-man 2 and is scoring Spider-man 3 after he finishes G.R. He's also scored The Exorcism of Emily Rose, the Hellraiser movies, and many many others. Best of all, he's a comic and horror geek! His office has a collection of HUNDREDS of jack-o-lanterns. He's perfect for this. In regards to the songs, they have yet to be finalized but you can expect classic and heavy rock. I made some great friends in Melbourne, Australia in the band Spiderbait and they'll be doing a track for the flick as well. There's more coming up but just talking at the moment. I'll keep you posted. As you can imagine, I get PMs regularly from people pushing their friend's band! Lots of CDs come into the production office.(3)

Q: The IMDB has the composer listed as David Arnold who has also scored films such as CHANGING LANES, DIE ANOTHER DAY, and others, have you had meetings with him as of yet?

A: Good old IMDB. No, it's Christopher Young. I've never even met David Arnold.(3)


Q: Will you be using prosthetics or all CGI for Ghost Rider and Mephisto?

A: It will be a combination of things to bring these characters to life. What’s most important is that we give G.R. weight, even when he’s riding up a skyscraper or along a wall. He can’t feel light, or like CGI, he’s heavy metal. Like the Terminator. And he leaves total devastation and destruction in his path.

Q: Ghost Rider is a demonic type character who inflicts vengeance on those who have done wrong to others.. how will you demonstrate this in the film, and what kind of effects will you use for the penance stare (I hope it makes an appearance in the film), and GR inflicting mental torture on his victims?

A: Working on that right now. Very cool and amazing stuff. It works best to show it as an abstract rather than as a literal recreation of someone’s sins. How have your sins made others feel? And how can that visually be revisited on you -- tenfold?

Q: No Question asked.

A: Hey guys. What's up? Sorry I've been gone so long. It's late on Friday night and I have a moment to myself so I thought I'd check back in and see how you're all doing. Things are going great on the G.R. front. In fact, today I got to hear the Ghost Rider's voice for the first time!!! My Sound Designer is Dane Davis, who won the Academy Award for The Matrix, and is a true genius when it comes to creating new sounds. To start with, Dane took Nic's reading of all of the Ghost Rider's lines, filtered them through 3 different kinds of animal growls (played backwards, covering three separate frequencies) then played it through a mechanical volumizer, before finally setting the whole thing on fire! It's fantastic. Picture a deep, demonic, mechanical lion's roar and you'll get an idea of what he sounds like. One thing is for sure -- his voice will shake the theatre! (2)

Q: The picture of Ghost Rider that was released not long ago looks almost perfect... except for the skull, which looks a little cartoony. Is this something that the studio realizes and is it being worked on?

A: The picture you saw on the net or at comic con is cool, but it's only a painting. A real photo of the Ghost Rider doesn't exist yet. But it's going to look far cooler than that. There is a whole team of geniuses at Sony Imageworks who do nothing but work on the look of that flaming skull.(2)

Q: How is the CGI coming along? Anything special would should know about?

A: Kevin Mack and his team at Sony Imageworks are awesome. They have been working night and day to make Ghost Rider the coolest character in the Marvel Universe. I'm not going to lie to you -- it's been harder than anyone thought. CGI fire is known as one of the most difficult things to portray on film. There is a fire simulation program that they've created just for the movie that looks amazing, so that the fire moves naturally with Ghost Rider, whether he's walking or riding on the Hellcycle or standing in the wind atop a 75 story building. The incredibly tedious part is that the fire needs to be tweaked on a shot by shot basis. We analyze the fire constantly -- is it too rich, flickering too fast, too transparent, etc.? Also, how much fire, the hue of the flame, etc. depends on the Ghost Rider's mood. Naturally, most of the time his mood is pissed off! But there are times when we see the tortured side of him as well. And now that we're dialing in the flames as they pertain to Ghost Rider, we have to do the same thing with the Hellcycle. Of course, the villains all have different visual effects as well. So it's been a wild ride in the FX world. (3)


Q: No Question asked.

A: Comic Con was great. I hope some of you got to go. It had only been a few weeks since wrap, so I didn't have much to offer, but I didn't want to show up empty-handed so we put together a little teaser. Unfortunately, it got put on the internet by mistake. And although it was a good piece for what it was, it had virtually no action and no Ghost Rider in it! I was pissed off, to say the least. The Ghost Rider some of you saw was a proof of concept test that was done before filming even began. The finished look is going to blow your mind, I promise. I know some of you have asked to have the teaser back on the net, but trust me, the real one will be worth the wait! (2)

Q: When can we expect to see a Ghost Rider trailer?

A: I just saw a trailer the other day and it's great. We should have our first teaser our in the next few months. There's also been talk of a First Look at Ghost Rider, either on a new Ghost Rider movie site or perhaps through MTV. Either way, its all coming soon. And 'm sure that the Spider-man 3 trailer will be attached to us when we come out, which is cool.(3)
Damn, one more! Dis is it now.


Q: Jon Voight was, in my opinion, a great choice for the role of a puppet master satan type character who has pawns doing his dirty work (such was his role in "Enemy of the State"). What made you give Voight "the boot" and decide on another actor, whoever that may be?

A: I also think that Jon Voight is an amazing actor. But anything you’ve heard either way about his involvement in the movie is false. Jon’s a producer on the movie and I think people assumed he was in it as well. We’d be lucky to have him in the film, but I don’t know if there is a part big enough for him right now.

Q: I've heard that Fox studios holds back their directors, and after watching the Daredevil: Director's Cut compared to the theatrical release, I may have to agree since the DC was tenfold better. How was your experience with Sony Pictures and were there any regrets that you would need a director's cut?

A: Sony has been just terrific. They've obviously had a lot of success with Marvel movies in the past, and they trust the material and the fans. There won't be any need for a special Director's Edition on this one, at least one that's as radically different as the DD DC was.(2)

Q: Have you had any input on the upcoming video game and how closely will the game tie-in to the movie? I can only imagine playing the Ghost Rider shooting fire from his hands and fry a baddie to crsip.

A: The Ghost Rider game is being developed right now. I met with the team in Australia when they came to visit the set. That game is going to rule! It's a motorcycle jumping game, a quest game, a fighting game, etc. If I remember right, Mephisto captures Roxanne and Johnny/Ghost Rider has to fight through all of his demons and classic villains to get to her.(2)

Q: When is the official teaster poster due?

A: Just saw this as well. Very soon. I'll give you guys updates when they'll be released. I've seen the hero poster along with a really great lenticular one sheet -- one that changes between Nic and Ghost Rider.(3)

Q: When can we expect promotional photos of not just Cage but Eva Mendes, Peter Fonda, Wes Bentley, etc.?

A: Also very soon. There will be character one sheets in theatres as well. Also, there will be a new website coming for the movie that will release lots of new photos and information, and even a first look at Ghost Rider. This will also be announced very shortly.(3)

Q: How intense is the studio pressure when the film comes out after X3 and Superman? Do you think it will be hinderance to the film's Box Office prospects or a benefit?

A: Obviously, we don't have to worry about them now. I feel comfortable that we could have done well in the summer even with those movies out. However, as I said before, those movies are sequels and remakes. It's harder when you're trying to do something unique. The audience doesn't know who we are yet. But that will change soon enough. I tend to think that a healthy box office is good for everyone. I want Superman and X-Men and Pirates to all do great. It's good for everybody.(3)

Q: Another question; Was Jonathan Hensleigh a writer (or attached in anyway) on this flick? We read on a couple of movie places that he was. Most of us wouldn't believe it until it was posted on IMDB (which is isn't still) but are still interested to know for sure.

A: IMDB is a bizarre site that tends to get a lot wrong. Jonathan has never been a writer on the Ghost Rider movie.(3)


Q: You have mentioned that you were a long time fan of the character. When did you first read Ghost Rider and are there any stories/plotlines that are your favorites?

A: I’ve been reading since I was about 11 years old. It’s interesting, because I love the original Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider, yet the most memorable story lines for me were later with Danny Ketch. I would probably have to say the J.B. origin story would be at the top, followed by the Blackheart and Scarecrow story lines of the D.K. years. Remember the one where Scarecrow had abducted people and chained them up along the walls of his hideout to feed off of their fear? That was pretty fantastic.

Q: What's the most challenging thing you're facing in the post-production process?

A: To be honest, I just went through it. Getting our release date moved around was tough. Tough emotionally but also tough logistically. I have sound, music, editing, publicity, and VFX to think about. There are a lot of people involved working for me right now that have plans for their next movie already and it's a lot to coordinate when the release date gets pushed like this. Again, it's all for the better. But it's still a pain in the ass!(3)

Q: What other properties would you love a shot at? I've asked several directors including Goyer and all of them expressed interest in several properties...but the two constants funny enough were Thor and Silver Surfer.

A: Love the Surfer. I've always like Thor but he was never one of my favorites. Cap would be amazing. Mostly I want GR 2!(3)

Q: Lastly since you're working with Sony on Ghost Rider have you heard anything on Luke Cage through the grapevine??? Obviously Nick is attached to that character by his name so he might have enough fan based interest to ask questions. From everything I know everyone is ready for this film but Sony and Singleton seems like his hands are tied.

A: I actually did a rewrite on that script before I started filming Ghost Rider. It's a blast. Singleton loved it, so did the producers. I know there was one specific actor they were really interested in but that fell apart. I have no doubt it will get made and be a really fun movie. I actually did a reverse homage in the script. When the hero is confronted by police and he has to come up with a cover name for himself he spots a Nic Cage movie playing across the street. I figure Nic took his name from the superhero, so I'll have the superhero take his name from Nic!(3)

Q: How important do you feel fan input is on these type of films? Daredevil had quite a bit of input (both positive and negative) and did this have any effect on how you would handle Ghost Rider?

A: Fan input is extremely important (that's why I'm here on the boards). If you don't please the core group you'll never get the chance to branch out to a larger audience.(3)

Q: Many directors feel each new film that they do is a learning experience so that they can improve on their next project. Were there any lessons that you learned from working on Daredevil?

A: So many. Mostly, the pressures inherent in making a big movie. It's not like making a regular movie (if there is such a thing). There's always pressure on every movie you make. But when the money is big the pressures are big. There's a lot more on the line. It's always a big learning experience. Sometimes you screw up. But as long as you learn why and how it happened you'll be a better filmmaker for it. I know a lot more about visual effects now, about camera, and about managing my crew. I also would never get into a project like this without the complete backing of the studio. Sony has been terrific in that sense.(3)


Q: Will you be making a sequel to Daredevil even if Ben Affleck decides not to return to the part?

A: Daredevil is an amazing character and bigger than any one actor. I would love to do another one. If the Elektra spin-off does well, I could certainly see that happening.

Q: I was a fan of DareDevil (of the comics, and the movie) and love the mystery feeling of the movie and how he was in the dark and the reflection of pain and misery throughout his life which made him the man he was seeking justice for the wrong doers. Do you think Ghost Rider is, in effect, a similar type character in the fact he is quite the mystery to many of his enemies and how he seeks the right in people, and punishes those who don't.

A: It’s interesting, because although Ghost Rider seems like a darker character than Matt Murdock, is some ways, he’s more hopeful because he has someone who loves him, someone to fight for. What made Matt such a tragic character is that he wasn’t sure that he was doing the right thing, if he was in fact becoming no better than the Kingpin himself (and in the comics this year he literally became the “Kingpin”). Johnny has a clear battle in that he’s fighting true evil -- right from the source. So in that way he has a clearer purpose and sense of self than Matt did.
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have to chime in as well...
keep up the good work FH! this will help everyone out big time...and hopefully keep some of the same questions from being asked over and over again.
also too bad about the election...maybe if you had promised a 2ft tall Ghost Rider statue in every household if you were elected? heh
The election was great actually. I wasn't out there to win but to open some minds about possibilities. Plus, there's always next time.

Glad you guys like the thread. I've been meaning to do it for a while now. Next step is to sort through the ASK MSJ IV thread for duplicate questions... someday.
FlameHead said:
The election was great actually. I wasn't out there to win but to open some minds about possibilities. Plus, there's always next time.

Glad you guys like the thread. I've been meaning to do it for a while now. Next step is to sort through the ASK MSJ IV thread for duplicate questions... someday.

Yeah this thread was a great idea Flame. :o
It was your idea wasn't it?... or is that the point you're tryin' to make?
Thanks for taking the time to put this together. If it weren't for MSJ's generous insider information, I wouldn't be excited about this film at all. Now, it seems like every aspect of this film is going to be top of the line. Very nice.
Man, its a glorious feeling to know that a movie director is on these boards!
Having one of the creators on the boards makes me feel really good about this film. if they take time out of thier busy lives to see what we think and what we as fans want, that means they are dedicated to creating this character like he should be created. hey, even if it turns out bad (which it wont) i will still love it. Ghost Rider 4 life!
I agree, thanks MSJ. He's certainly the one keeping this movie alive right now. If it wasn't for his nice little updates, this board would be superdead.
i dont know why a director who failed in delivering to the film one of marvel's best characters which is daredevil be hired again to direct another important marvel movie. i dont know. i just think there are other willing directors out there who unlike msj have proven themselves. i just dont want another mess up. i hope im proven wrong.
antonydelfini.Here's hoping that you are wrong, not only do directors have an input into the making of a film but the studios & the people that run them also have a big input, which has been discussed in these pages before. I think its great that MSJ & GSF take the time to walk these boards with us.
Wow I haven't read some of that before! :) Well that's great! Also he said that Blackheart or Mephisto may turn real mad (Special effects wise) Woo Hoo! :)

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